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Seveni stayed in Banta City for two days this time before heading back to Anvilmar City.

Other than signing the order for the fifty thousand agricultural magic machines with Xu Yi and discussing details, she spent most of her time in the City Lords Manor and it was unknown what she was discussing with Count Sean.

Only when she left, she sent people to send several large boxes to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi opened them to find that these boxes contained bright armour and weapons commonly used by the army.

The meaning of this was very clear and Xu Yi immediately understood. He immediately threw these boxes to the dwarves led by Camby, having them study them, while he put all his effort into studying another magic machine.

It entered June and the weather began to warm up bit by bit.

But this time, the people of Banta City were surprised to find that the different brands of Magic Fans that could be seen on every street of Banta City had completely disappeared.

Everyone found it strange. There were many different brands of Magic Fans and the price was dropping, almost falling under the one gold coin mark, so why did they all suddenly disappear

The weather was gradually getting hotter and when families were planning to buy Magic Fans, these fellows had all disappeared before they even earned anything. Where did they all go

The doubts of everyone didnt last long because after two days, the Frestech Brand Magic Fan that everyone had looked forward to had finally come out!

Although the Frestech Brand was still at the same price of two gold coins, making everyone ask questions, feeling that the Frestech Brand Magic Fan should decrease their price to one gold coin and fifty silver coins, since every other brand had done the same.

But when Xu Yi took out a Frestech Brand Magic Fan in front of everyone at the product announcement, everyone had shut their mouths and were dumbfounded.

Unexpected to everyone, other than the new generation Magic Fan having a different wooden base, being completely made of iron, and being covered in the same Silver Leaf Alloy as the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and the Magic Bread Maker, there was an important part made of a material that they had never heard of before, plastic.

Hearing Xu Yi say the word “plastic”, everyone was confused since they knew nothing about this new material.

When everyone saw Xu Yi perform some tests with this new generation Magic Fan, they found that this Magic Fan made of this new material was weaker than the Magic Fan made of iron, it would break if one used a bit of strength. However, it had a clear advantage which was that it was lighter.

Although the Frestech Brand Magic Fan used a wooden base which reduced the weight by a bit, a Magic Fan still weighed around three to four kilograms. For a small thing like this, it was clearly very heavy.

But the new generation Magic Fan that was made from the new plastic material, the weight was only around two kilograms, allowing one to easily hold one in ones hand. Just based on this, it was greatly superior to the previous Magic Fan.

Other than this, the new generation Magic Fans design was countless times better.

With the silver Silver Leaf Alloy and the light green plastic coming together, the entire Magic Fan looked very slick. It was much better looking than the Magic Fan made of pure iron from before.

The reporters that came to this product announcement saw the Magic Fan and couldnt help shouting “work of art” in their hearts.

There was no need to say it, the design of this Magic Fan came from the hands of the beautiful elf, young miss Agnes.

Just based on this, it would be fine even if this Magic Fan didnt decrease in price, it was even fine if it increased.

Now to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce held an exchange event that made everyones eyes light up.

According to Xu Yi, this exchange event idea was to have everyone bring in their old Magic Fans to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They would use their old fans to pay for a part of the price and they would receive a new generation Magic Fan from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If the old Magic Fan was in good shape, then that old Magic Fan could reduce the price by half a gold coin. If it was a Magic Fan from another brand, it could reduce the price by thirty silver coins.

Last year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sold a total of twenty units of first generation and second generation Magic Fans in Banta City alone.

According to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces sales strategy, those Magic Fans had service guarantees for three years after sale and adding in the quality of the Magic Fans, it wasnt likely for something to happen to them. After a year, most of the Frestech Brand Magic Fans could still be used.

In a normal situation, the families that had already purchased a Frestech Brand Magic Fan wouldnt consider buying a new Magic Fan since they could still use theirs.

But now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was holding this exchange event, they could use their old Frestech Brand Magic Fan to lower the price, so it would cost only around a gold coin to exchange for a new Frestech Brand Magic Fan that used this new material, looked countless times better, and had better performance. For many families, this was something that wasnt hard to accept.

Of course, to maintain the same explosive sales as last year in the Banta City market that was already saturated was something that was impossible.

Like the last two product announcements, this Frestech Chamber of Commerce product announcement proceeded like normal. It was that after the product announcement, there would be an explosive piece of news.

But it was different from the last two times. For this product announcement, Xu Yis explosive piece of news was at least a bit related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerce will soon by launching our small company support plan, supporting small companies who are interested in studying and making magic machines to enter the magic machine industry. The small companies that participate in this plan will receive equipment, funds, and personnel from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, helping the small company develop in this business and quickly grow.”

After Xu Yi said this, the product announcement sight filled with an uproar.

What was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce doing

The other companies were worried that there were too many competitors, they wanted to monopolize all the business in their industry, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was actually raising their own competitors.

Was Xu Yi crazy

“Chairman Xu, why is your company launching this small company support plan Is it related to the farmer support plan you launched before” The «Karma Times» vice editor in chief Rhine raised his hand to ask.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and took a step back, “This question, its better for me to leave it to the first company of this plan, the current chairman of the Ireland Chamber of Commerce, chairman Freeman to reply to.”

“Ireland Chamber of Commerce” Several reporters of the Banta City thought about it and confirmed that they had never heard of this company in Banta City before. They couldnt help curiously looking at Freeman who had walked out from behind Xu Yi.

After seeing Freemans face, everyone couldnt help calling out.

Rhine couldnt help knitting his brows.

Although he didnt believe that Xu Yi would play a joke in this kind of situation, no matter how he looked at Freeman, he looked like a normal peasant, how did he look like the chairman of a company

“Freeman…..Mister, let me ask you, what kind of company is your Ireland Chamber of Commerce” Rhine asked.

This was Freemans first time standing on a stage like this, so being watched by all these people, he was already incredibly nervous. Now that he heard Rhines question, he couldnt help breaking out in cold sweat.

He reached out to scratch his head as he turned back to Xu Yi, but seeing Xu Yi giving him an encouraging smile, he calmed his mind. He turned back to Rhine and hesitantly said, “Our…...Our…...Ireland Chamber of Commerce is a partnership formed by me and some people from Ireland Village. Right now we are producing…...mainly screw bolts.”

“Screw bolts Everyone was stunned.

Rhine hesitated a bit before asking, “May I ask, the Ireland name that your company is using, is it because you and your partners are villagers from Ireland Village”

“Yes…...Yes. Actually I participated in the Big Stomach King competition last year and after stealing the championship, I met chairman Xu……”

Freeman told everyone about what happened to him this year.

At first his words were rough and unclear, but after a while, the nervousness in his heart gradually disappeared and it became more smooth.

After hearing his experiences, everyone understood the origin of the Ireland Chamber of Commerce. They couldnt help sighing in their hearts, this Freemans luck really was good.

It was just participating in the Big Stomach King competition by coincidence, but he was recognized by Xu Yi because of this. This allowed him to participate in the farmer support plan and receive a small Magic Harvester.

Then this farmer from Ireland Village used this small Magic Harvester to earn a large amount. He then boldly made a request to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with his companions that they wanted to be involved in the production of magic machines.

What surprised everyone was that Xu Yi actually agreed to their request, even personally helping them choose the business of producing screw bolts which was most suited for them.

Then this small Ireland Chamber of Commerce had relied on this small screw bolt to actually become a small company with a bit of strength.

When Freeman said all this, Xu Yi came up to interrupt him, “Everyone, you mustnt look down on a small screw bot. I can tell everyone that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce no longer works on screw bolts. All the screw bolts used for magic machines are now being provided by the Ireland Chamber of Commerce. Just with this, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is paying over five thousand gold coins each month!”-

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