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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 19

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Not far into the northwest corner of Banta City, there was a small road that led into a lush, green forest. About two kilometers into that path, there was a manor occupying an extremely large piece of land.

This manor was also completely green, with all manners of plants and flowers. There were only ten rooms inside of the manor, but they didnt look messy at all, rather it was all neatly designed.

There was the sound of a bird crying from time to time, making the manor seem even more calming and peaceful.

There was a little mountain to the west of the manor, with a clear mountain spring flowing off the mountain. There was a cool mist that filled the manor while also collecting a pool at the foot of the mountain.

The water was clear as it kept flowing down, naturally creating even more cool mist.

There was a little wood cabin beside the spring and Viscount Leslie was currently at the cabin looking at the spring. He took off his shoes and dipped his calves into the spring. Feeling the cool sensation brought by the spring water, he let out moans of comfort from time to time.

Other than this, there was a Magic Fan that kept turning beside him.

With the cool breeze of the Magic Fan, it kept blowing his scattered hair around.

After closing his eyes to enjoy it for a while, Viscount Leslie suddenly shook his head, “This thing isnt good, it cant compare to the Frost Array.”

Butler Brunei who had been standing on the side the entire time bowed and responded, “Yes, Lord Viscount. There isnt a single noble family that has bought a Magic Fan in Banta City, everyone feels it is something for the commoners. I suggest you do not continue using it, otherwise rumours will spread.”

“Oh Those idiots are thinking this” Viscount Leslie looked over at Butler Brunei with a smile of ridicule on his face.

Seeing Viscount Leslies sluggish smile, Butler Brunei gave a sigh deep down.

The Lord Viscount had just turned thirty and was in the prime of his life. Adding in his charm and his proper manners, there were many noble ladies in Banta City that welcomed him, but he still chose not to get married. It made the old Count in Anvilmar worry about this for a long time.

“Lord Viscount, what do you mean” Butler Brunei of course wouldnt reveal what he was thinking and instead responded right on time.

“What You dont understand” Viscount Leslie pointed at the Magic Fan, “Although this things effect cant compare to the Frost Array, you shouldnt forget that the cost of this thing is far beneath the Frost Array. Those normal families in Banta City cant put down a Frost Array, but that doesnt mean they cant buy this Magic Fan. They can get a cool breeze for themselves for just two gold coins, what is unacceptable about that”

Butler Brunei gave a slight nod, “That is indeed true. During this time, the Magic Fan has sold very well in Banta City, there are even many people in the villages outside the city who are buying it.”

“Brunei, how much do you think it costs to make this thing” Viscount Leslie suddenly asked.

Brunei didnt hesitate at all and immediately responded, “With a general estimate, a single Magic Fan shouldnt cost more than one gold coin to make.”

“He, he, a cost less than one gold coin and selling it for two gold coins. This also means that each time he sells one, that fellow Xu Yi will earn a gold coin. Then do you know how many he has sold so far”

“This…...Im not certain. But I estimate it to be over two thousand” Butler Brunei said in an uncertain voice.

“Then lets consider it two thousand, which is two thousand gold coins. This fellow used only a single month to earn two thousand gold coins, he really is quite skilled.” Viscount Leslie had a trace of praise in his voice.

Butler Brunei was a bit curious as he asked with knitted brows, “Lord Viscount, although I admit that he does have some skills, this is only an exception. The Magic Fan can only sell during the summer, at most he can sell it for three months each year. Then again, each family wouldnt need that much. When he has sold to every family that needs one, he wont be able to make anymore gold coins.”

“Brunei, you are old in the end.” Viscount Leslie shook his head with a sigh, “You dont understand, even if there is no one in Banta City to sell this to, he can sell this thing to other cities or even other countries. The Sines Continent is this big, there are countless people who want to buy this Magic Fan. As long as he can transport this thing to other places, he will definitely be able to sell it. I can even confidently say that this fellow had this idea from the beginning, otherwise would he suddenly rent a hectare of land from me If he wanted to keep his current scale, he wouldnt need that big of a place, he could just find a small workshop in Banta City.”

Butler Brunei said in an astonished voice, “He actually had such large ambitions”

“He, he, having ambition is good. Otherwise, do you think I would discuss a small merchant with you” Viscount Leslie said with a faint smile, “Actually what made me take note was when a group of people surrounded his store last time.”

“Oh, I was also surprised by this matter. I thought it would be a big problem, but I never thought they would take care of it that easily. In the end, those people were very happy when they returned.” Butler Bruneis tone couldnt help containing a trace of admiration, “Ive seen that Heinz before, he isnt that great of a person. So everything that happened should be because of Xu Yi.”

“Just this isnt considered much, but what I took note of was what he mentioned…..Thats right, brand! Brunei, do you understand what this means”

Butler Brunei shook his head in a daze.

“Honestly I dont understand either, but I feel this thing is definitely very important. The other merchants in Banta City still dont understand what this thing means, but I believe they will definitely understand in the future.” Viscount Leslies tone was strangely certain, it seemed like he believed in his conclusion very much.

Butler Brunei knit his brows while thinking about it and he couldnt help but ask, “Lord Viscount, what are you thinking about, saying all of this No matter what that Xu Yi wants to do, it shouldnt be that related to you, right Although he has given you a 10% share, according to my estimates, it can only bring several hundred gold coins each year. You dont need to care that much, right”

Viscount Leslie laughed, “Brunei, I can you old and you still dont understand. Go, take a trip for me and send an invitation to Xu Yi. Say that Im inviting him here as a guest.”

Butler Bruneis eyes popped wide open in shock.

Did he hear wrong The Lord Viscount who never liked guests bothering him was actually personally inviting someone as a guest


Xu Yi wasnt feeling honoured at all right now. After testing the capping machine and the thread rolling machine over a hundred times at Master Lanus place, he gave Master Lanus a bunch of adjustment suggestions.

He received many complaints from Master Lanus at the same time, but he also received the good news that it would be finished in three days.

This process exhausted Xu Yis mind and body. When he dragged himself back to his little hut, he directly collapsed on his bed and fell asleep.

He didnt know how long he was asleep, but when Xu Yi woke up, there was the fragrant smell of meat cooking that assaulted his nose.

Piquing his ears, he could hear sounds coming from the kitchen.

It was actually a girls voice!

Xu Yi was shocked. Could it be that when he was sleeping, someone snuck in

Standing up, Xu Yi looked over at the kitchen. He saw one small and one large figure with their backs to him, currently working in front of the stove.

Whether it was the large or small figure, both of them were familiar.

“Still, why are you here” Xu Yi asked in a daze.

Still who was stirring with her spatula turned around in surprise before giving Xu Yi a smile, “Youre awake. Go wash your face first and prepare to eat.”

Xu Yi looked at her with a strange gaze before looking at the little slave beside Still and he couldnt help revealing a frown.

“Hey, your injuries arent cured yet, why did you come out”

The little slave had been at Xu Yis place were several days now, but they still acted very timidly. Their neck shrank back and lowered their head to leave the kitchen, heading for the room Xu Yi prepared for them.

“Xu Yi, what are you so fierce with her for I called her out to help.” Seeing Xu Yi chasing off her little helper, Still couldnt help speaking in a dissatisfied voice.

“Dont you see his wounds, youre actually having him help Itll be troublesome if his wounds open again.”

“Relax, Ive looked over her body, its already pretty much healed. It wont hinder her at all.” Still had already finished cooking this dish. She used her mouth to signal to Xu Yi to bring the soup and dish to the side over.

After putting down the tableware, Still asked Xu Yi in a small voice, “Hey, Xu Yi, what is with this little girl”

“Little girl Who” Xu Yi asked back in a stunned voice.

“Of course I mean her.” Still pointed at the little room the little slave was in.

“Oh, I bought a little slave. This matter is very troublesome to explain, Ill tell you later…...Wait a minute, you said little girl” Xu Yis eyes suddenly opened wide.

“Thats right What” Seeing Xu Yi surprised expression, Still was also stunned.

“He isnt a boy” Xu Yi asked in a shocked voice.

“What boy Shes clearly a little girl, alright! Is there a problem with your eyes” Still reprimanded him without any courtesy.

Xu Yi was stunned.

The first time he saw the little slave, she was being beaten to death by three large men with leather whips, causing Xu Yi to unconsciously deem her as a little boy. This was because he didnt believe that there would be people who were this ruthless to a little girl in this world.

After he bought her from Butler Brunei, because she had been injured, she had been wrapped up in gauze the entire time. Moreover, Xu Yi didnt have much contact with her, so naturally he didnt pay attention to this matter.

He never thought that the little boy he thought she was was actually a little girl!-

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