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Of course Xu Yi didnt have a choice.

If he rejected Count Seans request, then that would mean that Xu Yi would lose the support of Count Sean.

And even if Count Seans support wasnt important, the support of those who prompted him to make this kind of request to Xu Yi was very important.

Count Sean could say that it was for the benefit of the entire Lampuri Kingdom, which meant that this request didnt just come from Count Sean alone, making Xu Yi unable to reject it at all.

But by accepting Count Seans request, it meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be entering the arms industry that Xu Yi always resisted.

Although with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developing and people accepting the power of the magic machines, Xu Yi had already expected this day to come, so he had made preparations in his heart.

But no matter what, he never expected it to come this early.

The magic machines for normal people havent even been popularized in the Lampuri Kingdom and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was already getting into the arms industry.

Most of the advanced technology on earth was associated first to the military, before it was gradually used by citizens. Xu Yi suddenly found that perhaps this was the fate of the machine industry.

It was like this on earth and it wasnt an exception on the Sines Continent.

So after Xu Yi agreed to Count Sean, not long after, he adjusted his resistance mentality and began raising them.

But when he saw Seveni appear in front of him and discussing what kinds of weapons and armours are used by the army, Xu Yi couldnt adjust and felt a bit uncomfortable.

“Your highness queen, I thought that you focused on the citizens, but I never thought that you dabbled in the military as well. It really…..lets me feel a contrast.” Xu Yi looked at Sevenis gentle face as he spoke.

“Contrast Why” Seveni looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

“Because I feel that…...for a beautiful girl like you, its more suited to care about the lives of the citizens. But if you were to be related to the ice cold weapons, it is a bit strange.” Xu Yi honestly said.

“You think that Im beautiful” Seveni saw Xu Yi nod and revealed a faint smile as she said, “Many thanks for your praise. Indeed, compared to ice cold things like weapons and cruel military matters, I rather like care more about peoples lives. But theres no other choice, since you call me your highness queen, I have no way of avoiding these things.”

“You want to take the throne” Xu Yi couldnt help asking.

After asking this, he found that asking this was a bit too rash.

This kind of question, how could he be worthy of asking this.

It was a good thing that Seveni only looked at Xu Yi in surprise. She didnt look angry as she tilted her head to think before asking Xu Yi, “If you want the truth, I havent thought about it. Of course, no one would believe this.”

“I believe it.” Xu Yi quickly said, “Because I feel that youre really not suited to being a queen.”

“Is if because Im not worthy” Seveni asked back.

“No, its not that youre not worthy, rather youre not suited.” Xu Yi sincerely said, “Although I havent had much contact with you, I feel that youre a very calm and kind girl, this kind of disposition isnt suited to being a queen. Actually, Im a bit confused about how your highness developed this kind of personality growing up in the royal family.”

“This is your misconception.” Seveni shook her head, “As the queen, how could I possibly have the personality you speak of Alright, lets stop this nonsense and talk about business.”

Seveni clapped and took out a sheet of paper which she spread on the table in front of them.

“Do you see this This is the current armour being used by the imperial guards. You should be able to understand the measurements written on this.”

Xu Yi looked it over and nodded, “I can understand, but it isnt enough with just this design. Its best if you give me a real set of armour.”

“Thats no problem, I will have someone send over several sets of armour with different specifications over.” Seveni nodded. She looked at Xu Yi carefully looking over the blueprint and said, “How about it Do you have confidence”

Xu Yi looked over it again before standing up and revealing a confident smile, “Your highness, did you forget how I replied last time you asked this question”

Seveni was a bit surprised. She thought about when Xu Yi wanted to develop those Magic Punch Presses, she had asked this question to Xu Yi.

Back then Xu Yis response was, of course!

“Then thats good.” Although Sevenis smile wasnt as bright as Stills, it was still as warm as the winter sun, “I hope that chairman Xu can live up to your word. I can tell you ahead of time that if you finish this cooperation with the royal army, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will become an important partner of the royal army, being able to receive support from the royal family in terms of military.”

“The specific benefits” Xu Yi asked.

“I dont know for now. But at least your Frestech Chamber of Commerce wont be swept out again by Baron Belil like this time.” Sevenis smile had a bit of teasing in it.

Xu Yi couldnt help giving a snort, “Your highness queen, youre wrong about that. Its fine if it is inconvenient for you and his majesty to act, but our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is an important partner of the agricultural department, so for the agricultural department to do nothing this time, I really am disappointed.”

“The agricultural department cant do anything.” Seveni helplessly said, “The Stagg Family is the noble family with the most territory in the kingdom, so close to half the grain taxed each year comes from the Stagg Family. Do you think that the agricultural department will go against the Stagg Family for you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “That isnt right. Although the Stagg Family are the nobles with the most territory in the kingdom, it cant compare to the royal family, right Why is it that the Stagg Family has close to half the taxed grains”

“This is because the territory of the royal family is land that belongs to the kingdom, its different from the territories of nobles. The Stagg Family can depend on their labour force to open up farmlands and increase their productivity, while harvesting large amounts of grains, but it is different for the royal family. This is because first, we dont have a way to recruit that many people to open up more farmland.”

Seveni said this before looking at Xu Yi with a gaze of deep meaning, “Now do you know why royal father places such importance on your Frestech Chamber of Commerces agricultural magic machines”

Xu Yi understood before looking at Seveni and complaining.

“Your highness, since our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is this important, you and his majesty should have come out for us. Otherwise we will be too disappointed.”

Seveni gave a helpless bitter smile, “Theres no other way, royal father has his difficulties. And as for me…..Right now I really am helpless. Other than that, in our royal family…..there are different voices.”

Xu Yi looked at the exhausted looking Seveni and couldnt help shaking his head, “So I say that not a normal person can sit on the throne. Alright, your highness, I was just casually complaining, you dont need to put it in your heart. As for the magic machines this time, I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to agree. Give us some time and we should be able to develop them.”

“Alright, then I represent royal father in thanking you.” Seveni gave the bow of a noble woman, which scared Xu Yi.

This was her first time giving Xu Yi such a serious bow, so it could be seen how much importance she attached to this project.

After sending Seveni off, Xu Yi looked at the blueprint on the table. He rolled it up and thought about it before giving up the idea of putting it in the office, while putting it into his chest.

Although there was a new office in the Sandton Manor where normally if someone didnt have Xu Yis approval, they couldnt just charge it, this was a matter that had to be kept secret. So unless there was a need, Xu Yi didnt want to easily reveal this matter.

After making some calculations in the office, Xu Yi opened the door and left. He took a breath of the fresh air outside and he felt his muddled mind clearing up.

If it wasnt for the faint machine sounds in the manor, this manor Viscount Sandton had left behind was a well decorated place.

Looking around at the two large factories, Xu Yi revealed a smile. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was on a new beginning.

After a week of work, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factory had finally been moved from the Stagg Familys territory.

Of course, the only thing that was moved were the machines inside the factory. As for the factory, there was no way to move it.

As for the four large and small factories left on the land, Baron Belil was even shameless enough to ask for compensation from Xu Yi.

This is because he felt it wasnt acceptable that these were factories left by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which required him to spend time and money to demolish. So he requested compensation from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to demolish them.

For his shameless and unreasonable request, Xu Yi of course didnt agree.

Baron Belil kept pestering and even threatened Xu Yi, but Count Sean who had received the news directly reprimanded him and forced him to give up.

Thinking of how Count Sean was indecisive when Baron Belil drove the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from his territory and now showed his support, not even hesitating to reprimand Baron Belil, Xu Yi understood that it was definitely because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was stepping into the arms business.

And this was one of the main reasons why Xu Yi decided to let the Frestech Chamber of Commerce step into the arms business.

To establish a real magic industry empire on the continent, the arms business was not something he could avoid.

When thinking about what to do, Xu Yi suddenly had an idea. His brows slightly jumped up as he called into the air, “Agnes, come out.”-

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