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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 9 - Long term plan

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For the Lampuri Kingdom that was to the southwest of the Sines Continent, spring came earlier than most other countries on the continent.

Entering March, the south winds came. The snow on the ground had already been blown away and there were even some sprouts in the fresh soil, bringing a touching trace of green to the monotonous ground.

Xu Yi looked at the eye catching green outside the window and was stunned for a bit before turning back to the kingdoms map on the wall.

To the west of Banta City, other than the area of red where the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factories were, there was a large area of light red to the west. It represented the area the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was going to take under them.

Of course Seveni didnt only bring bad news. After spending two months at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and completing the first batch of agricultural magic machines, Seveni gave Xu Yi some good news. The king had seriously considered it and had agreed to Xu Yis request to rent some land from the royal family.

And unexpected to Xu Yi, the king was even more generous than he had thought.

Xu Yi just tentatively wanted to rent a land with an area of one square kilometer, but the king had increased it by ten times! He agreed to rent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce a giant area of over ten square kilometers!

Moreover, the rent the king had set was even cheaper than Xu Yi had expected.

At first Xu Yi was planning on renting a square kilometer of land and was planning to pay at least five thousand each year in rent, but after the king agreed to rent him ten square kilometers, he actually gave him a rent of only thirty thousand gold coins each year!

If one used conversion based on purchasing power, thirty thousand gold coins was equal to three million RMB.

If any company on earth knew about this, that they could rent a full ten square kilometers with only three million RMB each year, they would have fainted from happiness.

Of course, with the rent being cheap, it meant that the land wouldnt be that good.

Although the king allowed Xu Yi to pick land near Banta City, he requested that it was at least ten kilometers away.

Normally because this land is far away from Banta City, it would be quite bad.

But unexpected to the king and Seveni, Xu Yi actually chose a desolate piece of land that was fifty kilometers to the west of Banta City.

Seveni even thought that Xu Yi was insane.

Although on the map, this place seemed to be in between Banta City, Saltan City, and Karma City, not being that far away from the three cities, it was still over fifty kilometers from the closest Banta City.

With such a large distance, even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built a factory here and produced large amounts of magic machines, it would without a doubt cost a giant amount to transport the magic machines to these cities.

Thinking of how Seveni tried to talk him out of it, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Although Seveni was seriously thinking about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, she didnt know Xu Yis plan at all, so she could only worry in vain.

Xu Yi stood up and moved in front of map. He first looked at the large fire red area before looking to the top left, finally stopping at some forests, rivers, and mountains.

This forest was the Falling Rain Forest.

Those two mountains were the Crossing Mountains where the Norma Tribe and the Angola Tribes dwarves lived.

The river was naturally the one that passed through the Falling Rain Forest, the river that was now filled with silt.

The place Xu Yis eyes fell was where the new tribe was to be constructed after Xu Yi talked with chief Siluka and chief Monto.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce had already sent large amounts of people there and were currently building houses in full force.

After two months of construction, this place of over ten thousand square meters would have buildings of a new tribe that could host over a thousand dwarves.

Once it was complete, according to the estimates of the two dwarven chieves, it could host over three thousand dwarves at once.

Not only would it allow all the dwarves of the Angola and Norma Tribes to move in, it would also leave over half the houses for other dwarven tribes.

His eyes then fell onto a place to the top left of the river where the Night Song Tribe had hidden themselves.

In these past two months, the elves havent been idle.

They had been studying the resin according to Xu Yis requests, while also bringing some human irrigation specialists upriver to see what the situation was.

After a month of inspection, they had finally finished their plan.

The one in charge of this project was still the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce slowly grasped how to use the cement, so they were the only company on the Sines Continent that could follow Xu Yis request to use reinforced cement to build reinforcements along the bank of the river.

Even if this river wasnt big, the amount of time needed for this project was set for over two years.

Xu Yi had no other choice since the Sines Continent didnt have large scale construction machines like on earth. And the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have the technology to make machines that were similar.

But as this project progressed, Xu Yi had instructed the research department to research construction magic machines, so perhaps one or two could be finished in time.

For example, the technology needed for the Magic Concrete Mixer wasnt high and had already been made. After they gave it to the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to use, with how good it was, chairman Cruise ordered a hundred units.

Elder Illusia didnt think that this was long.

For the elves with lifespans of hundreds of years, two years was just a snap of the finger. It wasnt considered much.

Moreover, the Night Song Tribe had abundant underground water right now, so it wasnt pressing for them to fix the river like before.

His eyes looked across the map and Xu Yi put a finger on Banta City on the map. Then he slid his finger out of the city, drawing a straight line that led to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factory. Then going along, he went to the land he rented, to where the new dwarven tribe was before finally stopping at the Falling Rain Forest.

“There needs to at least be proper roads that connect these places.” Xu Yi muttered. Then his finger created two more lines from the land her rented, going to Saltan City and Karma City, “Other than this, there needs to be two more roads.”

According to Xu Yis plan, the large piece of land he rented would become the Frestech Chamber of Commerces most important large scale production base. It would take most of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machine orders.

And for a production base, convenient transportation was one of the first things to consider, so Xu Yi immediately thought about how to construct roads to this place. Rather than ordinary roads made of rocks and sand that was normally constructed on the Sines Continent.

Of course, this plan couldnt be completed for now and currently only existed in Xu Yis mind.

Currently speaking the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production base was the factory Xu Yi was currently in.

“Right, theres still the factory outside Karma City.” Seeing Heinz come in, Xu Yi secretly added in his heart. Then he asked Heinz with a smile, “Hey, Heinz, are you setting off”

There was a tense look on Heinzs mature face. After he went around the office twice, he asked Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, youre really not planning to go with me”

Xu Yi said with a smile, “Why would I go Didnt we already agree that you had full authority for Karma City and I wouldnt meddle Then again, I went when the factory began construction a few days ago, so if I go now, the people there will misunderstand. They will think that you managing them is not a good thing.”

“I know what you say is reasonable, but……” Heinz said with a bitter smile, “Xu Yi, I have never managed such a large place. Actually…..its a bit nerve racking.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Didnt you bravely say before that you wanted to share some of my responsibilities and wanted to run the Karma City factory alone, so why are you telling me youre nervous now Alright, no one knows anything from birth. Didnt you see that I didnt know anything about business before and hasnt the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed properly”

“Thats is different. You…..You have talent, I dont……”

“What talented. Isnt managing these things the same. If you can manage a workshop with several hundred people, then you can manage a factory in Karma City.” Xu Yi patted Heinzs shoulder and said, “Alright, quickly set off. Today is the first day the factory is starting work, if you as the factory manager is late, youll lose face.”

“Then…..Im setting off” Heinz asked in an uncertain voice.

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile and pushed him from behind, pushing him out of the office and onto the horse carriage already prepared for him.

He watched as Heinzs horse carriage disappeared into the distance. Xu Yi shook his head and prepared to return to the magic machine workshop, but he caught a glimpse of a horse carriage in the distance, which unexpected stopped in front of him.

When the horse carriage stopped, a familiar figure jumped out and fell into Xu Yis embrace with a fragrant scent.

Feeling two warm lips pressed on his face, Xu Yi said in surprise, “Still, why are you here”

It was different from the shy appearance when they entered their relationship, now Still had regained her sunny personality like before. Even in front of others, she didnt hide it at all. This kind of bold attitude made Xu Yi blush from time to time.

But Xu Yis personality was quite passive, so he enjoyed Still acting like this.

“I brought a special guest here, look.” Still pointed at the horse carriage with smile.

“Special guest” Xu Yi looked at the horse carriage and saw a middle aged magician wearing a magicians robe, but was covered in the sharp aura of a merchant stepping down.

Seeing Xu Yi look over, the middle aged magician said with a faint smile, “Hello chairman Xu, let me introduce myself. I am Gordon Eisenkel.”-

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