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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 68 - Proof

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Hearing Xu Yis harsh words, the people in the hall were shocked.

They thought that it was a grudge between Xu Yi and Cimirot, causing Cimirot to go against Xu Yi, with Xu Yi not showing Cimirot any politeness. But now it seemed like based on what Xu Yi said, this Cimirot had stolen this technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he was just a thief and a liar!

Everyone looked at Xu Yi in a daze before looking over at Cimirot.

The vice editor in chief of «Karma Times» Rhine reacted the fastest, immediately asking Cimirot in a loud voice, “Chairman Cimirot, is what chairman Xu said true”

The others also reacted at this time and began questioning Cimirot in loud voices.

“Chairman Cimirot, was the technology for this Magic Kettle really stolen from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Chairman Cimirot, if this is true, the other magic machines that your Gelert Chamber of Commerce made, did it have the same quality and ability as the Frestech Brand because of this stolen technology”

“Chairman Cimirot……”


In everyones heart, they naturally believed Xu Yi.

This was because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had clear accomplishments since they were established.

It could be said that without the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there wouldnt have been magic machines.

After a year, in everyones mind, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was equal to magic machines.

If there was a problem with magic machines, they would choose to believe the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, believe in Xu Yi.

So after Xu Yi accused Cimirot and the Gelert Chamber of Commerce of stealing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces technology, everyone accepted it. They all began questioning Cimirot.

Cimirot looked at Xu Yi with a pale complexion.

Of course he knew that Xu Yis point was right and the questions of the people under the stage werent wrong.

The reason why the Gelert Chamber of Commerce could produce Magic Fans and Automatic Magic Rice Cookers of the same quality as the Frestechc Brand was because of the research Rem stole. When the Gelert Chamber of Commerce made these magic machines, they had very detailed data, so their magic machines produced were around the same as the Frestech Brand.

The Magic Kettle that he was prepared to release was naturally made relying on the research Rem stole and some research they did themselves.

It could be said that if Rem didnt steal the magic machine research from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Gelert Chamber of Commerce wouldnt have been able to make a single magic machine.

But now that he was being accused by Xu Yi and being questioned by everyone, how could Cimirot acknowledge this

He looked at the people under the stage with an ugly expression and raised his voice to say, “That is just slander! That is just shameless slander! Chairman Xu, since we were old colleagues and you are the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you must have some ideas on magic machines, so I invited you to our companys product announcement. I never thought that you would shamelessly slander me in front of all these people! You really have disappointed me! You say that I am a thief and a liar, but wheres the proof Even if you keep talking, but theres no proof, you think people will believe you”

“Ive already asked you, are you certain you want me to take out proof” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

“Of course! Since you have shamelessly slandered me in front of everyone, could it be that you dont dare take out proof” Cimirot said in a sharp voice, “Come, if you can prove that I have stolen technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, then I promise that Ill close the Gelert Chamber of Commerce. I, Cimirot will leave the magic machine industry and never appear in front of you again!”

Xu Yi looked at Cimirot like he found this funny, “Close the Gelert Chamber of Commerce Leaving the magic machine industry Cimirot, you really are good to yourself. Alright, lets not talk about this first, you want proof Good, then Ill give you proof. Come, please hold up the Magic Kettle in your hands and dont break it. Let me tell you, perhaps there are many things you dont know about this Magic Kettle.”

“For example, the capacity of this Magic Kettle is one liter, which is equal to a kilogram of water. Dont be in a rush to deny this, I know you want to say that the Magic Kettle in your hand can hold more than a kilogram of water, but you dont know what the net at the top of the Magic Kettle is used for. Let me tell you, if you pour water into the Magic Kettle, when the water level is surface with the net, it will be perfectly one kilogram. Other than this use, this net will stop other water from entering the Magic Kettle to prevent it from impurities, keeping the water clean.”

“Other than this net, I think everyone should have noticed it. On the Magic Kettle in chairman Cimirots hand, the neck of the kettle is a bit longer than normal kettle. Actually in our Frestech Chamber of Commerces design, this neck just opens to a small opening and there isnt this long neck that affects the beauty. I think everyone knows that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce cares very much about the design of our products. Our slogan is easy to use, but also beautiful.”

“Next lets talk about the design of the container. Everyone can see that the container is a semi circle, but why is it designed like that Actually its because…..”


As Xu Yi pointed out the specialties of the Magic Kettle in Cimirots hand, listing specifications one by one, Cimirots face became uglier to look at.

Everyones face began to change from doubt to understanding.

Xu Yis analysis of the Magic Kettle was very accurate and very logical. Adding in the series of precise details that he said, it made everyone believe that he had a deep understanding of this Magic Kettle. It far surpassed the introduction Cimirot had given for this Magic Kettle.

As they listened to Xu Yis slow analysis, everyone became certain that this Magic Kettle really was developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The Gelert Chamber of Commerce and Cimirot had stolen the technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and released it first.

After speaking for over ten minutes, Xu Yi finally stopped. After pausing for a bit, he looked at Cimirots pale face and said, “Chairman Cimirot, do you think Ive given enough proof”

Cimirot rolled his eyes and kept going, “How is this considered proof Youve just mentioned some characteristics of the Magic Kettle, how could that be considered proof that I stole your Frestech Chamber of Commerces technology If I had to say something, it must have been your Frestech Chamber of Commerce that bought off one of our researchers to tell you all these details. Now youre coming here to accuse us of stealing your Frestech Chamber of Commerces technology. Chairman Xu, I never thought that you would be such a shameless and petty person!”

Hearing Cimirots words, although no one under the stage believed him, they couldnt help looking at Xu Yi and waiting to see what kind of response he would give.

“What Youre not willing to admit it” Xu Yi smiled and shook his head. He pointed at the Magic Kettle in Cimirots hands and said, “Alright, Ill give you the final proof and let your heart die. Cimirot, you are a magician, so you should be able to activate the Magic Array at the bottom of the Magic Kettle without a Magic Crystal, right”

Cimirot nodded in a daze.

“Good, then please raise the Magic Kettle so that it is facing everyone and use your magic to activate the Magic Array.” Xu Yi said.

“Theres no need for water” Cimirot couldnt help asking.

“No need.”

Cimirot knit his brows as he was filled with confusion, but he followed Xu Yis instructions and added his magic into the Magic Kettle.

The Magic Array of the Magic Kettle activated and after a while, the Magic Array at the bottom of the Magic Kettle began to warm up.

After waiting for two minutes, there were no changes with the Magic Kettle. Cimirot couldnt help impatiently saying, “Chairman Xu, wheres your proof”

Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Be a bit more patient. You just need to wait around three minutes.”

Everyone stared at the Magic Kettle as they patiently waited.

After three minutes, there was a faint burnt smell that came from the bottom of the Magic Kettle because of the high heat. When everyone was about to impatiently question Xu Yi again, they suddenly heard a “pa” sound from the Magic Kettle. Everyone found that the little red window at the bottom of the Magic Kettle had faded and the Magic Array on the base stopped working.

Cimirot used his magic several times, but he found that there was no reaction from the Magic Array at the bottom of the Magic Kettle at all. He coldly looked at Xu Yi and said, “Chairman Xu, you want to tell me that there are deficiencies with our Gelert Chamber of Commerces Magic Kettle”

“No, just the opposite. The Magic Array at the base of the Magic Kettle stopped because it is a preventative measure.” Xu Yi replied. “This is because if the Fire Magic Array at the base of the Magic Kettle keeps working and there is no water in the kettle, if this Magic Array is used for a long time, the Magic Kettle will be damaged from the high temperatures. With this design, if the Magic Kettle is accidentally turned on when it doesnt have any water, it stops it from being damaged from the heat.”

Everyone suddenly understood and they couldnt help praising how well thought out this design was.

Rhine couldnt help saying, “This style makes me think of the magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made before. Those magic machines had many kinds of well thought out designs that people wouldnt have thought of.”

Although he didnt clearly say it, he already confirmed that he believed Xu Yis accusations.

Cimirots face couldnt help becoming uglier as he said to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, this is indeed a well thought out design for our Magic Kettle. Since youve bought out our companys researcher, it isnt strange for you to know about this. But how could this thing be used as proof”

“Youre still not giving up” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Alright, now tilt the Magic Kettle over and show the bottom to everyone.”

Cimirot turned the Magic Kettle over in confusion and showed the base to everyone, while also looking over.

At the base of the Magic Kettle, although the Magic Array had stopped working, there were red lines that came together to form a design that everyone was familiar with.

Half flying wings, representing the Frestech Brand.-

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