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Three days later, when Great Magician Eisenkel left Banta City, his expression was a bit dissatisfied.

Although Xu Yi had said he agreed to cooperating with him, after discussing this for three days, Xu Yi firmly held onto the technology he and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had studied and wasnt willing to share it at all.

In the cooperation agreement, Xu Yi only hoped that Great Magician Eisenkel would be responsible for researching the magic portion and he didnt let him participate in researching the design portion at all.

Like this, even if he cooperated with Xu Yi, Great Magician Eisenkel would only be responsible for researching the magic and Magic Array aspect, it was no different from before. It was completely unlike what Great Magician Eisenkel wanted, participating in designing the magic machine to grasp the knowledge to make the magic machines.

As for Xu Yi refusing to conceded, Great Magician Eisenkel had no other way because Xu Yi was not an idiot, of course he wouldnt completely agree to his request.

After considering it, Great Magician Eisenkel didnt become angry because of Xu Yis insistence. Rather he agreed to cooperate with Xu Yi because no matter what, they would share the results of their research.

If by then Great Magician Eisenkel was also conducting research on magic machines, he would be a step further than the other companies.

“Xu Yi, you should know that Great Magician Eisenkel manages a company in Anvilmar City and it is much bigger than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If you agree to share the research results with him, wont he rely on his advantages to produce the same magic machine and squeeze out the products of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce” After sending off Great Magician Eisenkel and returning to the office, Still couldnt help asking Xu Yi this in a worried voice.

Xu Yi revealed a smile and didnt reply to Stills question. Rather he went to the corner of the office and took out a Magic Rice Cooker.

“Can you see it” Xu Yi pointed at the Magic Rice Cooker and asked this.

“See what Isnt this just a Magic Rice Cooker” Still was a bit confused.

“Im telling you to pay attention to the label on it.” Xu Yi then said.

Still looked at the bottom half of the Magic Rice Cooker and was surprised to find that although this Magic Rice Cooker looked the same as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Rice Cooker, the product brand at the bottom of the product was not the Frestech Chamber of Commerces half wing design, rather it was an angry bull.

“This…..is a replica”

“Strictly speaking, it isnt a replica.” Xu Yi opened the top of this Magic Rice Cooker and showed the inside to Still, “Look, this Magic Rice Cooker, whether it is the outside, the inside, or even the function, it is all the same as our Frestech Brand Rice Cooker. If it is called a replica, it really is a good replica. Actually, Im willing to call it another brand of Magic Rice Cooker.”

“What difference is that Isnt it just a replica of our Frestech Brand Magic Rice Cooker” Still pursed her lips, as she said in a voice filled with disdain.

“Of course theres a difference. Its rare for normal replicas to even reach this level of quality and this Bull Brand Magic Rice Cooker can compare to our Frestech Brand Magic Rice Cooker, even adding a bit of innovation. Other than the Magic Rice Cooker in my hand, there are other models of this Bull Brand Magic Rice Cooker with quite the difference in terms of quantity.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Still took the Bull Brand Magic Rice Cooker from Xu Yis hand and carefully looked it over. She found that this Bull Brand Magic Rice Cooker really was of good quality, it was almost no different from the Frestech Brand Magic Rice Cooker.

After looking at Xu Yi and seeing that there was still a happy smile on his face, Still couldnt help asking in a confused voice, “Xu Yi, how can you keep smiling With a Magic Rice Cooker of such good quality appearing, there will be a strong competitor for the Frestech Brand Magic Rice Cooker. Youre not worried at all”

“Why would I be worried” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Its a good thing there are competitors. Actually Im looking forward to seeing many companies that can compete with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce appearing on the continent. Only like this can magic machines become popular on the Sines Continent and the magic magic industry can enter peoples hearts, making my dreams much easier to accomplish!”

Still reached out touch Xu Yis forehead, “Youre speaking nonsense without a fever Dont forget, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce isnt the strongest company yet, so if there really were more competitors, arent you afraid that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will be crushed As for the ideal of establishing an industrial system on the continent, even if it is accomplished, will you be happy if youre not the one to do it”

“Un, that is right. If its not personally accomplished by me, there is indeed no meaning. So…..” Xu Yi laughed as he placed his hand on Stills face, “The beautiful and dazzling young miss Still, Ill have to trouble you to help me make another advertisement.”


The first of April, it was a very special day on earth, but it didnt have meaning on the Sines Continent. It didnt affect peoples lives at all.

But it was not the same for Banta City. Early in the morning, a group of people poured into the business district to the west of the city. The street that was considered rather wide was completely filled without leaving a single gap.

The merchants on the street werent surprised by this because in the past few days in the «Banta Times», they reported that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at their service center would be doing a…..product announcement

This Frestech Chamber of Commerce really knew how to do things. Wasnt this just inventing a new product, why didnt they specially have to do an announcement and attract all these people

It was completely having nothing better to do.

But people had to admit that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had quite a bit of popularity in Banta City and the surrounding cities. It was just announcing a new product, but it attracted all these people this early in the morning.

Looking around, other than people who came to see what the ruckus was about, there were many sharp looking merchants.

Most of them were from other cities. Other than the closest Saltan City and Karma City, there were actually merchants from the further Canberra City, Norton City, and other cities.

It could be seen that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces influence was spreading from Banta City, gradually reaching further places.

Other than this, there were over ten people with rather special auras and uniforms. These people were divided into several groups who were looking at each other with hostility.

If anyone who was familiar was here, they would recognize them as reporters that appeared in Saltan City and Karma City recently. Among included people from the «Saltan Morning News» and «Karma Times» that had become famous in those cities recently.

Speaking of reporters, this was a concept that the «Banta Times» had used. It referred to staff who collected news and after the «Banta Times» had been in circulation for half a year, this occupation had been accepted by the people.

The «Banta Times» was very popular in Banta City, so reporters of the «Banta Times» were very respected. They walked around with a proud look on their faces.

Now there were many learned youths who wanted to become reporters for the «Banta Times», there was even a son of a Banta City baron who was a reporter for the «Banta Times».

Of course the Saltan City and Karma City newspapers didnt have any fame in Banta City, so there werent many people who recognized them.

The reason they came this time was naturally for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces product announcement.

Even in Saltan City and Karma City, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was something the populace paid attention to. So it would never be wrong to report on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Two months ago, the «Karma Times» had put forth a series of reports on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce investing into a factory near Karma City, which attracted the attention of Karma Citys people and increasing the popularity of the «Karma Times» in Karma City. As their sales increased with their popularity, it attracted the attention of the City Lord Count Anaris.

So if there was any news on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the «Karma Times» definitely wouldnt let it go.

Seeing the colleagues from the «Saltan Morning News» pushing to the door of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces service center, the vice editor from the «Karma Times» who had come personally waved his hand and indicated to his subordinates to follow, going forward to steal a good place.

At this time, the crowd suddenly stirred.

“Look, chairman Xu is here!”

“Ah! Oh god, who else did I see Young miss Still! God! Im too happy, I actually got to see her!”

“Oh, no! Young miss Still and chairman Xu are actually holding hands! Could it be that they are already dating This is impossible!”

“Why is it impossible Young miss Still is this beautiful and other than chairman Xu, can you find someone else worthy of her”

“But…..But, young miss Still is the goddess in my heart, how could she…..how could she be dating! No, I want to die!”

“Scram! No ones stopping you, at least youre opening up a spot.”


Hearing the voices in the crowd, Rhine pushed his way forward. He saw that from the door of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces service center, Xu Yi was currently walking out to the stage with a smile, holding Stills hand.

Seeing this scene, Rhine couldnt help feeling lost in his heart. After shaking his head, he came back to his senses.

Just like Karma City, many people in Saltan City and Karma City also had the goddess Still in their hearts, but she was actually dating the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu!

This might be even bigger news than the special product announcement the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had organized!-

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