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“Chairman, why does your expression look so ugly”  Ankhto looked at Xu Yi in surprise, as he asked in a worried voice, “Did you not sleep well last night”

Xu Yi rubbed his stomach.  He had taken seventeen trips to the washroom last night, it would have been strange if he slept well.

“Its nothing, just a bit of discomfort, its nothing special.”  Xu Yi waved his hand and stopped Ankhto from further questioning him, “Lets talk business.  Ankhto, the Falling Rain Valley factories will be finished soon, so after a while, Im prepared to move part of the factory over to the Falling Rain Valley.  Part of it includes the household magic machine workshop, which you are the manager of, so do you have any thoughts”

Ankhto thought about it before replying, “Chairman, I feel that if we are moving, it would be best if we wait for the end of summer.  Right now the Magic Fan, the Magic Air Conditioner, and the Magic Refrigerator are all selling well and were still taking orders.  If we were to move, it will definitely affect production and we wont be able to finish those orders.”

“Un, I also considered this.  So the first batch to move will be the production team for the Automatic Magic Rice Cookers, the Magic Bread Makers, and the Magic Lamps which arent as rushed.  As for the ones you said, well leave it for consideration next month.”  Xu Yi said.”

“Will the workers also move over”  Ankhto asked.

“Of course.  The production magic machines are secondary, the workers are the main thing.”  Xu Yi said with a nod, “Other than that, the Falling Rain Valley factory is bigger, so we can recruit a new batch of workers.  Talk to the workers when you have time, ask if they have any friends or relatives that want to work for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.  As long as they qualify, I want them all.”

Ankhto revealed a look of joy on his face, “Great!  Chairman, I already wanted to ask you about this matter.  There are many people in the workshop that have asked me about this, saying that they had friends and relatives that wanted to work for our company because of our high wages and good benefits.  But you have never mentioned recruiting new workers, so Ive never responded.  Now that youve said this, the workers will definitely be happy when I tell them about this.”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “There is work everywhere in Banta City and the wages arent much lower than ours, so why do they want to work for our company”

Ankhto laughed before replying in a proud voice, “Of course its because our place is better.  Chairman look, other than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce having high wages, we also give things to our workers as benefits.  For example, last time you had me give every worker a tub of ice cream, when I took it home, whether it was my wife or kids, they all liked it.  They finished it all in a day and they asked me if there was more.”

Xu Yi couldnt help laughing.  He had just casually given out the ice cream made for their experiment, but it was actually treated as a good benefit.

“Other than this, there is another very important reason.  Its because working in our factory is very relaxed.”  Ankhto pointed at the busy workers and said, “Look, the workers just have to move their hands, theres no effort at all.  This kind of relaxed and simple work, other than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, where would you find something similar”

Xu Yis face became even more strange.

The mechanical labour of the household magic machine workshop was called mindless and repetitive by countless people on earth, saying that it was very tiring.  Now on the Sines Continent, it had become simple and relaxed work.

But thinking of the time when he visited the Amrit Chamber of Commerces work site, Xu Yi understood.

Compared to that work that was back breaking, the work at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was much more relaxed.

Xu Yi looked around the workshop and he couldnt help looking at the elves currently assembling some small parts.

These hundred elves were naturally from the Night Song Tribe.

They left the Falling Rain Forest and came to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to be normal workers because elder Illusia realized the faults of the elves after seeing the Magic Fan covers they made last time.  So she sent some clansmen to Xu Yi following his request, having them specially train them.

As for the so called special training, it was actually very simple.

Without another word, Xu Yi three these hundred dwarves into the household magic machine workshop.  He had them engage in the most boring and repetitive kind of work.

It had already been half a month since they started working at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.  No matter how many times Xu Yi saw this scene, whenever he saw these noble, mysterious, and elegant elves working like normal workers from earth, doing this kind of simple and repetitive work, Xu Yi felt a bit conflicted.

“How are the elves doing now”  Xu Yi asked.

“Theyve progressed quite a bit.”  Ankhto nodded and praised them, “They were indeed like you said in the beginning chairman, sloppy and without discipline.  But after you scolded them last time, theyve become much better.”

Hearing Ankhto mentioning the matter of him scolding the elves, Xu Yi couldnt help rubbing his face and revealing a bitter smile.

This happened a week ago, there was a small conflict that erupted in the household magic machine workshop.

This conflict happened between the elven workers and the human workers.

Because the elves were sloppy, there were problems with the products that they assembled.  It caused the human workers who inspected the boxes of finished products to have even more work.

After a long time, contradictions accumulated between sides before finally erupting.

Although the human workers worshipped the elves because of their mysteriousness at first, after working with them for a while, naturally they didnt seem that mysterious anymore.

Because the elves created more work for them and affected the efficiency of the workshop, those human workers naturally felt dissatisfied.  Finally because of a mistake, a human worker finally couldnt help insulting the elves.

The elves had a proud personality, how could they take the crude insults of human workers  So the conflict between both sides erupted.

If Xu Yi hadnt come in time, the first armed conflict would have happened in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and it would have been a conflict between races.

When Xu Yi came and heard the entire story, he ruthlessly scolded both sides that caused trouble.

Xu Yi was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, so he had a high position in the minds of the workers.  After being scolded by him, the human workers naturally could only take it and couldnt refute him.

But when had the elves ever been scolded like this  Not to mention that it was a human scolding them.

Even if elder Illusia had strictly ordered them to listen to Xu Yi before they left the Night Song Tribe, in this kind of situation, the elves couldnt take it and refuted Xu Yis scolding.

But a few simple words made them completely speechless.

“Everyone is doing the same work, but the human workers are faster and better than you, so what qualifications do you have to look down on them  What qualifications do you have to scream in front of me  Could it be the pride of you elves is acting shamelessly after making mistakes”

After that conflict, the hundred elves changed their sloppy attitude and began to work seriously like the human workers, strictly following the rules.

Once they became serious, the elves personality of chasing perfection and innate talents came out.  The work they finished was much more beautiful compared to the ones made by the human workers.

“Although this is a good thing, it isnt good that there are antagonistic feelings between the elven workers and our human workers.  If it stays like this, it will go against the intentions of elder Illusia.”  Xu Yi thought about it before saying to Ankhto, “Pay attention to this in the future and defuse as much tension as you can.  For example, you can go and hold a banquet when there is free time, let the human and elven workers have contact with each other so they can understand each other better.”

Ankhto nodded in response.

After telling them this, Xu Yi began talking about business.

“According to the plan, our company will be making a tire factory after a period of time.  This factory will be divided into three parts, making the bearing, casting the steel frames, and making the cover for the tire.  This should split the work between three to five workshops.”

“Tires”  Ankhto was a bit confused, “What is that”

“You dont need to understand what it is now, I just need to you pick from among the current workers, some that are familiar with controlling the production magic machines and the Magic Punch Presses.  I need to rely on these people to develop and make the first batch of tires.  In the future, they will be the foundation for the tire factory.”  Xu Yi said.

“Alright, around what time do you need them by”  Ankhto asked.

“If nothing unexpected happens, I need them by the end of the month.  Also I need a group of these people to be elven workers.  You should pick some elven workers who have a decent sense of discipline, I need them to make the cover of the tire.”

Ankhto nodded to show he understood.

Xu Yi said a few more things to him before leaving the household magic machine workshop, heading to the magic machine development workshop.

Compared to the household magic machine workshop that only manufactured developed magic machines, the magic machine development workshop had the important role of studying magic machines.  Their importance surpassed the magic research facility, so Xu Yi had always placed the most importance on this place.

Naturally, he gave Camby, Bordeau, and the other dwarves in charge the best treatment.

Not mentioning Camby, because Bordeau was an outstanding talent and had played a very important role in the research of the last few months, Xu Yi had raised his wage from fifteen gold coins a month to twenty five gold coins a month.

But Xu Yi still felt that this wage was just too low.

If the other companies know how important Bordeau was to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they would still be very happy even if they had to start by doubling the wage of twenty five gold coins a month.

It had to be known, on earth, some important high level research staff in some companies had yearly salaries of at least a million.

Changing that into gold coins on the Sines Continent, that was equal to ten thousand gold coins!

That meant a monthly salary of close to a thousand gold coins!-

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