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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 52 - Plan

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This time Xu Yi and chairman Cruise came to the Falling Rain Valley together, naturally it was to see the current development here.

According to Xu Yis plan, the Falling Rain Valley was divided into an industrial area and a living area.

The first wave of construction in the industrial area was a total of thirteen factories. There were also a thousand buildings for the dwarves that had been finished in the living area, but now they were still going to build another three thousand residences.

Of course, these three thousand residences werent all for dwarves. They also included residences for the humans who were coming to the Falling Rain Valley for work.

Other than that, the living area couldnt just be residences, a part of it had to be a business area that satisfied the daily needs of the workers.

To put it simply, this Falling Rain Valley, Xu Yi was planning to but it like a little city from earth.

In order to improve this plan, Xu Yi not only discussed this with chairman Cruise, he also asked Count Sean to find several architects from Anvilmar City to help with this plan.

But these architects were limited by the level of the Sines Continent, there were many aspects where there were conflicts with Xu Yis thoughts.

For example, in terms of a sewage system. The architects planned on following the system from the various cities of the Sines Continent, using a single open canal to collect waste which would finally be discharged into the river that ran through the Falling Rain Forest.

Xu Yi insisted on completing an underground sewage system like on earth, so one couldnt see the sewage from the surface.

The architects truly couldnt understand this.

First the cost would be too high and second, there really was no need for this.

But after Xu Yi had chairman Cruise explain how they used reinforced concrete to build embankments on the river, the architects understood that the cost wasnt as high as they thought. Finally they begrudgingly agreed to Xu Yis idea.

So the plan for the Falling Rain Valley was decided, combining the specialities of cities from earth and the Sines Continent.

Even if it didnt follow what Xu Yi wanted, they were limited by the technological level of the Sines Continent, so they could only do this.

This time chairman Cruise came with him mainly to arrange the project of building the roads inside of the Falling Rain Valley.

According to Xu Yis plan, all the roads inside Falling Rain Valley had to be at the same standard as the main road and it allowed access to every part of the Falling Rain Valley.

Chairman Cruise had already made a plan for this, but because Xu Yi and those architects had their discussion and made some changes, which also changed the roads, he had personally come with Xu Yi and planned to give some orders to manager Riley who was in charge of the Falling Rain Valley project.

After building the factory on the Stagg Familys territory, manager Riley was now in charge of all projects between the Amrit Chamber of Commerce and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Not only was he familiar with Xu Yi, he was now also very familiar with the dwarves of the Falling Rain Valley.

When chairman Cruise found him, he was currently chatting with some dwarves. It seemed like they had quite a good relationship.

After pulling him to the side and discussing their work, chairman Cruise lowered his voice and asked, “How is your relationship with the dwarves right now”

As chairman Cruises trusted aide, naturally manager Riley immediately understood his meaning. After thinking about it, he slightly knit his brows, “Relationship…...Its not bad. The dwarves arent as hard to get along with as the rumours say, but…..Chairman, I urge you to give up the idea of hiring them.”

“Why” Chairman Cruise was surprised.

“This is because Ive found that dwarves are very stubborn, they dont know how to be flexible at all. Not mentioning the dwarves of the Norman and Angola Tribes, they only recognize Xu Yi alone. No matter what I talk to them about, it would always change to how they are grateful to Xu Yi for improving their lives.”

Chairman Cruise was silent for a bit before asking in an unwilling to give up voice, “Even if its not possible with the dwarves of the Norma and Angola Tribes, arent there still other dwarven tribes Those dwarves arent the same as these two dwarven tribes, they havent been with Xu Yi for long. Could it be that they also only recognize Xu Yi”

“They dont only recognize Xu Yi, but they only believe their dwarven brothers, who are the dwarves of the Norma and Angola Tribes. This means that they only believe in Xu Yi.” Manager Riley helplessly said.

Chairman Cruise turned to look at the dwarves who seemed to never run out of energy busying themselves in the Falling Rain Valley before turning to look at the distant Xu Yi. After a while, he let out a long sigh.

“Ai, this is as Xu Yi said, you have to seize chances. Now that he has earned the trust of the dwarves ahead of time, Im afraid itll be hard for people to be the same as him in the future, being able to create a good relationship with the dwarves.”

Manager Riley hesitated a bit before reminding him in a low voice, “Chairman, other than the dwarves, there is also the elves……”

Chairman Xu was stunned, but after a while, he suddenly spat out onto the ground.

“Pei! That damn Xu Yi!”

Xu Yi in the distance naturally never thought that chairman Cruise would actually be cursing him from behind. He was currently focused on the two balls of iron in his hands.

Using his hands to compare them, Xu Yi found that the dark red ball of iron in his left hand was heavier than normal iron and the black ball of iron was lighter than normal iron.

“These two are the alloys 29 and 37 you mentioned in your letter last time” Xu Yi asked chief Siluka in front of him.

“Right, the red one is number 29 and the black one is number 37.” Chief Siluka nodded at the two balls of iron before saying, “Alloy number 29 has very good resistance. Weve run over five hundred tests on it and there wasnt a single mark on its surface at all. Alloy number 37 has a very high degree of hardness. I had the strongest brother of the tribe use a large hammer to smash it, but it didnt leave a single mark.”

“Oh Then these two are quite useful. Did you record the date related to them” Xu Yi asked in an interested voice.

“All of it, I guarantee it can be refined at any time.” Chief Siluka said with a nod.

“Then thats good.” Xu Yi patted chief Silukas shoulder with a smile and said, “You cant stop the research on the steel alloys at all, you have to test every condition. But after the steel mill is complete, the capacity must be adjusted and you cant just produce the Silver Leaf Alloys. Rather you need to start producing the number 17 alloy that you mentioned last time. Other than that, you need to make some of this number 37 alloy. I think…...a set of armour takes around fifteen kilogram, so for fifty thousand sets…...it would be around seven hundred and fifty tons. Alright, just to be safe, produce a thousand tons in two months.”

“A thousand tons isnt much, but chairman Xu, to suddenly produce all this armour, did something happen to the Lampuri Kingdom” Chief Siluka asked in a confused voice.

“Dont ask me, I dont know.” Xu Yi shook his head, “But the royal army gave us this order last time, so I can only complete it and cant reject it.”

“The royal army” Chief Siluka was even more confused. After looking over Xu Yi, he didnt ask anything else and just nodded.

When discussing the army, the topic would become very serious. Xu Yi thought about it and changed the topic with a smile, as he began asking chief Siluka about the dwarves living in the new tribe.

Chief Siluka replied with a smile, “This environment is much better than before, the brothers are very happy living here. After the brothers of the other tribes came here, they saw that they werent willing to leave and they all wanted to live the rest of their lives here.”

“Its good that everyone is satisfied. Are there any other requests you have Just tell me all of them, I will definitely help you do it if I can.” Xu Yi said.

“No need for the trouble.” Chief Siluka shook his head, “We dwarves just want to live peaceful lives. Being able to eat our fill and drink some wine occasionally, we are already very happy, we dont need anything else. Now that chairman Xu has already given us such a good environment, most of our brothers are very satisfied.”

“Most” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice, “Then that means there are some dwarves who arent satisfied”

“This……” Chief Siluka said with an awkward smile, “There are some brothers who arent used to trusting humans. They feel that since chairman Xu is being this nice to us dwarves, you must have some plot.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Plot What benefit is here in plotting against you all Chief Siluka, help me tell those dwarven brothers that I can see the hidden value in your dwarves, so being nice to you all is to have you all work to death for me. As for other things…..they are just overthinking it.”

Chief Siluka scratched his head and awkwardly said, “Actually Ive known chairman Xu for a long time and I already know what kind of human you are. But there are some new brothers who just dont know. Its nothing, after a while, they will naturally come to believe in you.”

“Alright, I dont care if you believe in me or not, its all good as long as they worked properly.” Xu Yi looked around and noticed chairman Cruise talking to manager Riley in a low voice about something. He lowered his voice and said to chief Siluka with a serious face, “Recently the demand for cement has increased, so I hope that you can talk to chief Monto about building another cement factory to increase the output. Als I need to remind you to keep this secret and you mustnt let anyone steal the recipe for cement.”

Chief Siluke was a bit confused. Although Xu Yi had warned him about keeping the matter of the cement a secret, why was he so careful about it

This time it was Xu Yis turn to reveal an awkward smile.

“This…..Theres no other way, its because I…...dont have any money.”-

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