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“Sell stocks” Xu Yi was surprised, “Why Lord Viscount, although youll be leaving this place, you can still keep your stocks. I promise that your dividend each year wont be small! Why would you need to sell your stocks I feel that……”

“Let me finish.” Viscount Leslie raised his hand and cut Xu Yi off, “Xu Yi, let me ask you a question. When you decided to rent land from me and used that little slave to give me stocks, your goal was to approach me, or rather the family behind me, right”

“This……” Xu Yi never thought that Viscount Leslie would ask something like this. Although both sides were aware of this, generally no one would expose it this directly.

Seeing Viscount Leslies serious expression, Xu Yi thought about it before giving a slow nod after taking a deep breath.

“Yes, Lord Viscount, since you are asking, Ill honestly answer. Right, my goal was to approach you and the family behind you. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce was just a small company and if there wasnt any support behind us, it would be hard for us to exist in Banta City, not to mention expanding. I knew back then that the Lord Viscount came from the Stagg Family, so I decided to use this method to approach you. Whether it was renting your land or giving you stocks in the company, I wanted to create a good relationship with you and finally gain the support of the Stagg Family.”

Viscount Leslie revealed a faint smile, “Then when you went to Anvilmar City and couldnt see lord father through me, were you disappointed”

Xu Yi honestly nodded.

“Yes. If I could see Duke Stagg, perhaps our Frestech Chamber of Commerce could catch the Lord Dukes attention. Having the attention and support of the Stagg Family would greatly help our companys development.”

“Is that so” Viscount Leslie revealed a smile like he was having fun, “Then Xu Xi, have you ever considered that obtaining the attention of lord father isnt a good thing for you Other than helping and supporting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there is an easier and more advantageous choice to lord father, which is to swallow the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Xu Yis expression changed slightly. He forced out a smile and said, “Probably not…...The Frestech Chamber of Commerce is only a small and weak company, would it catch the Lord Dukes eyes”

“Then why did you think that lord father would support you” Viscount Leslies question made Xu Yi speechless, “Xu Yi, accept reality. If lord father really noticed you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would be most likely that you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be controlled by the Stagg Family and there wouldnt be another choice for you. Dont tell me that you didnt know what me giving you those three hundred slaves meant, right”

Xu Yi thought about it before he couldnt help asking back with a frown, “Lord Viscount, why are you discussing this with me Why would you choose to mention selling your stocks at this time”

“Why” Viscount Leslie revealed a smile as a lonely look passed in his eyes, “Because in this world, there are few people I like and you Xu Yi are one of those people. Xu Yi, although we havent been in contact much since Ive known you, I believe that you are a person with ambitious and lofty ideals. Moreover, you do have an ability that others dont have. I even sometimes feel that you have the ability to change this world. I dont want to see this hope being crushed or you perishing, so I want to help you and give you some advice.”

Seeing Viscount Leslies serious expression, one that he had never seen before, Xu Yi gave a slow nod.

“Please advise me Lord Viscount.”

“First, his majesty doesnt represent the Lampuri Kingdom, just the royal family. The royal family is the largest noble family in the kingdom.”

“Second, among the noble families, especially larger families, there arent any real friends, only trying to take benefits from each other. The royal family has the most resources and most benefits in the kingdom, so they have the most contradictions with the large noble families.”

“Third, I am the Stagg Familys eldest son and not the Stagg Family. You approaching me does not mean approaching the Stagg Family. Moreover, you have the his majestys recognition and support, so just stay loyal to the royal family. Dont think about being friendly with both his majesty and the Stagg Family.”

“Fourth, his majesty has proved he is a powerful king by ruling for decades, so dont doubt him.”

“Fifth, you are an idiot in terms of politics, so just honestly manage the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Dont casually participate in politics.”

Xu Yi and Viscount Leslie had known each other for this long and had been in contact many times, but this was his first time hearing Viscount Leslie say this much and to say it in such a serious tone.

This advice had clearly come from the bottom of Viscount Leslies heart, with each word being sincere and holding real implications, so Xu Yi kept nodding as he listened.

But hearing the final advice, Xu Yi couldnt help being unconvinced.

Even the queen Seveni had wanted Xu Yi as a politician, so why did Viscount Leslie say that he was an idiot in politics.

“Before you have the identity to dabble in politics, you are just an idiot in politics.” To Xu Yis doubt, Viscount Leslie reprimanded him without holding back, “My advice is for you to properly manage the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and once it becomes strong enough to affect many things in the kingdom, then you have the qualification to dabble in politics. And when many people have to seriously consider the words you say, you have the qualification to dabble in politics. Otherwise, you are just seeking your own death.”

Xu Yi thought about it and had to admit that Viscount Leslies words were right, so he nodded without refuting him.

But that still didnt answer the question in his heart.

“But how does this matter relate to you selling stocks” Xu Yi asked in a confused voice.

“First, because my goal is to become a large noble in the kingdom, I have to raise my position. According to the old rules of the Royal Parliament, I cant participate in any commercial business.”

“Is there a problem with owning stocks Then again you can transfer them to someone you trust, like Butler Brunei.” Xu Yi said.

“Have you forgotten my advice from earlier” Viscount Leslie gave a soft snort, “I am not the Stagg Family, but the Stagg Family can represent me. If I keep the stocks, you will be swallowed in one bite and you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will become a dependent. Even if it is Brunei……”

Viscount Leslie didnt keep talking, but Xu Yi already understood what he meant.

After thinking carefully about the meaning in Viscount Leslies words, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling moved.

“Lord Viscount, why are you thinking this much for me”

“Ive said it just now, I feel you have the possibility to change the world. The world is just too boring right now and its hard enough for a special person like you to appear, so I hope that you wont be destroyed. I can only help you with this much right now, I hope that you will not disappoint me.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Be assured, if I let down your expectations, wouldnt it mean that I wasnt worthy of them”

Viscount Leslie gave a slow nod, “Good, then Ill give you some final advice. After I leave, the family will send someone to take care of this land. Although this person hasnt been set yet, dont think that he is the same as me.”


A week after Xu Yis talk with Viscount Leslie, Viscount Leslie and Baron Hannas left for Anvilmar City again in a horse carriage.

Baron Hannas was very reluctant about leaving Banta City, rather he was unwilling to leave the «Banta Times». The night before he left, he dragged Viscount Leslie and Xu Yi out to drink.

Since he was strictly raised by his family, this was Baron Hannas first time wildly drinking. He became drunk after just a few cups and broke out weeping in front of Xu Yi and Viscount Leslie.

For the entire night, the two had to listen to Baron Hannas complain to them about his dream, his passion for the «Banta Times», and his sadness about being in Anvilmar City. Finally he fell down drunk and passed out.

As for Viscount Leslie, since that day when he had that discussion with Xu Yi, he didnt mention it again. Only when he was normally with Xu Yi, he acted like that day didnt happen at all.

Only Xu Yi knew that in secret, Viscount Leslie had Butler Brunei take out the contract he had signed with Xu Yi last year. He returned the 30% stock of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce back to Xu Yi at a price of three hundred thousand gold coins.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current value, this price wasnt high at all.

But compared to Viscount Leslies very low investment investment at the time, this was a very large gain.

Of course, Xu Yi and Viscount Leslie didnt care about this.

If Viscount Leslie cared about making money, with how the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was developing, he would keep the 30% share he had. It would definitely bring him profits of more than three hundred thousand gold coins.

The reason why Xu Yi had transferred 30% to Viscount Leslie was to establish a good relationship with the Stagg Family, finding a large leg to hug.

But Viscount Leslie had explicitly told Xu Yi that relying on the Stagg Family was not a good choice, since the final result would be the Frestech Chamber of Commerce being swallowed by the Stagg Family, not leaving a single bit to Xu Yi.

To the advice of the Staff Familys eldest son, Xu Yi had no choice but to believe it.

Even the eldest son Viscount Leslie said this and even didnt hesitate to return the 30% back to Xu Yi at this time. This meant that there was some contradiction between Viscount Leslie and his family Xu Yi didnt understand for now, which meant that it wasnt reliable to go to the Stagg Family.

“But…..is the kings support that easy to use”

Seeing Viscount Leslie and Baron Hannas horse carriage disappearing into the distance, Xu Yi couldnt help thinking of Sevenis unimpressive, but very good looking face that always had an elegant and gentle smile.

In Xu Yis mind, compared to the king he had only met once, this queen was more trustworthy.-

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