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As they entered the middle of May, the weather began to gradually become warmer.

On the streets of Banta City, there were many young girls who had changed into shorter skirts, boldly showing their slender white legs on the streets.

There were even some bolder girls who had changed into short sleeves which they only wore on burning summer days, revealing their slender arms and white chests. It was like there was a bright sun above them, as many young men and men who werent young anymore felt dizzy.

It was like they were reacting to these bold girls and the heat that in the large and small stores of Banta City, they did what they should do.

Walking in the large streets and small alleys of Banta City, one could see one or many Magic Fans on the counters of many shops. They were turning without stop, not caring if the fan cooled people or even made them feel cold.

If one looked more closely, they would be surprised to find that for the Magic Fans of certain shops, not a single one of them had the Frestech Chamber of Commerce logo, rather there were different logos on it.

This meant that these Magic Fans didnt all come from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

To the current Banta City, this was simply something unimaginable.

Although it had only been two months short of a year since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been established, in this short period of time, everyone in Banta City had some recognition of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines. As long as magic machines were mentioned, they would immediately think of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Not to mention that the Magic Fan was the first magic machine from Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. To the people of Banta City, this was something that had subverted the views of many people, so naturally it left a deep impression on them.

But when the weather became hotter, there were many different kinds of Magic Fans, but not a single one of them was the Frestech Brand. This really confused everyone.

Could it be…..The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was giving up on producing Magic Fans

“Of course not.” Seeing a group of peoples doubtful gazes, Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “The Magic Fan market is far from being saturated and I can earn quite a bit of money on this thing, so why would I give it up”

“Then sir chairman, why is our company not producing Magic Fans” Of the young magicians in the research facility, if one was to rank them in terms of liveliness, then Akali would be the winner. But if they were judged by how straightforward their words were, one could be certain that it was Bella who won without even thinking about it, “Look at all those Magic Fans outside in those shops, if we dont seize the chance, everyone will buy those Magic Fans and we wont be able to sell our Magic Fans.”

“Thats right, I went out to take a look and although the performance of the Magic Fans from other companies cant compare to our Frestech Brand, it isnt that lacking. Moreover, there are many different designs for those Magic Fans, so one can casually choose.” Akali also said with a worried face, “The most important thing is that theyre cheaper! I asked about some Iron Mountain Brand Magic Fan and it was only being sold for sixty silver coins. It was a full forty silver coins lower than our Frestech Brand Magic Fan!”

“Un, I also asked around and those other brand Magic Fans are all around fifty silver coins. Its quite a bit lower than our Frestech Brand Magic Fan, so even if the quality isnt as good, I feel that many people will buy the cheaper ones.” Claire also added.

“Looking for cheap profits” Xu Yi revealed a smile and thought that it was indeed this problem.

Whether it was earth or the Sines Continent, there were always people looking for cheap profits.

The companies of the Business Union who received the Magic Fan technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the reason why they put the price of the Magic Fan so low was indeed to fight a price war with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They wanted to use their low prices to steal the market from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Right now, the effects were quite good.

Although there were many people who bought another brands Magic Fan because of the low price, most people in Banta City were still waiting for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Fan.

After close to a year of influence, at least in Banta City, people had a high recognition of the Frestech Brand.

If it was the same magic machine, when people wanted to buy something, they would always think of the Frestech Brand first.

This was very clear in terms of the Magic Fans. The reason was because of the incidents in Saltan City last year.

Although there werent as many newspapers as before that could spread this news very quickly, because of how big this matter was, it also spread to the surrounding cities of Saltan City.

Because Banta City was the origin of Magic Fans, naturally people cared more.

After they learned of these incidents, everyone compared the Magic Fans the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made. They found that Frestech Brand Magic Fans were of much higher quality than the Leo Chamber of Commerces Magic Fans.

Not mentioning anything else, there hadnt been a single accident with the Frestech Brand Magic Fan. Just based on this, it was enough to instantly kill the Leo Chamber of Commerces Magic Fan.

It was also because of this that peoples recognition of the Frestech Brand Magic Fan increased several times. Even though the other brands in Banta City were much cheaper than the Frestech Brand Magic Fans and their quality wasnt that much different, their sales were still pitiful.

“Relax, no one is an idiot. Before seeing our Frestech Brand Magic Fan and before comparing them, there wont be that many people who will choose the other brands Magic Fans.” Xu Yi confidently said, “And when they see our Frestech Brand Magic Fan, I dare to guarantee that they will definitely pick ours!”

Everyone looked at each other as they thought that sir chairman seemed quite confident.

But they were members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility, so they were very clear on the progress of development for Frestech Chamber of Commerces products.

As for the development chart that Xu Yi gave them, for research on the newest Frestech Brand Magic Fan, they hadnt started at all.

“Sir chairman, when are we researching the Magic Fans Can you give us a general time We also need to prepare ourselves.” Bella couldnt help saying.

The others also nodded.

“Research” Unexpected to everyone, when Xu Yi heard this question, he revealed a surprised expression. After looking surprised for a bit, he said with a smile, “I think youve misunderstood something. Although your guesses arent wrong that the new generation of Magic Fans are being researched, it isnt related to Magic Array research at all. The main problem this time is in terms of structure and material, so the dwarves led by Camby and the material research facility will take care of this. Thats right, the design is also important, so there will be quite a bit of work for the design department during this time.”

Akali gave an oh sound before nodding, “No wonder I havent seen Agnes following you lately, so she has been designing a new model.”

Hearing the name “Agnes”, everyone focused their attention.

Although Agnes under Xu Yis request recently hadnt been hiding herself from the members of the company, so everyone had been gradually getting used to the elf and didnt make a big deal over it.

To humans, elves were still a rare thing. Not to mention that Agnes was that beautiful, so people still wished to see her very much.

“Un, Vivian has also been busy during this time. I wanted to take her out with Still to buy her some new summer clothes, but she rejected me because she was busy with work.” Xu Yi gave a shrug and helplessly said, “I really didnt see it then, could it be that she and Agnes are workaholics I clearly said that theres no rush with the design and she didnt need to be anxious, but the two of them said that the design had to be perfect, so theyve been going crazy every day and discussing the design whenever they have free time.”

Akali laughed, “Sir chairman, you dont understand this They just want to prove themselves to you, that means that you have quite the position in their minds. How about it, are you happy”

Xu Yi looked at her, “Stop speaking nonsense. Vivian is fine, but what does Agnes have to prove in front of me”

Akali pursed her lips into a smile and didnt keep speaking.

Xu Yi was too lazy to care about her, as he looked at the door and asked, “Wheres Evita You called me over and said that you had something that would shock me, so didnt she go prepare it Why isnt she out yet”

Akali rolled her eyes, “Just wait.” Then she ran off.

After a while, Akali ran out and said with a mysterious look, “Its been prepared.”

Xu Yi looked around in a confused manner, “Its ready Where”

Akali and everyone around revealed a smile, as they ran to their position by a window. Then Cecelia suddenly gave a snap.


The room fell into darkness as everyone pulled down their curtains, blocking out the sun.

“Hey, what are you doing……”

Xu Yi asked this when there was a white light that appeared above him, instantly lighting up the room.

“Whats going on What are you playing this game for” Xu Yi looked at the special made Magic Lamp hanging on the ceiling and was even more confused, “Could it be it is someones birthday that youre doing all of this……”

Xu Yi suddenly paused and after a slight daze, he said with an excited look, “No! None of you had touched the light at all. Could it be…...Could it be…...Could it be that youve solved the long distance magic transmission problem”-

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