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Three days later, Hank Wilson left Banta City.

In these three days, he had meetings with many companies of Banta City.

According to Xu Yis suggestion, Wilson reached a preliminary agreement with the companies that produced magic machines, including the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He was prepared to open a magic machine shop that would sell all different brands of magic machines that included the Frestech Brand.

This agreement was not only beneficial to the rather small magic machine companies, that allowed them to gain a stable distribution channel. Even to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that was currently the largest magic machine company, it also brought great benefits.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was lacking distribution channels the most right now, so the Walmart Chamber of Commerce taking the initiative to partner with them was what they wished for.

The reason for pulling in the other companies, the main concern was making the Walmart Chamber of Commerce give up on getting first rights to supplies.

Also for this deal, chairman Rank had specially formed a Banta City Magic Machine Business Union, which would be an association for all the companies related to magic machines in Banta City. If the Walmart Chamber of Commerce wanted to do business with the entire Banta City magic machine industry like this, they could just go through the union.

Because the sales of Magic Fans for the other companies were good in other places of the Lampuri Kingdom, there were many companies that had given up on making magic machines in Banta City that regained their hope. Adding in the fact that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was selling the technology for the Magic Kettle, there were many companies that rejoined the magic machine industry.

In the small Banta City, other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were already twenty three magic machine companies! This also included powerful companies like the Sarank Chamber of Commerce and the Falcao Chamber of Commerce.

This was just the companies producing magic machines, there were also other companies that were related to magic machines. For example, the sixty seven small companies that made components or Cantonas farmer company that used agricultural magic machines to help people harvest their crops…...

With all these companies added together, they numbered over a hundred!

This proposal from chairman Rank obtained the support of most of the over a hundred companies, so once the Magic Machine Business Union was formed, their scale almost surpassed the Business Union.

Although this Magic Machine Business Union only managed matters related to magic machines and it didnt have the same influence as the Business Union, it was still a large group in Banta Citys business world, so its influence wasnt weak.

Once the association was formed, naturally they had to pick a president to represent them. As for candidates, other than Xu Yi who had recommended chairman Rank, the rest of the company representatives had all recommended Xu Yi.

This was actually quite natural.

The magic machine industry can be considered something made by Xu Yi and since this association dealt in magic machines, it meant that he couldnt avoid this responsibility.

So Xu Yi didnt make any excuses and took the role of president.

As soon as he became the president, Xu Yi immediately raised motions.

First, he announced an industry standard.

This standard affected all aspects, since there was a safety standard and a production standard. Whether it was the companies making magic machines or the small companies that were just making parts, it affected them to a certain extent.

The companies that joined the Magic Machine Business Union found that if they were to follow the industry standard that Xu Yi had announced, the factories under them would have to make quite a large change to meet these standards.

Even though the association had just formed and it wasnt convenient for people to refute Xu Yi, it didnt mean that there werent veiled criticisms.

However Xu Yi didnt care about them at all, he just took out another set of standards to explain. Then he announced that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be selling magic machine technology to the large companies that joined the Magic Machine Business Union, as well as adopting the patent method of selling like with the Magic Kettle. As long as they joined the association, they could buy it.

After this announcement, the objections in the association all disappeared and every company showed their intention of buying.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sold the Magic Kettle technology, there were many companies that had made Magic Kettles of quite outstanding quality. It was greatly welcomed whether it was Banta City or the other cities, so many companies had earned a large amount from them.

After tasting this sweetness, when these companies heard that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was selling their technology, naturally they wouldnt give it up.

Because Xu Yi announced this, not only did all the companies in the Magic Machine Business Union fill with excitement, even those companies who had chosen not to join the Magic Machine Business Union began to regret it, as they all began requesting to join the Magic Machine Business Union.

In just a short time, Xu Yis prestige in the Banta Citys magic machine industry surged again. So when he took the position as the president of the Magic Machine Business Union, no one questioned him.

“Are you using carrot and stick here” Still was panting a little since she had been jogging, as she asked Xu Yi this with a smile.

Right now the sun was rising from the east, the bright sunlight fell onto Stills face that had a slight blush since they had been jogging, making her seem even more charming.

Behind her ear, there beads of sweat dripping down her face and her slender neck. She was simply like a flower that was covered in dew in the morning at this moment.

Xu Yi looked over and was instantly stunned.

Before this, because Still went to Anvilmar City to attend a jewelry conference held by the Sarank Chamber of Commerce, she hadnt been in Banta City.

Yesterday afternoon, Still finally came back from Anvilmar City and immediately came to find Xu Yi before even putting down her luggage.

But when she saw Xu Yi, she was scared by how pale and tired Xu Yi looked.

After asking Vivian, Still knew that not only was Xu Yi working during the day, he was also studying at night, so he made himself this tired. She was immediately angry and without another word, she stole the blueprint in Xu Yis hands and forced him to go to sleep.

After Xu Yi slept for two hours, he had dinner with Still. After that, Still stopped him from working and when the sky turned dark, she forced Xu Yi into bed, only leaving after she saw him fall asleep.

So this morning, Xu Yi woke up much earlier because of how early he went to sleep.

When he was thinking about using this chance to have a run since it was still this early, Still arrived at his door while wearing a set of exercise clothes.

Seeing that Xu Yi was out of bed, Still threw the exercise clothes that she had prepared to him and had him change. Then she pulled him out of the house and began jogging together.

Still wasnt that in shape and she didnt have a habit of running. She had done all of this for Xu Yi, so not long after they ran out of Banta Citys city gates, she was already panting and covered in sweat.

But when her appearance fell into Xu Yis eyes, it revealed a kind of beauty that mesmerized him.

Not hearing Xu Yi respond, Still looked over in confusion and saw Xu Yi staring at her in a daze. Her face was covered in a blush again, but her heart was very happy as she asked, “Do I look good”

“Ah” Xu Yi was stunned as he came back to his senses. He immediately nodded and said with a smile, “Very good. Still, do you know that Ive had a dream before that there would be a beautiful girl jogging with me in the morning each day Then I would have the motivation to keep up with my morning jobs. I never thought that on ear….Un, this never happened before in the past, but now Im so happy that my heart is about to jump out.”

Still broke out in laughter, but because she hadnt caught her breath yet from running, she broke out in coughs.

When she finally calmed down, she glared at Xu Yi, “You dont need to be this exaggerated, right Isnt it easy if you want to run with a beauty, Ill come with you every day then. If youre not satisfied, you can also drag along Vivian. I can see that her body isnt good either, she also needs to exercise.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Of course thats good. With the company of a beauty, a boring thing like jogging will become interesting and its easier to maintain this habit. But Still, to have me get up this early, I also have to sleep early. Without you supervising me, Im afraid I wont be able to sleep early. Could it be that youll come and watch me sleep every night as well”

Still was stunned before her face turned red. She didnt respond to Xu Yi at all, as she sped up and ran past him, running into the distance.

Xu Yi was confused and wanted to call out to Still to ask why shes running so fast, but he quickly reacted.

When he asked his last question, it was too easy for people to misunderstand, no wonder Stills reaction was suddenly this strange.

But Xu Yi thought about it and couldnt help smiling.

As long as he could marry Still, this question wouldnt be a mistake and it would be natural.

Looking at Still who had run far away, Xu Yi laughed. He forcefully stepped off and moved faster, as he quickly chased her.

This slow morning job had turned into a quick race because they kept chasing each other.

The two were far from Banta City and were about to leave its borders, but they took a circle and arrived at the river to the north.

The river was still being improved, but the banks had completely changed, with two large patches of grass on either side.

The two had been running fast for a long time, so they were panting.

Seeing that Still wasnt slowing down, Xu Yi slowly stopped and shouted to Still, “St….Still, stop…..Stop, I…..I cant run anymore.”

Still slowed down and slowly stopped.

She turned to look at Xu Yi bent over and panting. Still came over with a smile and patted Xu Yis back as she proudly said, “What, you cant catch me”

Xu Yi looked up. Because of the angle, the first thing he saw was Stills two peaks trembling from her gasping for air.

No matter how calm Xu Yis heart was, he couldnt stop it from skipping a beat at this moment.

Although he suppressed his urge to grab them, he couldnt stop his desires. He suddenly stood up and opened his arms, tightly holding Still.

“Caught you!” Xu Yi loudly shouted.

Still was scared before she couldnt help revealing a smile.

“Youre a cheat.”

“How could one not be a cheat when chasing girls”

Xu Yi hugged Still and felt Stills two tall peaks pressed against his chest, which made his throat even more parched.Seeing the blush on Xu Yis face, feeling the heat and power that came from Xu Yi hugging her, and smelling the breath that came out of Xu Yis nose, Still seemed to sense something. She stopped laughing and her face turned red with shyness, but she didnt lower her head like any other girl, rather she raised it and moved her lips towards Xu Yis lips.

Xu Yi naturally lowered his head without any reservations.

When the two were about to kiss, there was an angry roar that came from beside the river.

“Xu Yi, you bastard! Even if I die and turn into a spirit, I wont let you off!”-

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