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Although Sophia from hearing Hannas and Kennard continue to discuss Xu Yi and praise him, she had an inexplicable hatred for him, for a young girl like Sophia, even if it was a great villain, he should be someone with majesty and a strong presence.

After all, even if Sophia hated Xu Yi, she had to admit that this was a man with very strong abilities, otherwise Hannas and Kennard wouldnt have praised him so much.

Since it was a man with such powerful abilities, even if he wasnt handsome, he should be someone with an overwhelming aura or it wouldnt match his abilities.

But when she came face to face with Xu Yi, Sophia found that her fantasies had been completely shattered.

Although Xu Yis face was considered handsome still, the clothes he wore didnt show any presence at all. Rather it made him look quite normal, throwing him into the inconspicuous pile.

What made it harder for Sophia to accept was that it seemed like this fellow hadnt showered in several days. Not only was his hair a mess like a chicken coop, there were spots and lines of ink that were on his face and in his hair, making him look quite disheveled.

Moreover, his lips were completely pale and didnt contain a trace of blood. Adding in the two large circles around his eyes, he didnt seem to have any energy, just like he was completely dispirited.

What surprised Sophia was that even though there were two black circles around them, his eyes were still bloodshot and they had a glow that scared people. Just by looking at them, it made people want to look away.

“Is this person really that capable” Sophia couldnt help muttering in her heart.

Seeing Xu Yis appearance, Hannas was first surprised before understanding what happened. He came forward with a smile and forcefully patted Xu Yis shoulder as he asked, “Hey, Xu Yi, have you been studying something new lately Can you tell me what it is Let me enjoy it first.”

Xu Yi pinched the bridge of his nose with his finger and recovered some energy. He looked at Hannas and revealed a faint smile, “Why are you back again You didnt inform me ahead of time and prepare something.” After saying this, he looked at the three people in the living room and nodded to them, “Hello. Since you are Hannas friends, there is no need to be polite. We can sit and talk.”

The four of them sat down again and Xu Yi took a warm towel from Vivian to wipe his face before strengthening his body with magic. He cast a Spiritual Awakening Spell on himself and forced himself to return to normal.

Like Hannas had said, for the past three days, he had been attacking this problem without stopping. His sleep in total over the past three days didnt surpass eight hours, so he was indeed quite exhausted.

But after seeing the other three people, he knew that the talk later wouldnt be something casual, so he forced himself to wake up.

“Chairman Xu, hello.” Seeing that Xu Yi was prepared to look over, Kennard took the initiative to stick out his hand as he said with a smile, “Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Kennard Emma, she is my little sister Sophia Emma, and this is Hank Wilson.”

“Emma” Xu Yi shook Kennards hand and thought for a bit before saying, “Are you related to the Emma Family”

Kennard revealed a faint smile, “The Emma Familys current head is our father.”

Xu Yi revealed a look like he had expected this and looked over at Hank Wilson before saying, “If my guesses arent wrong, this mister Wilson should be someone important from the Walmart Chamber of Commerce, right”

“Chairman Xu truly reacts quickly.” Kennard gave a laugh, “Thats right, uncle Hank is one of the vice chairman of the Walmart Chamber of Commerce, currently hes in charge of purchasing goods for the company.”

“Purchasing goods” Xu Yi couldnt help taking another look at Hank Wilson.

Xu Yi immediately mentioned the name of the Walmart Chamber of Commerce after hearing the Emma name because many people in the kingdom knew that not only was the Emma Family one of the largest families in the kingdom, they were also the secret largest shareholder behind the Walmart Chamber of Commerce.

This Hank Wilson coming with the family heads son and daughter, looking this close and he had the special astute aura that only belonged to merchants, which meant that he was related to the Walmart Chamber of Commerce.

The Walmart Chamber of Commerce mainly dealt in groceries, so goods purchasing was a rather important role. This Hank Wilson was in charge of this department, so his position in the Walmart Chamber of Commerce was probably higher than the other vice chairmen.

Of course, if his position wasnt high enough, how could he be called uncle by the biological son of the Emma Familys family head.

“Hello chairman Xu.” Only now did Wilson stretch his hand out to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi shook his hand before asking Kennard, “I wonder, what business does young master Kennard have for coming to Banta City with the Lord Baron and coming to find me”

Kennard waved his hand and said with a smile, “Chairman Xu, you dont need to be this polite. I am a good friend of Hannas who grew up with him and since you have a good relationship with him, you can also treat me as a normal friend. As for my trip to Banta City this time, to be honest, it was to meet you.”

“Meet me” Xu Yi was a bit confused. He looked over at Sophia who had been looking over him with a curious gaze and said with a smile, “Is there anything special about me”

“Of course.” Kennard gave a certain nod, “Even in Anvilmar City, one can still frequently hear news about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, Hannas has frequently mentioned you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to me. After listening to him for a long time, Ive become very curious. Chairman Xu, just what kind of person are you For you to make a proud fellow like Hannas praise you like this. It was a good thing that I wanted to take a break during this time and Hannas wanted to come to Banta City to see you, so I took this chance to come with him.”

Xu Yi gave a slight nod, showing he understood. After thinking about it, he asked, “But young master Emma…..Un, alright, Ill just call you Kennard. Kennard, on your trip here with young miss Sophia and mister Wilson, what do you specifically want to see”

“Actually, on the way, Ive already seen quite a bit.” Kennard had a look of praise on his face, “It has to be said, I am very surprised with the current changes in Banta City. Thirteen years ago, I came to Banta City once with my father. The impression Banta City left back then was a quiet and peaceful remote little town, but on my trip this time, Ive found that some shocking changes have appeared in Banta City, which has surprised me quite a bit.”

Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Actually the Banta City construction plan has just begun. If you come again in another two years, I guarantee you wouldnt even be able to recognize Banta City anymore.”

“I believe it.” Kennard said with a nod, “Banta City can attract this many people to rush here for work, so its not strange if all these changes occurred. Chairman Xu, on the way here, I heard Hannas say that the Banta City renovation plan was proposed by Count Sean and you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce are the ones in charge of it”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Not completely. Im just giving Count Sean a bit of small advice, the final decision is still held by Count Sean. Other than this bit of work, our company is just providing some magic machines and materials. The ones doing most of the work is the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.”

“Oh” Kennards expression showed that he clearly didnt believe it, but he didnt keep asking about this. After pausing, he said, “Chairman Xu, can you agree to a request from me”

“Please speak.”

“I am very curious towards you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I really want to see how you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will change the entirety of Banta City. So…..for the next few days, can I follow you and observe how you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce work”

Xu Yi was surprised before he turned to look at Hannas.

The request that Kennard made was the same as the one that Hannas had made last year.

Could this fellow be a disciple that had learned Hannas

Hannas spread his hand with a helpless look on his face, showing that this was not related to him.

Seeing that Xu Yi didnt immediately reply, Kennard continued, “Chairman Xu, please be assured, I just want to take a look and I dont have any other plans. I guarantee that I definitely will not hinder you or the Frestech Chamber of Commerces work and unless you agree, I wont look at anything I shouldnt look at.”

Xu Yi thought about it and felt that this matter was a bit troublesome.

The current Frestech Chamber of Commerce was different from last year when Hannas visited. Much of the work Xu Yi did involved secrets and if he allowed this Kennard to follow him, there would be many inconvenient times.

“Chairman Xu, Im different from young master Kennard. I came to Banta City this time to meet you to discuss the possibility of cooperation between the Walmart Chamber of Commerce and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so dont mind me.” Hank Wilson on the side suddenly said.

These words on the surface was to separate him, but with Kennards request, the meaning behind his words were clear.

Xu Yi considered it and after hesitating a bit, he nodded to Kennard, “Alright, but Kennard, you have to guarantee that youll follow my arrangement if you follow me, understood”

Sophia couldnt help glaring at him.

Wasnt this Xu Yi being too arrogant

He was just the chairman of a small company and he dared to speak to her big brother like this, he simply didnt know what was good for him!

Kennard immediately used his eyes to stop Sophia and said with Xu Yi with a smile, “Of course. I just want to take a look, as for how it is done, well follow chairman Xus arrangements.”-

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