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At nine in the morning, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces second product announcement had formally begun.

When it had just started, the process went as everyone had expected.

In front of everyone, Xu Yi introduced the Frestech Chamber of Commerces newly developed product, the Magic Bread Maker.

It should be said that everyone welcomed the appearance of this thing, especially the people of Banta City.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce not only developed the Magic Rice Cooker and even developed on it, making the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker, it could be seen the importance placed on this product.

But the main method of eating grains in Banta City was wheat and bread made from it.

No matter how easy it was to use the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker, it wasnt any use to the people of Banta City who werent use to eating rice.

Before this, the «Banta Times» had even conducted a survey of Banta City, investigating what every hoped the next magic machine developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be.

The final result was “a magic machine that could automatically make bread” was the winner.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had finally made the Magic Bread Maker, it could be considered finally fulfilling the hopes of many people in Banta City.

According to Xu Yis introduction, this square looking Magic Bread Maker that was the size of a human head was very simple to use.  It just required a necessary amount of flour, water, egg, or other things that people liked to add in to be placed into the Magic Bread Maker before pressing the switch.  The Magic Bread Maker would automatically mix everything and then ferment it for some time before it went on to bake the bread.

During this process, the person making the bread only needed to press the button after a certain time.  They didnt even need to mix the flour, which saved quite a bit of time.

Compared to the troublesome method of making bread yourself, it was without a doubt much easier to use the Magic Bread Maker.

After Xu Yi introduced the Magic Bread Maker, many Banta City citizens who came to watch the fun cheered out.  They loudly said that they would immediately buy a Magic Bread Maker to take home.

Xu Yi accepted everyone praise with a faint smile before following the process of the product announcement, demonstrating the product in front of everyone.

Finally when he pressed the switch to start baking, Xu Yi stopped and turned to everyone to say in a loud voice, “Everyone, itll take around one to two hours for the bread to bake, so during this time……”

“Chairman Xu, can we ask questions”  A reporter from Saltan City impatiently asked from under the stage.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and shook his head, “According to normal procedure, this time should be time for everyone to ask questions, but it is different today.  During this time, the Lord City Lord and I have something to announce to everyone, so I ask everyone to be patient.  After this matter is announced, I will honestly answer your questions.”

Of the Banta City citizens that came to watch for fun, there were some who were prepared to leave after hearing that it would take an hour or two for the bread to finish baking.  But now that they heard what Xu Yi said, they stopped out of curiosity.

The reporters right under the stage focused their minds.  Their eyes kept couldnt help looking at the mysterious person who was covered up on the stage.

If their guesses werent wrong, the matter that Xu Yi and Count Sean wanted to announce was very likely related to this person.

Xu Yi looked at Count Sean with a look of inquiry and Count Sean gave a slight nod back.  So with a soft cough from Xu Yi, everyone began to calm down.  He clapped his hand and two Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers behind him took out a large painting.

Xu Yi turned the painting and showed it to everyone under the stage.

Everyone looked over and found that it was the advertisement the Frestech Chamber of Commerce used to promote the Magic Lamp.

This painting had been on the large signs outside Banta Citys four gates for two entire months.  Not mentioning Banta Citys people, even people from other cities were familiar with it.

It was because of this painting that Stills position as a goddess was cemented in the hearts of the people.  Even after she announced that she was dating Xu Yi, this wasnt affected at all.

But…..why was Xu Yi taking this out now  In order to show off Still, this beautiful girlfriend that everyone admired

Meeting the crowds doubtful gazes, Xu Yi pointed at the painting and said, “Everyone should recognize this painting and I think people shouldnt be unfamiliar with the Magic Lamp on this painting.  But does everyone know who drew this painting”

Everyone looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

This question was indeed a large doubt in everyones hearts.

When this advertisement was released, it had created a large stir in Banta City and the surrounding cities.

Because this painting was just too good.  Even the ordinary people who didnt know much about art were attracted by it, so theres no need to mention the masters of each city.

After Master Anlios denied that it was his handiwork, everyone couldnt help guessing who made this painting.

To create this work that was deemed a work of art by all the masters of art, once this person was revealed, the world would wildly chase after them.

But no matter how they asked, they couldnt obtain any information on this person.

There were some people who even asked Xu Yi, but they were rejected by him since the other side didnt want to reveal themselves.

Now that Xu Yi had taken out this painting in front of everyone and raised this question, could it be…..he was finally revealing their identity

Thinking of this, everyone looked over at Xu Yi.

Some reporters couldnt hold back their excitement as they began asking questions.

“Chairman Xu, youre prepared to tell us who this master is”

Xu Yi raised his hand to calm them down, “Please be patient, Ill give you the answer later.  Before this, I have to tell you some other things first.  First the Magic Lamp……”

Xu Yi pointed at the Magic Lamp in the painting as he said, “There are many people who have told me that the Magic Lamp our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has made is too beautiful, it is simply a work of art.  Selling them for a gold coin each was just blasphemy.”

Many people under the stage couldnt help secretly nodding.

This Magic Lamp had created a tidal wave of purchases in the surrounding cities after it was released because it was just too beautiful.  Many people didnt even treat it as a magic machine, but rather as a piece of art.

Some of the richer families even bought the three different kinds of Magic Lamps the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made, not to use, but rather to collect them.

Perhaps not everyone would agree that a gold coin for one is blasphemy, but everyone agreed that it was just too cheap.

“Now Ill tell everyone that the one who drew this painting also participated in designing the Magic Lamp.”  Xu Yi then said.

The crowd instantly stirred.

So the Magic Lamp and the painting were actually connected like this.

But thinking about how the Magic Lamp in the painting and the final produced Magic Lamp were very similar, many people being able to see the similar style, being filled with an artistic feel, they understood.

Then Xu Yi clapped his hand and the two Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers took down the painting.  They then took out the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and the Magic Bread Maker.

Xu Yi held them up with one in each hand, “Everyone look, are the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and the Magic Bread Maker beautiful”

Everyone was stunned, as they looked up at the two magic machines in Xu Yis hands.

It was currently the morning and the April sun wasnt blinding.  Shining down on the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and the Magic Bread Makers silver casing, it reflected a silver light that wasnt dazzling.

Although the two magic machines had different appearances, looking at them, they were very smooth and natural.  It didnt seem like they were carved by an artisan at all and this was the natural appearance of those two magic machines.

Many people felt very comfortable seeing these two magic machines for the first time.  Now that Xu Yi had mentioned it, they couldnt help nodding their heads and praising their beauty.

Although describing these two lumps of metal as beautiful made people feel a bit strange, other than the beautiful, they really couldnt think of anything else to describe it with.

Rhine thought of something and asked in a loud voice, “Chairman Xu, you wouldnt be saying that the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and the Magic Bread Maker were all designed by that master, right”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “That is right.  That master indeed worked on designing this, but this design was not made by her alone and was the result of our Frestech Chamber of Commerces design department working together.”

“Design department”  Everyone was a bit surprised, “What is that”

“The so called design department mainly designs the appearance of our Frestech Chamber of Commerces products.  Take a look, this is the same Magic Bread Maker.  Ill put this Magic Bread Maker with a lump of black iron that has the same ability as it, but which one would you choose”

“Of course the prettier one!”  A person under the stage replied in a loud voice.

The crowd instantly agreed.

Xu Yi laughed, “That means that our design department works on this.  Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce not only wants to give everyone useful products, but we also want to ensure they look good.  Only like this would everyone be willing to spend their money when they buy our products, dont you think so”

The reporters under the stage looked at each other before they looked at Rhine, thinking about what Rhine had said before.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had many cards people didnt know about.  Other companies were still studying how to copy the magic machines, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was already considering the design of the magic machines.

Just based on this, they surpassed the other companies researching magic machines by an unknown amount.-

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