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“Why not” Xu Yi looked at Seveni in surprise and asked with a frown, “Your highness, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is a proper company, isnt it normal to go to the capital to open a factory Why isnt it good”

Seveni shook her head slightly, “It isnt that it isnt good, its more that it isnt the right time yet.”

“Not the right time yet” Xu Yi knit his brows even more, “Your highness, I dont understand what you mean. From my angle, the development of our Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines is very limited in Banta City, so we should be focusing on developing, so why is it not the right time”

“Im not saying in terms of business, rather its another wrong time.” Seveni took a deep look at Xu Yi and honestly said, “Xu Yi, believe me. After personally seeing the changes brought by your agricultural magic machines, I believe more than anyone that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can become bigger. So I ask you to believe me, the advice or the warnings that Im giving you, they are all beneficial to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Seeing Sevenis honest expression, Xu Yi considered it before giving a slight nod.

“Alright, Ill believe you.”

Hearing Xu Yi suddenly change his address to “you”, Seveni revealed a smile. She took a deep breath and calmed her mind before saying, “Good, then Ill discuss serious business. Royal father has already looked through the kingdom public road connection plan you mentioned and he supports this very much. Moreover, Count Sean has already reported the details of the road you built before, which royal father has paid attention to before. Now that he has seen your plan, he is very happy. He said that you not only care about your company, you are also thinking about the Lampuri Kingdom. Only…..”

“Only the kingdom finances cant take out the money” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Seveni couldnt help revealing a smile, “Thats right. You should be clear on the situation of the kingdoms finances, so we indeed cant take out the money needed for your public road plan. As for what you proposed……”

When she said this, Sevenis smile disappeared and her brows knit deeper.

“This…...toll stations, royal father doesnt agree to it. He said that since we are making public roads, it is consideration for the kingdoms citizens,, so why should we set up toll stations and make the people who take these roads pay for it This method is simply exploiting the people of the kingdom.”

“Exploiting” Xu Yi laughed, “Your highness, for his majestys care about his subjects, I deeply respect and appreciate it. But I have to say that his majestys understanding of the public road is very shallow. The toll stations isnt exploiting the citizens, rather, it is an excellent policy that will increase the level of living for the kingdoms people.”

“I know that youre not a merchant that is greedy for money, you must have a reason for proposing this.” Sevenis expression relaxed and she calmly looked at Xu Yi, “Although Im also very much against opening these toll stations, Im willing to listen to your thoughts.”

“Your highness really is quite open.” Xu Yi said with a nod, “If we want to talk about this matter, then it will take a long time. So I will simply ask you a few questions. First, your highness, is it very beneficial to the kingdom to connect the kingdom by building these roads”

“Yes. Although I cant understand the situation you described in the plan right now, I am certain that these public roads will bring many benefits to public transport in the kingdom.”

“The second question, the kingdoms finances cant take out this much money to build the roads, right”


“The third question, can you have companies take out money to fix the roads”

“This……” Seveni hesitated a bit, “We can, but the roads must be strictly supervised by the kingdom as its being constructed and it needs to be turned over to kingdom officials after it is finished.”

“Look, the problem right now is very simple. Since the kingdom needs these public roads to improve the traffic situation and the kingdoms finances doesnt have the money, then looking for normal companies to help pay for building the roads is a very normal choice. As for establishing the toll stations and charging a set fee, this is also compensation to the companies. To put it simply, its the kingdoms finances temporarily borrowing from the companies and using future income to repay them. Your highness, why do you and his majesty think that this plan isnt good”

Seveni fell silent and considered it for a bit before saying with difficulty, “Royal father and I not approving of this method is mainly because…...to charge a fee to the citizens, this……”

“Its bad for your reputation” Xu Yi directly pointed out her thoughts.

Seveni nodded with an awkward expression.

“Its very simple, itll be publicly announced when this road is being built that this road is built by a company. Its not said now, but after the toll stations are added, you just need to tell everyone that they were added by the companies and unrelated to you all. To put it simply, take his majesty and the royal family out of the discussion and let the company that builds the road to take the infamy. I think like this, it wont affect the fame of his majesty and the royal family.”

Seveni was stunned. She looked at Xu Yi and asked in a serious voice, “Chairman Xu, are you shaming me and royal father Our Lampuri Royal Family, how could there be anyone who wont take responsibility!”

Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “Your highness, you dont need to be this serious. To many companies, its fine as long as they make money, they dont care about their fame at all. Like our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a complicated expression on her face. It was praise, guild, admiration, and even a bit of fanaticism, before she finally gave a sigh, “Chairman Xu, when you proposed this plan, did you already think of this”

“Pretty much.” Xu Yi looked at the expression on Sevenis face and couldnt help saying with a smile, “Your highness, you mustnt think that Ill suffer a loss from this matter. In the long term, me and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will benefit far more than you can imagine from this.”

“I hope so.” Seveni said with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, Ive always looked down on merchants who have their heads filled with gold coins, but I have to admit that you have abilities that I dont have. And now, not only do I admire your abilities, I also seriously hope that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can become bigger, or rather you can become more rich.”

“Many thanks for your highness blessing, we definitely will.”

For Sevenis sudden trip this time, the matter of building roads was secondary whereas the main topic was the production magic machine for the weapons and armours that Cambys dwarves were developing.

After close to two months of research, Cambys dwarves had finally developed three Magic Punch Presses specially used for making armours.

Seeing the iron sheets being used by the Magic Punch Presses and easily being molded into different shapes before being made into simple armour after some simple cutting, Seveni couldnt stop her eyes from opening wide.

In Anvilmar City, she had visited a blacksmith to watch a set of armour being made.

Even if it was the most simple form of armour, a blacksmith would start by first refining the iron before finally creating a complete set of armour. In total it would take up to a whole day to finish.

Sometimes there would be problems that occurred and it would take more than a day to finish.

Now in front of Seveni, these Magic Punch Presses used less than an hour to finish casting a set of armour. Then after ten minutes of assembling from Camby, it became a complete set of armour.

And with the introduction from Xu Yi, Seveni understood that these Magic Punch Presses were going slower than normal.

If they went at full speed, with the efficiency of these Magic Punch Presses, they could make fifty sets of armour in just a single hour.

Even if they only worked eight hours a day, they could produce four hundred sets of armour!

“Chairman Xu, what is the cost of this set of armour” Seveni asked the most important question for her.

“Cost” Xu Yi looked at the finished set of armour in Cambys hands and said with a shrug, “Other than the material cost of the armour, theres also a bit needed for the people who operate the machines. As for the other costs…...right, its just a bit of Magic Crystals.”

Sevenis eyes lit up, “Then doesnt that mean there is almost no cost”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “If it is compared to a blacksmith, it can be said like that.” Seeing Sevenis look of disbelief, Xu Yi added, “Dont be surprised, your highness, this is the power of industry. Didnt you experience it with the agricultural magic machines from before”

“The power of industry” Seveni looked at the armour in Cambys hands and couldnt help sinking into deep thought.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could mass produce these Magic Punch Presses, then the speed of producing armour and weapons would be greatly increased while the cost would be greatly reduced.

Like this, the kingdoms soldiers wouldnt need to worry about not having weapons and armours and the battle strength of the royal army would be greatly increased.

As long as the Lampuri Kingdom had enough military might, although they wouldnt have the guts to compare to the two colossi of the Candra and Marlow Empires, they could at least protect themselves from the surrounding countries.

As long as the Lampuri Kingdom was safe, the kingdom could peacefully develop. It would mean that royal fathers care and dedication wouldnt be wasted.

Thinking of the kingdoms development, Sevenis eyes couldnt help falling onto the face of Xu Yi who was talking to Camby.

Coming to Banta City this time, Seveni found that another large change had occurred in Banta City.

Everyone in Banta City seemed busy like everyone had many things to do. The entire city was filled with positivity and life, which was different from the depressing aura it normally had from being so remote.

When she went to the Sandton Manor where the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factory was, she found that the surrounding area had become a giant work site. Around Sandton Manor, there were many large and small workshops that kept letting out the sounds of machines turning.

Everyone on the roads seemed very busy, but their faces were covered in happy smiles.

What was it that changed the people and the city

Seveni kept thinking about this question, but hearing what Xu Yi said, she understood.

Yes, it was like Xu Yi had said, it was the power of industry that changed the people of Banta City and Banta City itself.

From the places that Seveni had seen, the power of industry had also changed Karma City, Saltan City, Canberra City, and Norton City.

In the near future, the power of industry will definitely change Cramer City, Anvilmar City, and finally the entire Lampuri Kingdom.

When this power developed in the Lampuri Kingdom, Seveni believe that the Lampuri Kingdom of that time will shock the entire continent!-

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