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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 27 - Micrometer

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Agnes cold words reached everyones ears with the special magic of the elf race, stunning everyone.

Looking at Agnes beautiful calm face without any expression from the distance, everyone could feel that Agnes was speaking the truth.

Thinking about how Agnes might disappear from this, causing the elves who had finally shown themselves to humans to disappear, everyone became unsettled.

“No! Young miss Agnes, we definitely didnt mean to insult you, you mustnt misunderstand!”

“Thats right, we really just want to see you, we definitely dont think of you as a monster. Really!”

“Thats right, youre an elven girl who is as beautiful as an angel, how could anyone see you as a monster That person must definitely be blind!”

“Right, right, young miss Agnes, you mustnt go. It was hard enough for me to see the legendary elves in my life, how could you just leave like this”

“Young miss Agnes, please stay. No matter what request you have, we will agree, alright”

“Right! Well all listen to you. No matter what you say, we will do!”


Seeing everyone around her begging her, Agnes was a bit surprised. She wanted to turn back to Xu Yi for advice, but she remembered what Xu Yi had just told her, so she focused herself and continued without any expressions, “I left my tribe to come live in the human world because the elder hoped that we elves could live in peace with humans, which means this is the elders test. So I hope that you humans can treat me normally, I just want to see if humans can live normally with elves. If you all keep acting like this, the experiment will fail.”

“Good! Well support you. Young miss Agnes, well treat you like a normal human from now on!”

“Right, you are just a human girl who is a bit special. What do you think about this”

“Un, just a human. Of course, you are a beautiful human girl.”


“Alright, if you can do this, I can stay.” Agnes gave a slight nod, “Other than this, I want to give you all a serious warning. Chairman Xu is my friend and if you insult chairman Xu in front of me again or disrespect him, I will take it as an insult or disrespect to me. I will use all my power to punish that person, please remember this!”

Everyone was stunned again before a person shouted out, “Alright! Disrespecting chairman Xu is disrespecting young miss Agnes! Whoever dares disrespect chairman Xu in the future, I will be the first one to go against him!”

“Me too!”

“Me as well!”

“Me too……”


“I hope that you humans can keep your promises.” Agnes nodded, “Please leave this place immediately, me and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff still have work to do, so we hope you wont bother us.”

After saying this, Agnes immediately used her Shadow Stealth Spell and disappeared in front of the crowd.

Everyone looked at where Agnes disappeared and after being stunned for a bit, they suddenly cried out in shock.

“Wa! Young miss Agnes is too cool! I really love her to death!”

“Thats right. So elven women were actually this handsome, there arent any girls like this among us humans.”

“Thats right, I really like her more and more! Ive decided! I will change the goddess in my heart from young miss Still to young miss Agnes!”

“You fickle fellow, you simply are a disgrace to us humans! Humph, I wont be like you. From this day forth, there will be two goddesses in my heart!”

“This fellow, you have the face to talk about me What does it mean to have two goddesses in your heart Are you a player”

“Pei! They are the goddesses in my heart, how is it related to being a player Im not hoping that anything happen with them, Im just silently supporting them in my heart because I like them.”

“Thats more like it. Alright, Ill also do the same……”


The crowd slowly disperse as they discussed this and after a while, there were only several dozen fellows who didnt give up remaining at the factory. Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head.

If he didnt have the experience of seeing crazy fans from earth, he really didnt know how to deal with this.

After returning to the office, Ankhto and Camby looked at him in a daze.

“Chairman, is this alright” Ankhto pointed outside in disbelief, “I thought those fellows were crazy and wouldnt leave no matter what you or young miss Agnes said. I never thought that after young miss Agnes scolded them, they would actually leave so obediently! This…..What does this mean”

“It doesnt mean anything, you just dont understand the thoughts of crazy fans.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “Alright, now that the people surrounding the factory have been taken care of, we can work like normal. Ankhto, did you see the orders for the Magic Bread Makers Do you think that you can finish them within the given time”

Ankhto calculated it before revealing a difficult expression.

“This…...Sir chairman, arent there too many Magic Bread Makers To make over fifty thousand in just a single week, even if our workshop doesnt do anything else and only makes Magic Bread Makers, we cant finish this.”

Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh, “Not just you, even I didnt think that the number of Magic Bread Makers would be this terrifying. Thinking about it now, other than the Magic Bread Maker having a greater use than the Magic Rice Cooker, Agnes advertisement might have been a bit too useful.”

For an elf that humans hadnt seen in a long time to appear at the product announcement for the Magic Bread Maker, this matter seemed to have caused a stir in every part of the Lampuri Kingdom.

When everyone heard the news of this elf, naturally they would know about the product announcement the Frestech Chamber of Commerce held and also the star of the announcement, the Magic Bread Maker.

It had to be said, for the many families of the Lampuri Kingdom who mainly ate bread, the Magic Bread Maker was a very useful household magic machine.

And the other companies of the kingdom naturally saw the opportunity here. So less than a day after the product announcement, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce received over a hundred thousand orders.

There were fifty thousand orders that were requested to be finished in a week, which was something that was basically impossible.

“Ai, in the end, our companys factory is a bit too small and we cant greatly increase our production efficiency.” Xu Yi gave a sigh before patting Ankhtos shoulder and saying, “Just do your best, Ill make adjustments to the order. When the magic machine workshop develops the automatic production magic machines, our production efficiency will be increased several times and you wont need to worry.”

Xu Yi had Ankhto not worry, but Camby on the side revealed a look of worry.

“Chairman, you say it so easily, but the automatic production magic machines are just too hard. Me and my brothers have researched this for nearly a month and our progress as been small. To really completely this, we dont know how long itll take.”

“What You met some kind of bottleneck” Xu Yi asked in a curious voice, “Didnt I teach you all the skills necessary before Also the Magic Array has already been finished, you just need to design a structure that can support it, so is it hard”

“It isnt hard per say, but the problem is……” Camby scratched his dishevelled hair and said with a bitter look, “Chairman, for the structures of automatic magic machines that youve taught us, youve added in some measurements that we cant understand……”

“Cant understand” Xu Yi was surprised. Then he remembered that the fine tuning for the automatic magic machines that he requested from Camby and the others were very high, far surpassing that of the basic magic machines. So he labelled the blueprints like he did on earth, using very small units.

But to the people of the Sines Continent, although they had the same large units of measure as his previous world, using the same basic unit of meters, their accuracy was far lacking.

In terms of lengths, the Sines Continents smallest unit was centimeters, so there was no millimeters and there was no need to mention nanometers.

And the automatic production magic machines had a high requirement for fine tuning, usually measuring in millimeters, so this could go beyond what Camby and the other dwarves knew.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi understood.

He was just copying his mechanical engineering knowledge from earth and had completely forgotten the situation on the Sines Continent.

This was because Xu Yi had been focused on how to present Agnes to the humans, so he had neglected all of this.

“This was my fault.” Xu Yi honestly admitted, “I only requested a higher precision, but I forgot to explain what is means. How about this, Ill make a Vernier Scale in my free time for you and then Ill make a micrometer later. With these two things, you should understand the precise measurements Im giving you.”

“Vernier Scale Micrometer” Camby and Ankhto looked at each other, not understanding what these meant.

But since they came to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they had heard many words they didnt understand from Xu Yi, so they werent surprised.

“Un, these two things are very basic, but also very important tools for measurement. Our company will have a higher and higher requirement for accuracy in the future with magic machines, so we have to have these two tools. You also need to grasp how to use it and also let the workers learn how to use them.”

Xu Yi said before knitting his brows and realizing a problem he had ignored.

Since creating the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had always used his inspiration to propose magic machine one after another to the research facility and Camby. Although using his strong foundations in mechanical engineering to give concrete ideas and even creating some blueprints, he had never told them about design standards.

These things were the most basic of basics for mechanical engineers and didnt need to be explained, but for the people of the Sines Continent, this was a completely new territory.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi stroked his chin as he muttered to himself.

“It seems like I need to write a book.”-

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