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This autumn, the harvest of Banta City was not bad.

Actually using “not bad” to describe it wasnt right, it should be “quite good”, “very good”, or even “so good that it was hard to believe” that would be more appropriate.

This is because compared to last year, after the fall harvest was over and everything was counted, the amount of wheat harvested was five hundred and seventy thousand tons. It was four times more than last years hundred and thirty thousand tons!

Production of grain was very important to all the countries of the Sines Continent, but to the Lampuri Kingdom that had just recovered from their disaster, it was even more important.

So after receiving the numbers, the Lord City Lord Count Sean was pleasantly surprised, so he specially called a large banquet and invited all the important people of Banta City.

Of course Xu Yi was also invited.

He wasnt willing to waste time on this kind of banquet, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerces agricultural magic machines played a large part in the success of this autumn harvest, so Count Sean had invited him by name and naturally he couldnt refuse.

The banquet began with an excited and lengthy speech from Count Sean. Then when it came to the free time part of the banquet, everyone went to find people they wanted to talk to.

The Sarank Chamber of Commerces chairman Rank immediately came to find Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has shown off again. With how the Lord Count praised you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, if anyone in Banta City wants to cause trouble for you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Lord Count would be the first to go against them.” Chairman Rank said with a smile.

“The Lord Count has always supported our company.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Of course, this is all because of how useful the agricultural magic machines are, dont you think, chairman Rank”

“Of course. This old man had experienced many famines, so I know for a person, the first problem they need to solve is how to fill their stomachs. Right now with the help of the agricultural magic machines, our Banta City can harvest much more wheat and let everyone fill their stomachs. This means that chairman Xu and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is doing a great thing. If someone dares to cause trouble for you and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, not mentioning the Lord Count, this old man wouldnt let them off.”

After saying this, chairman Ranks eyes unknowingly moved over to Hank Wilson who was currently talking to the Amrit Chamber of Commerces chairman Cruise not far away.

Xu Yi followed his eyes to look at Wilson before revealing a faint smile, “Chairman Rank, has the Walmart Chamber of Commerce come to your Sarank Chamber of Commerce”

“Un, this Wilson came looking for me yesterday afternoon.” Chairman Rank nodded. Looking at Xu Yi, his expression became a bit strange, “Chairman Xu, is it because youre not satisfied with the conditions of the Walmart Chamber of Commerce that you pushed him to us I think that this Wilson wants to cooperate with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce the most.”

“I just mentioned a new cooperation model to him.” Xu Yi said, “In the beginning, I was indeed dissatisfied with the conditions he gave. But when vice chairman Wilson began to worry about the production output of our company, I suddenly thought of this new method that everyone could benefit from. I think that vice chairman Wilson must have mentioned it when he came to see you”

“Un, he said that your idea is to have the Walmart Chamber of Commerce set up a store for household magic machines and gather all kinds of different brands together, letting people choose what they want to buy” Chairman Rank asked.

“Right, I did suggest this. What do you think of this model”

Chairman Rank slightly knit his brows and considered his words before thoughtfully saying, “Chairman Xu, I dont think that this is a very good method. You should be clear that the reason why our companies brought our Magic Fans to far off places was because we couldnt compare to your Frestech Brand magic machines in Banta City or the surrounding cities. Now you want to put our household magic machines with your Frestech Brand household magic machines…...Im not afraid to say this, but if I was the customer, I would choose your Frestech Brand magic machines.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Thank you for your praise. But chairman Rank, youve ignored an important problem. You cant compare to us in Banta City or the surrounding cities, although the quality is a reason, the main reason is that in Banta City and the surrounding cities, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has established a good reputation and everyone prefers buying our Frestech Brand magic machines. But the people of the other cities dont have this preference, so we are all at the same starting line.”

Chairman Ranks expression didnt relax at all.

“But I have to admit that your Frestech Brand household magic machines have better quality than ours. Even if the people in the other cities dont know this at first, they will naturally understand after comparing them and we wont be able to compete with you.”

“But isnt your price lower than ours” Xu Yi said, “Actually in my opinion, the disparity in quality and performance isnt that big. If other people had the choice, there would be many people who would sacrifice a bit of quality and functionality for a cheaper price. So you dont need to worry about not being able to compete with us.”

Chairman Rank looked at Xu Yis serious expression and couldnt help asking in a confused voice, “Chairman Xu, we are your competitor, why are you thinking about us”

“Ive said it before, Im making a large cake and Im not stealing the cake. When this industry is very, very big, not mentioning our Frestech Chamber of Commerce having our fill, even all the companies in Banta City wont be able to have their fill. If everyone competes with each other and hinders the growth of the industry, its better to have good competition and develop together.” Xu Yi seriously said, “In fact, Im prepared to release a bit of technology on producing household magic machines, allowing everyone to make household magic machines that arent much worse than our Frestech Chamber of Commerces.”

“But youll never give us all the technology that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has” Chairman Rank said after seeing his chance.

Xu Yi said with a laugh, “Of course. If everything is given out, what will be left for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to feed ourselves with Then again, leaving a bit of disparity gives everyone motivation to chase after us. Think about it, as long as you put in a bit of effort, youll be able to surpass our Frestech Chamber of Commerce in terms of household magic machines, how moving of a thing will that be!”

Chairman Rank shook his head with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, should I call you generous or cunning”

“Its not important how you describe me, the more important thing is that including you, chairman Rank, I want all of the companies of Banta City to realize that I really want to develop this industry. Everything that Im doing right now is just working towards that.” Xu Yi said with a serious face.

Chairman Rank gave a slight nod, “Un, I can see it. Alright, since chairman Xu is planning to share more technology, I feel that if the Walmart Chamber of Commerce really makes a household magic machine shop, the other companies will be interested in participating.”

“Thats good.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “If there are more companies that participate, we can form a group to discuss conditions with the Walmart Chamber of Commerce. In the end, well gain more advantages by discussing with them.”

Chairman Rank looked at Xu Yi, “Its more benefits for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right”

“I wont deny that.” Xu Yi laughed, “Its good when everyone benefits, dont you think so, chairman Rank”

Chairman Rank helplessly shook his head and turned to leave, walking towards the Business Union members that were present.

He came to find Xu Yi because he wanted to ask Xu Yi about this, but now that he knew what Xu Yi wanted to do, of course he went back to tell the other companies about this.

Chairman Rank had just left and chairman Cruise had unknowingly come over.

Looking at him, Xu Yi was surprised, but he couldnt help revealing a smile.

“Chairman Cruise, didnt you go vacationing in the south In less than a month, how did you become this black”

Chairman Cruises face was much darker, so the whites of his eyes were brighter. He snappily said, “How could I have free time to take a vacation. Ive been running outside all this time and Ive been burnt black.”

Xu Yi couldnt help asking with a smile, “So what happened in the end”

“In the end” Chairman Cruise revealed a very satisfied smile, “The result was quite good. In going out for less than a month, Ive already signed agreements with four different companies. Our Amrit Chamber of Commerce will be building seven different roads paid for by four different companies.”

“Seven roads” Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “There are actually such bold companies that are making more than one road”

“You thought that the other companies are as poor as your Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Chairman Cruise was now quite close to Xu Yi, so he could joke around with him without hesitation, “The Falcao Chamber of Commerce ordered three roads at once, a carriage company thats around the same size as the Fersen Carriage Company ordered two roads, and the other two companies only ordered one road.”

“The Falcao Chamber of Commerce” Xu Yi turned over and looked around the banquet hall, finding chairman Morgan quite quickly, “Which three roads are they planning to build”

Chairman Cruise said the names and Xu Yi recalled a map in his mind, finding that as expected, those three roads connected the mines of the Falcao Chamber of Commerce and it also connected to Anvilmar City.

Xu Yi calculated it, it would require building around four hundred kilometers to build these three roads.

Compared to the Falling Rain Road and the Banka Road, this was a large amount.

The Falcao Chamber of Commerce really was one of the largest companies in the Lampuri Kingdom, when they made their move, it was this shocking.

When chairman Cruise described the general situation of the roads to Xu Yi, he found that if those seven roads were finished, although it was far from linking up all the roads in the Lampuri Kingdom, it would replace a large number of important roads.

It could be seen that the heads of these companies all had farsight, they chose quite appropriately.

Xu Yi was naturally happy to see this.

He even thought that the seven four companies and seven roads chairman Cruise had gotten was far from enough.

If possible, he wished that all the companies in the Lampuri Kingdom would all move, covering the Lampuri Kingdom with smooth roads. It would greatly increase the traffic conditions of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Of course, Xu Yi knew that this was simply wishful thinking.

He patted chairman Cruises shoulder and praised him with a nod, “You did well.”-

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