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“Lord Baron, Xu Yi has left the City Lords Manor.” Butler Brunei respectfully reported this to Baron Belil Stagg.

“Un.” Baron Belil gave a slight nod to show he heard.

If Xu Yi saw the current Baron Belil, he would definitely be very surprised.

The current Baron Belil was sitting up straight with a calm look on his face along with a confident smile. It wasnt like that careless appearance Xu Yi had saw, it was like he was a completely different person.

After elegantly sipping his tea, Baron Belil thought for a bit before saying to Butler Brunei, “He should have been in the City Lords Manor for around half an hour It seems like his relationship with Lord Count Sean is pretty good.”

Butler Brunei nodded, “Yes. Count Sean greatly favours the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, openly showing his support for Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If it wasnt like this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt have developed to this degree in Banta City.”

“I think that for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce develops this quickly, my beloved big brother Leslie should have played a large role.” Baron Belil said with a faint smile.

Hearing Baron Belil mention his previous master, Butler Brunei lowered his head and said nothing.

Baron Belil looked at him and revealed a faint smile, “Butler Brunei, big brother Leslie had you stay here because he wanted you to watch over Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for him, right”

Butler Brunei hesitated a bit before seriously replying, “The Lord Viscount never said anything like that. He just felt that since I knew the situation well, it would make it easier for whoever the family sent to take over.”

“Un, you have indeed helped me quite a bit during this time. If you werent big brother Leslies subordinate, I really would want to keep you.” Baron Belil praised Butler Brunei before changing the topic, “But Butler Brunei, because of your attitude towards Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I cant actually keep you here. If you accidentally make a mistake because of your thoughts, it may not just be bad luck and could also implicate me or even our entire family.”

Butler Brunei looked at Baron Belil in surprise, “Lord Baron, this…..isnt it too exaggerated I am just a small butler, how could my attitude have any effect”

“Although you are just a small butler, if you stay here, you will represent my big brother Leslie. Big brother Leslie is the eldest son of our Stagg Family and the only successor of the Lord Due, so his attitude will represent our Stagg Familys attitude. So based on this relation, your attitude to many people can be represented as our Stagg Familys attitude.”

Butler Brunei knit his brows, “That means…..The Lord Baron is worried that others will misunderstand through my attitude towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that the Stagg Family favours the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Thats right.”

“Then Im even more confused. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is a pretty decent company and Xu Yi is quite smart. If they are taken it, it would help the family very much, so why is Lord Baron doing this”

Baron Belil looked at Butler Brunei. Butler Brunei had served the Stagg Family since he was young and now he had served them for close to sixty years. He was normally very cautious person and didnt speak much, but now that he had asked this much for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it confirmed many questions in his heart. It showed that he indeed had a favourable impression of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or rather Xu Yi.

If his attitude represented Leslies attitude, it means that Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were worthy of this favour.

If it wasnt because of the familys choice, he might really try to win them over.

After thinking about it, Baron Belil answered, “The reason is very simple, its because Xu Yi is too close to her highness queen Seveni.”

Butler Brunei was stunned. His face changed and after considering it, he couldnt help lowering his voice and carefully asking, “The Lord Duke…...has made his decision”

Baron Belil sipped his tea and looked up at Butler Brunie before casually saying, “That is not something youre qualified to ask, you just need to do your own things.”

Butler Bruneis heart skipped a beat before he took a step back with his head down and didnt say another word.


The sun was still high in the sky when he left the City Lords Manor, it was currently noon. Xu Yi looked up at the sky before heading to the research facility to the south of the city.

He didnt choose to take the horse carriage before because he wanted to use the walk to gather his thoughts.

He didnt receive any accurate information from his meeting with Count Sean just now.

After all, in such a short amount of time, Count Sean couldnt receive any more information to give Xu Yi a more accurate judgement about Baron Belil.

Although he was very shocked that Baron Belil suddenly raised the rent to a hundred thousand and even cursed Baron Belil as crazy, Count Sean couldnt do much about this.

In the end, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factory was on the Stagg Familys land and it all depended on the Stagg Family.

Now that the Stagg Family had sent Baron Belil to control this land, then he made the decisions for this land and even the king couldnt question his decisions.

The only thing that could change the situation was the contract the two signed last year.

This contract was signed with Viscount Leslie, stipulating that the land was being rented for three years and it would be fifty gold coins each year.

But now Baron Belil cancelled that contract and arbitrarily raised the amount to a shocking hundred thousand gold coins, which was a serious violation of the contract.

The people of the Sines Continent cared very much about contracts. If Xu Yi was to reveal this, the Stagg Family would be blamed by countless people and Baron Belil would be cursed by everyone.

When Count Sean asked Xu Yi if he wanted to announce this matter, Xu Yi considered it before shaking his head.

The Stagg Family was one of the top families of the Lampuri Kingdom, having immense power and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was just a small company. If this matter was revealed, although it would make countless people blame the Stagg Family and even make Baron Belil take back this decision, allowing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce stay on the land as per the contract, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would surely offend the Stagg Family.

For the currently small and weak Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this was pretty much seeking death.

Xu Yi wasnt just some young kid in his twenties, he wouldnt choose this dumb decision just to vent some anger.

Based on the advice Viscount Leslie gave him before leaving and Count Seans analysis, the first thing Xu Yi needed to do was work hard on developing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce became stronger, there were many things that could be easily solved.

So after considering it, Xu Yi made the final decision on this matter…..He would leave that land and stop playing with him!

Baron Belil raised the hundred thousand gold coins a year rent simply to drive the Frestech Chamber of Commerce away because it was impossible for Xu Yi to agree to such an exaggerated increase.

Although right now, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce might make an annual revenue of over one million gold coins, to pay a hundred thousand gold coins for a trivial one hectare of land was something they couldnt accept.

Not to mention that Xu Yi felt this one hectare was already restricting the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development, so he contacted the king through Seveni to rent a large piece of land.

Now that Baron Belil wanted to chase him away, Xu Yi used this chance to start his plan ahead of time.

Although the timing would be a bit hasty, since Viscount Leslie told Xu Yi he would be leaving, Xu Yi had already expected this day and made a series of preparations, so he wouldnt be caught off guard.

When Xu Yi went to see Count Sean, other than to tell him Baron Belils unreasonable request, he mainly went to tell him his decision.

Towards Xu Yis decision, Count Sean was a bit surprised. He mentioned that he could negotiate with Baron Belil for Xu Yi and tried to keep Xu Yi here, but Xu Yi steeled his heart and turned down Count Seans help.

In the end, Count Sean could only helplessly agree to Xu Yis decision. He mentioned that he could provide Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce some help to make it easier for them to relocate.

After discussing everything with Count Sean, Xu Yi didnt waste time as he quickly prepared for the relocation.

Although the research facility in the city wouldnt be affected, as part of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he still had to inform them to have them prepare their hearts.

He was thinking about everything that needed to be done, as Xu Yi slowly walked forward. When he had a general plan of all the work in his mind, he was close to the alley the research facility was in.

Xu Yi stopped thinking and when he was about to go in, he saw a familiar figure standing in a corner out of the corner of his eye.

Looking over, he found that person was Rem.

After seeing this, Xu Yi knit his brows and became a bit doubtful.

Other than Rem, there was someone that Xu Yi didnt recognize.

What made Xu Yi suspicious was that Rem and this person didnt look normal, rather they were very close together, almost sticking to each other. They were trying to talk as softly as possible and they hid their expressions, as if they were doing something that couldnt be revealed.

Xu Yi was a bit curious. If this person was Rems friend, since it was the research facilitys lunch break, it was very normal for him to see this friend or go out for a meal. But based on their appearance, it really was suspicious.

Looking around and finding no way to approach them, Xu Yi gave up the thought of eavesdropping on them. He took a deep look at the stranger and after memorizing his appearance, he headed into the yard.-

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