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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 67 - Shameless thief

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Cimirot stared at Xu Yi walking forward with a faint smile, as his heart filled with hatred.

This fellow didnt come early or late, he had come right when he was about to reveal the product, right when he was about to demonstrate the Gelert Chamber of Commerces new magic machine. This was simply counted as coming at the perfect time.

He had worked hard to get everyones appetite and now that he had gathered everyones attention on the new product, Xu Yi had stolen it away the moment he walked in, wasting the effort that Cimirot had put in before.

As thoughts passed through his mind, Cimirot took a deep breath and suppressed the hatred he felt. He forced himself to reveal an honest smile as he raised his voice to speak while walking towards Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, I thought that you wouldnt dare come.”

Wouldnt dare

Hearing this, everyone under the stage couldnt help looking at Cimirot with strange expressions.

Wasnt this Gelert Chamber of Commerces chairman too arrogant

He actually said that Xu Yi wouldnt dare Why wouldnt he

Xu Yi didnt care at all, as he walked through the path that people made and came to the stage. He looked at Cimirot in surprise, “Cimirot, long time no see. I never thought that you would become the chairman of this Gelert Chamber of Commerce, it really is surprising.”

Everyone around them was even more shocked.

The vice editor in chief of the «Karma Times» Rhine couldnt help asking Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, do you and chairman Cimirot know each other”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Yes, we used to work together at the Camilla Magic Tower and we used to be in the same lab.”

Speaking of it, Cimirots name was a bit similar to Great Magician Camillas. Back in the lab, there were many people who used to tease Cimirot about it.

Hearing Xu Yis response, everyone was stunned.

Although everyone already knew that before Xu Yi made the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that he worked under Great Magician Camilla for some time, no one would have thought that Cimirot would be someone who worked in the same lab as Xu Yi.

But with how the Gelert Chamber of Commerce treated the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Cimirots attitude towards Xu Yi, it could be seen that there wasnt a good relationship between the two of them.

Cimirot gave a slight nod and a soft snort before saying, “Chairman Xu, there are any things that can surprise you. When you see our companys new product later, you shouldnt be so shocked that your jaw drops.”

The people under the stage couldnt help knitting their brows.

Not mentioning the other aspects of this Cimirot, just based on his aura, it was too petty.

Xu Yi had tried to bring up old relationships when he arrived, but every word he spoke had a hidden edge which made people feel uncomfortable.

“Oh Let me guess, what is the new product youll be announcing. Un…..” Xu Yi acted like he was thinking for a bit before saying with a nod, “Alright, Ive guessed it. The product that youll be announcing soon should be the Magic Kettle, is that right”

Everyone was stunned.

It was fine if Xu Yi was casually guessing, no one would treat it as something real, but he had actually said the name of the product. Wasnt this too much of a coincidence

Everyone looked back at Cimirot and found that he also had a look of shock and disbelief.

This surprised everyone. Based on Cimirots reaction, could it be that Xu Yi was right

Wasnt it a bit jarring

Everyone couldnt help looking back at Xu Yi and found that his smile was filled with confidence. It was like what he said wasnt a guess, but rather a fact.

Seeing this scene, the people with more active minds began coming up with guesses.

Based on the reaction of both sides, Xu Yi seemed to already know about the Gelert Chamber of Commerces new product, so he would be this relax appearing at their product announcement.

But how did he know

Cimirot really wanted to ask this question, but at this time, he couldnt ask this in front of everyone.

But even if he didnt ask, the people under the stage saw that he didnt reply, so some people couldnt help asking.

Rhine asked in a loud voice, “Chairman Cimirot, please tell me, is the new product of your Gelert Chamber of Commerce really the Magic Kettle that chairman Xu just mentioned”

Everyones eyes fell onto Cimirot.

Cimirot looked at Xu Yi in a daze for a while before he revealed a forced smile and took a deep breath.

He was very clear that he had prepared for this product announcement for over half a month. He had done quite a bit of groundwork, successfully pulling in the attention of everyone from Banta City and the surrounding cities, just to create a shock at this product announcement.

However when Xu Yi mentioned the name “Magic Kettle”, the surprise and shock of everyone at the product announcement had disappeared.

Thinking of this, Cimirots heart was filled with even more hatred for Xu Yi.

This fellow, why was it that everything he worked hard on was easily destroyed by him

However, now was not a good time to show his hatred for Xu Yi. Seeing the gazes of everyone under the stage, Cimirot could only force himself to reveal a smile as he said with a nod, “Chairman Xu really does care about our company, you actually knew about the product we were announcing ahead of time. It seems like I must go back and ask who accidentally revealed this news.”

Everyone looked at Xu Yi again.

Although Cimirot had confirmed Xu Yis guess, the meaning of his words was that he was accusing Xu Yi of stealing the Gelert Chamber of Commerces secrets.

Xu Yis expression didnt change and he didnt react at all, as he pointed at the box that hadnt been opened yet and said, “Chairman Cimirot, let us see the star of this product announcement first.”

Xu Yi didnt argue back, so naturally Cimirot couldnt keep going. He took a deep look at Xu Yi before turning to open the box, taking out a silver kettle that was used in many households.

Seeing the appearance of this thing, everyone didnt need Cimirot to give an introduction to understand that Xu Yis guess was right.

The era defining new magic machine that Cimirot mentioned was really this Magic Kettle.

As expected, Cimirot raised this thing and loudly explained to everyone what use it had.

Although his words were excited and passionate, because Xu Yi had revealed the name beforehand and the fact that the Magic Kettle not using firewood to head up water wasnt that special to begin with, people were very bored listening to him and couldnt resonate with Cimirot at all.

Cimirot could clearly see the reactions that everyone had, but he couldnt do a single thing.

If Xu Yi hadnt appeared, perhaps with his eloquence and innovation of the Magic Kettle, he could have gotten everyones attention and have won fame for the Gelert Chamber of Commerce.

But Xu Yi had just said a few words after he had appeared and the influence this product announcement had hit rock bottom.

Seeing that everyone was not interested in his introduction of the Magic Kettle, Cimirot could only finish the long introduction that he had spent quite a while on preparing. In the blink of an eye, he suddenly asked Xu Yi under the stage, “Chairman Xu, do you have any thoughts towards the Magic Kettle Could it be that you dont think it is a pity”

“What is a pity” Xu Yi maintained his faint smile as he asked this back.

No one noticed that his smile was like watching a play, like he was watching a monkey dance in front of him.

Cimirot didnt notice the deeper meaning hidden in his smile, he just said in a proud voice, “This Magic Kettle wasnt that complicated to make, but your Frestech Chamber of Commerce never thought of it, rather our Gelert Chamber of Commerce came up with it first. As the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that is recognized as the furthest in magic machine research, dont you think that it is a pity”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and said with a sigh, “I really do think its a pity, but what I pity isnt that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt invent the Magic Kettle first, rather I pity you, Cimirot.”

Cimirot and everyone under the stage were stunned.

“Pity me” Cimirot looked at Xu Yi in confusion, “What is there to pity”

“Its a pity that even though Great Magician Camilla praised your magic talent, you didnt properly study magic. Its a pity that you have many ideas on magic machines and your talent for studying magic machines is quite good, but you never truly focused on studying magic machines. Its a pity that although your character has some faults, you werent a bad character, but you turned into a thief and a shameless liar.”

Xu Yis slow and clear words spread through the hall, stunning everyone.

The previous words could be considered Xu Yi feeling pity about Cimirots talents, but the final words were clearly a strict accusation of Cimirot!

Cimirot was stunned before angrily saying to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, based on what am I a thief and a liar If you dont have any proof, I must demonstrate my great dissatisfaction and file a complaint to the Banta City public court that youre slandering me!”

“Proof” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “You really want me to take it out”

Cimirot was a bit surprised. Seeing the smile on Xu Yis face, he found that he seemed to have fallen into Xu Yis trap.

But there was no way out for him right now, so he could steel his heart and say, “Thats right! If you cant take out any proof, I will complain about your slander and I will have the public court give me justice!”

“Justice” Xu Yi gave a cold snort, “Youre not worthy of saying that! If you want justice, then what about the justice for our Frestech Chamber of Commerces researchers that worked hard to develop this Magic Kettle Theyve spent large amounts of time and effort to develop this thing, but it was stolen by a shameless thief and now it is being declared as something that he developed himself in front of all these people! You really think this is fair”-

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