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“Thirty percent” Elder Illusias expression changed slightly. She thought about it before asking, “Chairman Xu, can I ask, how serious of a loss has this caused your company”

“According to the contract we signed before, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce had some Magic Fans that were delayed in being produced, causing a batch of orders to miss their deadline. Therefore we had to pay a penalty of three thousand gold coins to the other side.” Xu Yi replied.

There was a serious look of apology on elder Illusias face, “Sorry, chairman Xu. Weve caused losses to your company, I will think of a way to compensate you.”

Xu Yi looked at elder Illusia for a while before slowly shaking his head and saying with a sigh, “Elder Illusia, actually three thousand gold coins is not considered much to our company. Compared to this, the losses your tribe suffers is even bigger.”

Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Why do you say this”

“First, because there were defective products among the products made by your Night Song Tribe, according to the contract, the losses caused by these defective products should be paid by your Night Song Tribe. According to the normal rules of us human merchants, you should compensate our Frestech Chamber of Commerce gold coins because of this.”

Elder Illusia gave a straight nod and said, “That is normal, but our tribe doesnt have enough gold coins right now……”

“Well talk about this in the future.” Xu Yi waved his hand before saying in a deep voice. “Second, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce had your Night Song Tribe make these twenty thousand Magic Fan plastic covers for us, but there was a 30% defective rate with your products. According to the custom of us humans, our company should have serious doubts about the abilities of your Night Song Tribe. Even if we make a similar order in the future, we wouldnt consider having your Night Song Tribe do it.”

Elder Illusia was silent for a bit before saying with a bit of difficulty, “I understand, this is a problem of trust.”

To have an elf admit that a human that they couldnt trust would have a trust issue with their tribe, this was a very hard decision to make, but elder Illusia still admitted to this point.

Xu Yi couldnt help feeling admiration for elder Illusia. If it wasnt for trying to find a way out for the Night Song Tribe and even the entire elven race, she wouldnt have put down the pride of the elves and admitted that elves werent good enough.

“The final thing is the most important thing. From the production of the plastic covers, I found that there is a large problem with the Night Song Tribe, or rather the elves in general, which is that…..” After saying this, Xu Yi stopped and hesitated a while, but he still didnt say anything.

Elder Illusia revealed a faint smile, “Please dont have any scruples and just say it.”

Xu Yi looked at her and paused before nodding, “Alright, then Ill say it. The problem is that elves seem to have a very casual personality. To put it more directly, its very…..lacking in discipline.”

After saying this, Xu Y nervously looked at elder Illusia.

He wasnt certain what kind of reaction the other side would have hearing his impolite criticism of her entire race.

But elder Illusias reactions went against his expectations.

After hearing this evaluation, elder Illusia was first stunned before falling into a long period of contemplation.

This period of thinking actually lasted an entire half an hour. Only when Xu Yis legs felt a bit numb did elder Illusia come back to her senses, looking at Xu Yi with an apologetic smile as she said, “Sorry, I suddenly thought of something from the past and fell into a daze.”

“Long time ago” Xu Yi was secretly stunned.

According to elder Illusias age, this long time ago might have been something from several hundred years ago.

That was really a long time ago…...

“Chairman Xu, regarding the appraisal you just gave, Ive carefully thought about it and have realized that in our elven language, theres never been the word discipline. This word seems to have been learned from you humans, but…...We elves have never understood the meaning of this word.” Elder Illusia said with a thoughtful look on her face.

Xu Yi was a bit confused, “You dont understand the meaning of this word What does that mean”

“It means that……” Elder Illusia revealed a bitter smile, “For us elves, there has never been any form of discipline that existed.”

Xu Yi was stunned.

In the rumours about the elves on the Sines Continent, the words used most to describe them were beautiful, elegant, mysterious, powerful, and proud…...But no one had ever connected the word disciplined with the elves before.

As for the reason why humans could take over as the rulers of the continent from the elves several thousand years ago, people always summarized it as humans using their unique creations and powerful learning to take over control of the continent.

But rarely did they mention the weakness of the elves.

Hearing what elder Illusia said, Xu Yi felt like he had suddenly grabbed something.

But elder Illusia didnt give Xu Yi time to think as she suddenly stood up and said to him, “Chairman Xu, please come with me. Lets go take a look at how the clansmen finish those plastic covers and why there would be a 30% defective rate.”

Watching as elder Illusia walked out the door, Xu Yi strangely felt a cold sensation that he had never felt from her before.

Leaving the living space of the Night Song Tribe, they walked around a hundred meters to a large open space that was around the size of a soccer field.

And in that open space, there were currently a hundred elves working there.

Looking around, one could see strong elven men coming out of the forest with large glass jars in their hands. They came to the left side of the open space and poured them into a large porcelain jar.

Heat rose in that jar and the smell of resin kept coming out.

As the heat was gradually increased, the green light of the Magic Array under the jar kept shining, as the impurities of the resin floated out to the surface.

When all the impurities were taken out, the elves on the side scooped them out and put them in a container by the porcelain jar.

There was also another elf that kept adding an unknown blue powder while stirring the concoction. The yellow liquid began to become more sticky as the colour gradually turned light blue.

Finally under the guidance of other elves, the resin that was finished was poured into molds that had already been prepared. After they were cooled down for a bit, they turned into complete Magic Fan covers.

Although this entire process seemed a bit crude, under the magic of the elves, the final plastic covers were even better than the ones made from plastic factories on earth.

Moreover because of the nature of the elves, after this resin was formed into plastic covers, it still kept the scent of the resin. It didnt have the special odor that normal plastic had.

There seemed to be no issue with this process based on a first glance, the elves were completing their work.

But if one watched for a while, they would find that sometimes the elves would stop in the middle of work and walk around, even going off to sing and dance.

The other elves didnt find this situation strange at all. There was even an elf that became a bit too excited when adding in material and threw a large bunch of it in.

He actually let this batch of material go to the next step, so there were clear distortions in the final plastic cover that was made.

Then when it came to the final step of the process, something even more shocking would happen.

The elves that seemed like they were bored actually came to the side of a mold that was cooling down. After they discussed it for a while, an elf picked up a stick from the ground and even began drawing on the plastic cover.

When he finished, perhaps they thought that the pattern he drew on the cover was beautiful, but the other elves began clapping for him.

Xu Yis face couldnt help twitching.

Although from the high 30% defective rate, he had already guessed that the elves werent as meticulous when it came to making these plastic covers, he never would have thought that the elves would actually be this slack when it came to the production process!

If they were human workers in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factories and this situation was found, Xu Yi would have fired them all without saying another word!

Looking over at elder Illusia, he found that her expression was still calm, but the tightly knit brows showed that her mood wasnt that good.

The two of them were being covered in elder Illusias Shadow Stealth Spell, so they werent worried about being found by the other elves.

But seeing the elves act like this, it really didnt feel good to them.

“Chairman Xu, in the factories of your company, how do the human workers act” Elder Illusia suddenly asked this.

Xu Yi looked at the elves who didnt act seriously at all in the distance and shook his head, “I cant really describe it, but they definitely arent like that.”

“Is that so” Elder Illusia was silent for a bit before saying, “Chairman Xu, I really dont understand what it means to be disciplined. I didnt think that there was a problem with my clansmen, but after talking with you today, Ive found that something really isnt right. But as for how to change it, I really didnt know. Chairman Xu, do you have a good method”

“You really want to change them” Xu Yi asked.


“Then its simple, give them to me. There is a very simple method that can change them, which is……” Xu Yis lips curled into a cold smile, “Special training.”-

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