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Everyone stared at Xu Yi and Still on the stage, with no one making a sound. It was like they were afraid of missing a single word of Xu Yis response.

Xu Yi was a bit surprised. He never thought the first question would be about him and Still and it wouldnt be related to the Magic Rice Cooker at all.

“This…..Although this concerns me and Stills privacy, since youve asked in front of all these people and Ive agreed to answer all questions, then Ill answer you.” Xu Yi reached out his left hand and tightly held Stills right hand before lifting it up and loudly saying, “Yes, Im very blessed and very lucky to announce to everyone that Still and I are currently dating!”

The crowd fell into an even stronger deathly silence and after a while, the crowd exploded.

“God! Its actually true!”

“My goddess is actually dating someone else, I…..I dont believe it!”

“No! This cant be true! There definitely must be something wrong with my eyes! My ears must have heard wrong! Young miss Still is as noble and elegant as a goddess, how could she date anyone This must be a lie!”

“Ai, I definitely cant accept it if it was anyone else, but if it is chairman Xu, I can barely accept it.”

“Thats right, in Banta City and perhaps the entire Lampuri Kingdom, is there any young man more outstanding that chairman Xu To be the chairman of a large company at such a young age and Ive heard that he is a powerful magician. Other than not being a noble, he is simply perfect.”

“Che, what is so good about being a noble Isnt it good that chairman Xu is a commoner This means that not all beautiful girls want to get married to nobles. Young miss Stil, I support you marrying chairman Xu!”

“Thats right, I also support you! Marrying chairman Xu is better than marrying the useless young master of some noble family!”

“Thats right, I support young miss Stills choice! Support chairman Xu!”


Hearing that there were actually people supporting them, with some cries of supporting Still marrying him mixed in, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling a bit awkward. He looked over at Still and saw that she had a smile that was filled with confidence and pride.

Sensing Xu Yis gaze, Still looked at him with a proud look in her eyes.

“How about it Xu Yi, my eyes are pretty good, right Look, everyone is supporting us.”

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “Excuse me, this is because Im good enough. If it was anyone else, do you believe that they wouldnt be ripped to shreds by an angry crowd”

The smile on Stills face became even brighter.

“Although I am very happy that you are outstanding enough that so many people acknowledge you, I like you not because of this. It is because…...I like you for who you are.”

Xu Yi smiled and tightly gripped Stills hand. He turned to the crowd under the stage and shouted, “Thank you for everyones blessings and support for me and Still. But I ask everyone to remember that this is our Frestech Chamber of Commerces product announcement, so I hope that everyone will ask questions related to our Frestech Chamber of Commerces new product.”

The reporter that came from the «Saltan Morning News» that didnt have time to speak looked at each other. After nodding, a reporter that was quite old raised his hand and asked, “Then chairman Xu, I have a question. Recently in the past month, whether it is Banta City, Saltan City, Karma City, or even other cities in the kingdom, there have been many companies that have invented magic machines. What views do you have on that”

“This reporter is quite professional.” Xu Yi praised in his heart. He said with a faint smile, “I have some understanding of the situation you mentioned. As for my views, Im very happy and can even be said to be very pleased.”

The crowd under the stage was shocked. The reporter continued asking with a frown, “Chairman Xu, this probably isnt what you really feel. With more competitors for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it will affect the sales of your Frestech Chamber of Commerces products. Why are you happy and pleased about this”

“The reason why Im happy and pleased is that because other than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there are other companies starting to research and produce magic machines. This means that everyone has started putting importance on the magic machines. Once everyone puts importance ion magic machines, this industry will quickly develop and the products of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will be accepted by everyone, meaning that our company will make even more money. As a chairman, why wouldnt I be happy about this” Xu Yi replied with a smile.

“But arent you worried that his will affect your sales” The reporter asked. “After all, there are only that many people and as long as one person buys one magic machine from a company, that will be one less customer for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“No, no, no, I think your understanding of customers and the market is too shallow.” Xu Yi shook his head without any politeness and said, “Actually, from what I can see, the people who will buy magic machines will increase by several times, also making the magic machine market several times bigger. If the market is compared to a cake, then what I want to do is make the cake bigger and bigger, so people and companies can receive bigger and bigger pieces of this cake. What I dont want to do is have people fighting over small pieces of a cake and having everyone starve to death. And I believe that this magic machine cake is very big, not only being able to feed our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but also letting the other companies have their fill as well. So for other companies who are beginning to make magic machines, I extend a warm welcome to them.”

“Chairman Xu, Ive heard that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has sold production magic machines for the Magic Fan and the Magic Rice Cooker to companies in our Karma City, is this true” The «Karma Times» vice editor in chief Rhine seized this chance to ask this in a loud voice.

Xu Yi looked at him and found he had some impression of this person. He seemed to have come to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factory opening in Karma City.

“Yes. Specifically speaking, there are three Karma City companies who have bought production lines. And just half a month ago, those three companies have already begun using their production lines. I think that when you return to Karma City, perhaps youll be able to see Magic Fans and Magic Rice Cookers other than our Frestech Brand.” Xu Yi said.

“But chairman Xu, you should have given them the technology for this Automatic Magic Rice Cooker, right” Rhine pointed at the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker releasing waves of steam and asked this.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Im welcoming other companies into this business and can even give them basic support, but that does not mean that I will give them all of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces technology. This Automatic Magic Rice Cooker is our Frestech Chamber of Commerces newly developed product and represents our Frestech Chamber of Commerces advantage. If the other companies want to catch up to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, alright, please take out your sincerity!”

Seeing the aggressive looking Xu Yi, the people under the stage couldnt say a thing.

Rhine couldnt help giving a bitter laugh.

Xu Yi was telling the truth.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had worked hard to gain these results. The other people and companies didnt have a right to ask them to hand these over for free.

To enter this profession and catch up to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, other than bowing to them and gaining their support, they could only rely on themselves.

Of course, there are practices that werent considered fair…...

Rhine thought about it and wanted to ask something else, but a “ding” sound rang out.

Looking over in surprise, he saw that the red light on the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker had suddenly vanished. The switch that Xu Yi had pressed down had also bounced back to its original position.

“Everyone, the rice is done.”

Xu Yi laughed and opened the lid to the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker. The fragrance of rice filled the air and the stomachs of some people who forgot to eat breakfast grumbled.

Everyone looked at the white and tender rice in the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and couldnt help sighing.

This Automatic Magic Rice Cooker, it really was automatic!


In a normal small building in Saltan City, Cimirot was staring at the newly published «Saltan Morning News» in his hands. His eyes were filled with unwillingness and hatred.

“Damn that Xu Yi, hes clearly being petty and he puts it so nicely! Lies!” Cimirot looked at the large title in the «Saltan Morning News» and couldnt take it anymore. He ripped it to pieces and turned to look at the silent Rem sitting at another table holding a copy of the «Saltan Morning News» as he said, “Hey, Rem, we have to just watch this fellow being this arrogant”

Compared to back at Camillas Magic Tower, the current Rem was much thinner and his face had lost much of its glow. He had visibly become much darker.

Hearing Cimirots question, Rem said with a bitter smile, “What can we do We spent all that effort to break the secret of the Frestech Brand Magic Rice Cooker and thought we could rely on that to compete with him. Who would have thought that with a casual move from him, he would take something out that far surpassed us. How can we compare to him”

“You want to admit defeat like this” Cimirot angrily said, “Who was it that he would show results and suppress that fellow Xu Yi, winning back Wellas affections If you give up like this, could it be that youre planning to give up on Wella”

Hearing the name “Wella”, a pained look flashed on Rems face. He said with a sigh, “Dont mention her again. Since she picked to go to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and I didnt go with her, I felt that she was getting further and further away from me. Now…..I dont think there is any hope between us.”

“What Youre planning to give up since Xu Yi took your woman Are you still a man!” Cimirot asked in a sharp voice.

Rems breathing became heavy and taking a few deep breaths, he suddenly looked at Cimirot and roared out, “Then what do you want me to do She is already that damn Xu Yis employee and she even happily talks to me about the trivial matters about working for that damn Frestech Chamber of Commerce! Her entire heart belongs to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how do you want me to beat them and take her back”

Seeing Rems irritated expression, Cimirots expression changed and he suddenly laughed. He reached out to hold Rems shoulder and said in a low and mysterious voice, “Actually it isnt like there isnt anything you cant do, it just depends on if youre willing or not……”-

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