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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 17

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Free repairs

Everyone instantly calmed down, looking at each other in blank dismay.

“Brand What is that”

“Thats right, what is this thing Have you heard of it before”

“Only a ghost would have heard of it……”

“He wouldnt be speaking nonsense to fool us, right”


Everyone discussed this and after a while, the large man couldnt take it anymore and shouted at Heinz, “Hey, profiteer, what is this brand you mentioned Why can you tell it wasnt sold by you since there was no brand Let me tell you, if you want to cheat us, there is no good ending for you!”

Heinz laughed and waved his hand, “No, no, no, how could that be My place is a lawful operation, how could it cheat people. Of course, it isnt something sold by us, so how can it be associated with us Come, everyone take a look.”

Heinz took as Magic Fan he had already prepared from Alex and raised it high up, letting everyone see it. He pointed at the badge above the switch at the base of the Magic Fan.

“Does everyone see this There is a half wing design here, which is the brand of a Magic Fan made by us. It is called the Frestech Brand. Only Magic Fans with this symbol are products sold by us. If it doesnt have it, it is fake goods sold by someone else!”

[TL Note: Frestech is an actual chinese company that sells refrigerators.]

Hearing him say this, everyone couldnt help looking at the Magic Fans in their hands.

“Yi It really doesnt have it.”

“Thats right, mine doesnt have it either.”

“Could it be that he is telling the truth These Magic Fans really arent sold by them”

“It cant be. Ive asked around, there is only this place in Banta City that sells Magic Fans.”

“That also isnt right. My Magic Fan was not bought from this store, it was a fellow who ran to my village to sell this. Ive heard they specially came to our village from this store to resell this thing.”

“Oh Its the same as me. What did the fellow who sold you the Magic Fan look like”

“Let me think…...That fellow was not old, but his skin was very dark. Thats right, his nose was especially big.”

“Oh, that isnt the same. The fellow who came to our village to sell the Magic Fan was a middle aged man.”


Hearing the discussion in the crowd, Heinz gave a slight nod. It seemed like the fellows selling imitation Magic Fans was a group. After they finished making the imitations, they split up to sell them in the villages.

After everyone discussed this, they all had the same worried looks.

“Hey, according to what this fellow said, this Magic Fan was not sold by them. What do we do now I spent two gold coins on this Magic Fan and now its broken, so who should I look for now”

“Thats right, I cant just spend these two gold coins in vain, right”

“Ai, its my fault for being lazy and cheap. I asked around earlier, everyone who bought a Magic Fan here bought one for two gold coins. Think about it, since those fellows were trying to resell them, how could it be for only two gold coins Wouldnt he have made a trip in vain, what money would he gain”

“Thats right……”

“This isnt good. According to what youve said, havent we been cheated Didnt we waste those two gold coins”

“Otherwise Can we still find the boss here to cause trouble Our Magic Fans dont have that…..brand he mentioned, it means it wasnt sold by him.”



Seeing everyones worried looks, Heinz seized this chance to loudly shout, “Everyone, please calm down. I still have something else to announce.”

Everyone immediately stopped talking, they wanted to hear what he was going to say.

“I know that everyone has been cheated by a swindler and I understand what everyone is thinking, but I must make something clear right now. The Frestech Magic Fans is currently only sold in our store, anything sold anywhere else are all imitations. I ask everyone to please be careful.”

“Che…..What use is there in saying this now Weve already been cheated.”

“Thats right, its just words. This fellow wouldnt compensate us our gold coins.”

“Humph, this fellow in the end is just a profiteer, would he have any good intentions”


Heinz revealed a faint smile as he continued to say in a loud voice, “But, the cause of this matter is the Magic Fan in the end. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman has said that this time everyone has sustained a loss and although we cant give everyone compensation, we can at least help everyone solve some of their problems. For the Magic Fans everyone has bought this time, whether it is of the Frestech Brand or not, as long as it is broken, it can be repaired for free! Listen well, as long as it doesnt require a part replacement, the repair will be free!”

Heinz announced this and everyone broke out in cheers.

“Really Youre speaking the truth”

“Free! He actually said free repairs!”

“It cant be, right Didnt he say that our Magic Fans werent sold from his place Why would he repair it for us for free”

“Are you stupid, didnt you hear what he just said Their chairman is helping us solve this problem.”

“Wa! That chairman really is a great person! Thats right, what is your company called Its Fresh…...Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Thats right, Frestech Chamber of Commerce. This store owner just said that the Magic Fans were of the Frestech Brand, it seems like the name came from the name of the company.”

“Alright, Ill remember that. Frestech, Frestech, Ill look for this first when I buy Magic Fans in the future! The other fake products can all go shove it!”

“Un, me too! As long as you can fix my Magic Fan this time, not to mention the Magic Fans, even for other things, I will buy everything as long as your Frestech Chamber of Commerce sells it!”


Hearing everyone continuing to talking about “Frestech”, Heinzs expression became very strange.

Could this be the “brand recognition” Xu Yi talked about

Although he didnt understand what these words meant, based on the reaction of these people, not only did he and Xu Yi not suffer a huge loss this time, they even gained some benefits that couldnt be seen right now.

“Managing a brand is very hard, it needs to be maintained for a long time. If we even relax a bit, it could be destroyed at any moment. So, Heinz, you have to remember in the future, no matter the time, as long as there is a chance, you have to seize it to advertise our brand.” After he finished fixing a Magic Fan, Xu Yi turned his head over to speak to Heinz.

“Un, I know.” Heinz replied with a nod.

Seeing the people who had full smiles and were filled with words of thanks after their Magic Fans had been repaired, Heinz had some understanding in his heart.

After this matter, these people should have a deep impression of the “Frestech Brand”. This means that in their hearts, they should have a certain amount of brand awareness.

Seeing Heinz being lost in thought, Xu Yi turned back around with a smile. After he stretched out his stiff limbs, he nodded at the person waiting in front of him, “Alright, bring your Magic Fan over.”

Afaylias after carefully placed the Magic Fan he was carrying on the table in front of Xu Yi. After sitting down, he didnt watch Xu Yi fix the Magic Fan, but rather he looked at Xu Yi with a curious look.

Sensing Afaylias fathers gaze, Xu Yi felt a bit awkward. He looked over the Magic Fan while saying with a smile, “Old grandfather, what are you looking at me for Is there something on my face”

“Ah Ah…..nothing, nothing.” Afaylias father quickly waved his hand as he said while laughing, “Im just a bit curious. Hey, kid, tell me, what is your companys boss thinking”

“What do you mean” Xu Yi asked back in a surprised voice.

“Im saying…...These people who been scammed with these Magic Fans are clearly unrelated to you, so why is your boss helping us fix them for free”

“Oh, youre asking about this. Its very simple, our chairman said that a company is not just about making money, they also have to bear social responsibilities. Although it was you all who were cheated into buying these imitation Magic Fans, because we didnt announce this matter beforehand, you were all cheated. So that means, we do have some responsibilities. These free repairs can be considered our compensation to you all.”

Afaylias father knit his brows and thought it through for a while before shaking his head, “I dont understand. Actually its fine if you all do nothing since these Magic Fans werent sold here. We cant cause any trouble for you even if we wanted to.”

“He, he, Ive already said this, this is our social responsibility.”

“What social responsibility I dont understand.” Afaylias father waved his hand.

Xu Yi laughed, “Youre old, you dont need to understand. You just need to know that this is how itll be.” After saying this, he returned the Magic Fan in his hand to Afaylias father, “Here, its fixed. Why dont you take a look”

“Ah Its fixed” Afaylias father took the Magic Fan in a daze. He looked over it before pressing the switch.

After a few seconds, the blades of the fan began moving and it blew out a cold breeze after a while.

Afaylias father instantly bloomed with a smile, “This is great! This is great! With this fan working, my little grandson wont cause any more trouble! Thank you kid!”

“No need, this is what I should do.” Xu Yi smiled as he spoke in a respectful voice before adding, “Thats right, there is a problem with the Magic Array inside the Magic Fan and there is a problem with the structure, so it cant be used for a long time. You need to let it rest after a certain amount of time or something bad will happen to it. According to my estimates, you cant use it for more than two hours before you need to let it rest.”

“I cant keep using it” Afaylias fathers good mood instantly sunk, “What broken thing is this It even cost me two gold coins.”

After being annoyed for a bit, Afaylias father asked Xu Yi, “Then what about the one you sell…..Right, that Frestech Magic Fan Does it need to keep resting like this thing”

“Of course not.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “There is definitely no problem with the quality of our Magic Fans, it can be used continuously for three days without problems. You can ask around Banta City, there are people who have bought our Frestech Magic Fans and there hasnt been a single person with any problems. Of course, it cant keep spinning for too long, otherwise it wouldnt be able to keep going no matter what it is. Dont you think so”

“I understand this, but its so much better than this broken thing.” Afaylias father slapped his head in annoyment, “If I knew this earlier, I wouldnt have blindly bought something outside. I would have just come into the city and bought it from here!”

Xu Yi laughed, “Its not too late to know about this now, you just need to recognize our brand in the future.”

Afaylias father gave a strong nod, “Frestech Brand, right Ill remember it!”-

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