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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 15

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Everyone has ambitions

“Look, these two Magic Arrays should be further apart. This way, the two Magic Arrays can work together on this node and the two Magic Arrays wont affect each other.”

“You need to pay attention here, you have to look over each socket, there cant be a single mistake. Otherwise, a spring will be stuck when the piano starts and it cant continue working.”

“Thats right, what song did you decide on Different songs have different keys, so the Magic Arrays are also different, it needs to be set beforehand.”

“No, no, no, you cant do this here, you will destroy the entire model……”


The Camilla Magic Tower was silent after work, but Xu Yis voice kept ringing out in the lab he was in.

He was following through with his agreement, teaching Still how to build her model piano after work.

Stills talent in magic was as good as the rumour said. Xu Yi only needed to explain the principle of the two Wind Attributed Magic Arrays of this model and she could easily replicate it.

But when it came to model design and building the model, Still could only honestly listen to Xu Yis instructions.

It was a good thing Still was diligent and naturally intelligent. Xu Yi didnt need to waste that much effort before she learned the main points.

After using around a weeks worth of rest time after work, Stills model piano had already taken its basic form. Now they only needed to make a few more precise adjustments.

With the current speed, it would take no more than three more days. They could definitely finish it before the birthday of Stills friend.


Still pressed gently and a sound came from the model. The piano lid fit perfectly with the base.

“Hu——” Still let out a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off her face, “Alright!”

“Un…..Not bad.” Xu Yi nodded, “Youve grasped the main points of the model, the rest you can complete by yourself. If there is any adjustment you dont understand, you can as me later.”

“Un.” Still replied, turning to reveal a smile at Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, thank you for patiently teaching me. Later, Ill treat you to another meal.”

Xu Yi looked at the sky outside and shook his head, “Im afraid I cant today, I have a meeting with someone else tonight. I have other things to do.”

“Oh” Still was a bit disappointed. She thought about it before asking, “Thats right, Xu Yi, I always wanted to ask you, why did you reject my grandfathers invitation You should know, there are many young magicians who give their all to being grandfathers disciple. Moreover, grandfather has secretly praised you several times in front of me, saying that your talent in magic is very high. As long as you focus on studying magic, it is very likely youll become a Great Magician in the future.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Many thanks for his excellency Great Magicians praise, but please tell his excellency that it isnt because I dont want to become his disciple. Only, there are too many other things to do and Im afraid I wont have enough time to study magic with him, so I can only turn down his goodwill.”

“Why” Still knit her brows and asked in a confused voice, “Even my grandfather has praised you for your high talent in magic and I can see in these past few days that your talent in magic is indeed high, perhaps even greater than mine. Why arent you willing to properly study magic Could it be because of that Magic Fan Ive heard that youve been focused on studying that during this period.”

Xu Yi thought about it and asked a question back, “Still, what do you think of the Magic Fan”

“Me” Still pointed at herself and honestly thought about it before slowly answering, “I feel that it is very interesting because its very rare to see magic being put to use in daily life and it is very well designed. To be honest, I admire you quite a bit. But Xu Yi, you should be clear that a magicians status on the Sines Continent depends on his strength. Even if you design a hundred Magic Fans and your magic power isnt that strong, you still wont have any status. Your magic talent is that good, I urge you to focus on studying magic. As long as you become a Great Magician, I promise you that everyone will applaud and praise you when you design a Magic Fan.”

“Youre saying this like everyone feels the Magic Fan is a bad thing…..” Xu Yi couldnt help muttering in a low voice. Seeing Stills honest expression, he gave a cough and seriously said, “Still, I understand what you are talking about, but each persons thoughts and pursuits are different. Perhaps most magicians feel that their magic power is the most important, but I am not the same. Ive always felt that magic is a tool. Magicians can use magic to destroy, so why cant they use it to build We have reasons to use magic in many parts of our daily lives and if we can improve everyones lives with magic, isnt that good”

“This…..” Still hesitated, “Youre right, but…...But if a magician isnt strong enough, they will miss many……”

“Who says that studying magical machinery wont raise my strength” Xu Yi suddenly revealed a strange smile. He raised his right hand and activated his magic, creating a small cream coloured tornado in his hand that was visible to the naked eye.

“Miniature Tornado Spell!” Still called out in shock, “This is a Third Grade Magic Spell, only Third Grade Magicians can use this kind of spell! Xu Yi, I remember that during the interview, you said that you hadnt passed the Magicians Guilds certification exam!”

“Didnt pass doesnt mean I cant pass.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Of course, my magic power during the interview couldnt compare to my magic power now. Back then, I was still in the middle of the First and Second Grade Magician Rank.”

“Your meaning is that…...In just two months, you became a Third Grade Magician” Still was even more shocked, “Isnt this too exaggerated You…..Your talent in magic is actually this high I thought you normally didnt have that much time to research magic!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “You cant just raise your magic power by focusing on studying magic. While studying magical machinery, I am also focusing on studying Magic Arrays. Studying Magic Arrays is also equal to studying magic, so it isnt strange that it can raise magic power. Still, when focusing on building this model piano during the past few days, didnt you find that your magic power has increased because of it”

Still tilted her head to think before nodding, “Un, I feel that my understanding of Wind Attributed Magic has deepened. But…..it isnt as exaggerated as you.”

“That is because I am a genius.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, boasting as he spoke.

Still rolled her eyes at him and couldnt help saying, “Since you are a genius, why dont you focus on studying magic With your talent, there is a very large chance of you becoming a Great Magician.”

“I already said it, everyone has their own ambitions.” Xu Yi said with a relaxed expression. He looked up to cut Still off from trying to convince him otherwise and looked at the sky outside before saying, “Alright, Still, well end here today. Ill remember your offer to treat me to a meal, when I remember it in the future, you cant forget about it.”

“Humph, petty.” Still pouted her lips.

Xu Yi laughed before putting away his things and walking out.

When he came out of the Magic Tower, he saw someone in the distance quickly walk over.

Xu Yi was very familiar with that figure, it was Heinz.

Seeing how rushed Heinz looked, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Since Xu Yi gave Heinz 20% of the stocks, he was like a car that gained more horsepower and he drove off at full force. Not only did he take the job to supervise the factory, he completely took over the production, transport, and sales channels for the Magic Fan. He was entirely like a smart and competent manager.

As for his small general store, he had already completely handed it over to his nephew Alex.

Although Heinz was not someone who had experience and creativity, he was a good person and wasnt afraid of working hard. He was very organized when taking care of things, so it could be said he was very suited to this kind of work.

Of course, the dividends brought by the 20% was the greatest driving force for this kind of effort.

“Hey, Heinz, why did you come looking for me today Youre even this anxious……” Xu Yi had just raised his hand to greet him when he was suddenly shocked.

Heinz had come over at this time. Xu Yi was surprised to find that he looked very serious, so solemn that he seemed like he would drip out water at any moment.

Xu Yis heart skipped a beat.

This was because since they hired the thirty Baron Rickto Magic Academy students to draw the Magic Arrays, the production of the first generation Magic Fans hadnt stopped during this time. The sales had been as high as usual, selling over a thousand of them in just a short week.

This brought Xu Yi over seven hundred gold coins in net profits and also two hundred gold coins for Heinz who had a 20% share. Heinzs mood had been good the entire time, always having a smile whenever he met Xu Yi, like he had just drank honey.

This was his first time seeing him with such an ugly expression.

“Could it be that something happened”

Thinking of this, Xu Yi quickly walked over.

Without Xu Yi even asking him, Heinz said in a small voice, “Xu Yi, this is bad, something has happened!”

Seeing how anxious Heinz was, Xu Yi patted his shoulder to tell him to calm down.

“Dont be anxious, what happened Tell me slowly”

Heinz took a few deep breaths and calmed down after a while. He looked around before moving close to Xu Yi, whispering in a deep voice, “There has been imitations of the Magic Fan!”-

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