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In this recent time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces frequency in developing new products gradually increased, so they needed more and more kinds of Magic Arrays.

Even if the magic research facilitys staff increased, Evitas school mates were at the same level of magic as Evita and Akali, so they couldnt meet the Frestech Chamber of Commerces requirements.

So compared to before, the Camilla Magic Tower received more and more research projects.

Accordingly, the Camilla Magic Tower received more and more funding from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

In just half a year, Xu Yi had already given the Camilla Magic Tower over three thousand gold coins in research funds.

Just based on this, it surpassed the Magic Towers income from all of last year.

With enough funds, Great Magician Camilla finally realized the benefits of having money and he realized something important. While helping the Frestech Chamber of Commerce develop magic machines, most of the time he was studying Magic Arrays which still belonged to the field of magic. Not only did this not delay his important magic research, but because of Xu Yis requirements towards Magic Arrays, Great Magician Camilla came to many new understandings and developed new knowledge towards magic. This without a doubt had increased Great Magician Camillas level of magic.

Being able to earn money and raise the level of his magic, Great Magician Camilla no longer rejected participating in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research. Rather he became more positive and whenever he saw Xu Yi, he would take the initiative to question him.

“Hey, kid, do you have a new project this time”

As long as it was someone who had been in contact with Xu Yi for a while, they would unknowingly learn a few new terms from him. Even Great Magician Camilla was not an exception.

Xu Yi shook his head, “Not right now, but your excellency Great Magician, I want to ask you, has there been any progress with the miniature Magic Array that Ive asked you about last time Our company needs this technology right now, so if you have had any success, we can use it in many different kinds of magic machines.”

Great Magician Camilla knit his brows, “There is progress, but…..we cant achieve the results you want.”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Theres progress Its good that theres progress. Come, your excellency Great Magician, what is the specific progress youve made”

“Actually it isnt that much progress. I just picked a few Magic Arrays to make smaller and have succeeded a few times. The smallest ones were no more than ten centimeters and the largest one is no more than twenty centimeters, but its far from the one centimeters that you mentioned……” Great Magician Camilla knit his brows, “Xu Yi, this really is too difficult. You are also a magician and might even have a stronger understanding of Magic Arrays than me, so you should be clear that there is a high requirement for drawing Magic Arrays. Not mentioning making the Magic Array smaller, when it starts, the array lines will tremble intensely with magic power. It is hard to make the Magic Array keep its form, not to mention that you want it to be as strong as a large Magic Array, this is simply impossible.”

Xu Yi said with a laugh, “If it wasnt difficult, how could we have your excellency personally do this Isnt it because you are a powerful magician, I wouldnt let the others research this.”

Great Magician Camilla glared at Xu Yi, “Theres no use in flattering me, this research is too difficult, I dont know when Ill finish it if I do it alone. Didnt you make some agreement with Great Magician Eisenkel last time If youre in a rush, why dont you have him help with the research He isnt just a Great Magician with the same level of magic as me, he has more connections and knows quite a few powerful magicians. If he joins in, I feel this research will be finished much faster.”

“Great Magician Eisenkel…..” Xu Yi hesitated a bit, not voicing the concern in his heart. Rather he asked, “Speaking of him, I suddenly thought of something. Last time he came, didnt he say that the Magicians Guild is currently discussing the magic patent Now its been this long, what were the results”

Great Magician Camilla gave a cold snort, “Its a real pity, but the efficiency of the guilds leaders is worse than you imagined. Theyve already discussed it for several months and the results havent come, I really cant keep watching. But the good news is that the last guild periodic began to discuss the matter of the patent. Based on this trend, the guild should have made their decision to pass this. As for specifically when theyll pass it, I dont know.”

“Its good that it can pass, that way we can boldly conduct our research and not have to worry that our hard to obtain results will be taken by others.” Xu Yi said with a satisfied nod.

Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi and suddenly asked, “Kid, when you sayothers, are you talking about Great Magician Eisenkel”

Xu Yi laughed without denying or confirming it.

Great Magician Camilla gave a sigh and said with a look of pity, “Ai, actually I have always supported the ideas of the guild that everyones research should be shared. If every magician could do this, the magic level of our Sines Continent wouldnt have fallen down this much, even being far worse than during the race wars thousands of years ago.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Your excellency Great Magician, this is just your one sided wish, but there is no real value in this. The Magicians Guild can have this slogan because the organization needs it, but for each magician to believe in such selfless words, its basically impossible.”

Great Magician Camilla unwillingly gave a slow nod, “Actually, I know this, but Im just not willing to accept it. Now that Ive seen your Frestech Chamber of Commerces development, I suddenly realize that what you said before was right. People are just selfish, if there are no benefits for themself, they wouldnt be willing to put in effort to do something. Look, your Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines bring benefits to many people, so not only in Banta City, but even the surrounding city have many people who want to join this business. I think that not long after, the entire Lampuri Kingdom will join this business. When that time comes, there will be many magicians studying magic machines and I believe that the miniature Magic Array that you need will be easily developed.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “According to normal logic, that is right, but first Im not willing to wait that long. Second, if it isnt our Frestech Chamber of Commerce that develops it, then it has a completely different meaning. So your excellency Great Magician, I ask you to try a bit harder.”

Great Magician Camilla said with a bitter smile, “Im not an Arch Magus, not to mention that it isnt even easy for an Arch Magus to solve this miniature Magic Array problem.”

Xu Yi thought for a bit before taking out a blueprint from his chest.

“If you cant solve all the problems, then I ask you to solve the miniaturization of this Magic Array first.”

Great Magician Camilla looked over the paper and his brows jumped up as he said in surprise, “This is the Eighth Grade Magic Array, the Cyclone Spell. You actually want to use such a powerful Magic Array in your magic machines What kind of terrifying magic machine are you planning to make”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “Its not as terrifying as you think. Its just that this new magic machine requires a lot of power and I feel that even this Cyclone Spell might not be enough. But we have just started studying it and we cant suddenly use that powerful of a Magic Array, right Your excellency Great Magician, do you think it is possible to limit this Magic Array to less than five centimeters”

“Five centimeters” Great Magician Camilla looked over the paper for a while before nodding, “It should be fine if its five centimeters. But the Cyclone Spell is a large scale spell, so if you limit it to a small Magic Array, its power will be decreased. No matter how I study it, its impossible to keep its original power.”

“Its fine as long as its half.” Xu Yi kept nodding, “Not to mention that Im prepared to use the magic gradation technology with this Magic Array to limit its power anyway.”

“Alright, since its like this, then theres no problem.” Great Magician Camilla thought for a bit, “Give me a month. I think with the experience from before, as long as it's just this Magic Array, it shouldnt be that much of a problem.”

“Just one month” Xu Yi was pleasantly surprised and he couldnt help smiling as he said, “Your excellency Great Magician, your magic power is truly strong, even more than I imagined. My respect to you flows more than the waters of a river and…..”

“Alright, stop flattering me.” Great Magician Camilla snappily cut Xu Yi off, “If you have this much free time, you might as well go accompany Still. That girl complained to me last night that youre always too busy and you never have time to spend with her.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Still really said that”

Great Magician Camilla glared at him, “Do you think that Im lying Let me tell you, kid, our Still being able to like you is your luck. If you dont cherish it and shes cheated away by some other fellow, I wont let you off.”

Xu Yi scratched his head, “Your excellency Great Magician, according to your words…..are you praising Still Or settling on me”

Great Magician Camilla angrily stared at Xu Yi, “What do you care so much for If I want you to be with Still, you just have to listen to me!”

Xu Yi stood at attention and gave Great Magician Camilla a military salute from earth, “Reporting to your excellency Great Magician, I will definitely accomplish this task!”

Great Magician Camilla didnt even want to look at Xu Yi anymore, but he smiled from Xu Yi's strange actions. In the end, he could only wave his hands, telling Xu Yi to scram.

Xu Yi chuckled as he strolled out of Great Magician Camillas personal laboratory, heading down the Magic Tower to find Still.-

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