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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 138

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Become my slave

“Weng, weng, weng, weng——”

The deep and rhythmic sound came from the hole without stop, causing the elven tribe to have no peace at all.

If it was normal, the elves who loved a peaceful environment would have been very dissatisfied, but the elves didnt display a single trace of dissatisfaction. Rather they had happy and expectant gazes as they kept staring at where the sound came from.

According to what the human said, not long after, the small Magic Drill would be able to pierce through the rock layer and everyone would be able to use the underground water!

“Chairman Xu, it seems like the elves really are out of touch with the continent.” Elder Illusia looked at the hole that kept making sound and gave a sigh while shaking her head, “You humans have already invented this kind of powerful tool and we elves have remained in the past. Like this, the difference between us and humans will just grow bigger and bigger.”

Xu Yi looked at the hole and revealed a faint smile before asking, “Elder Illusia, if I may ask something impolite, could it be that you elves have never thought about taking power back from the humans”

“Although we have, were clear that it is not possible.” Elder Illusia said, “You humans are the most creative and quickest to learn race among all the races, this point was made clear to the other races during the race wars thousands of years ago. Since the continent is already controlled by you humans, it is impossible for us other races to seize it again. Of course, you humans are a race that love to kill each other. If one day you humans destroy each other, it is possible for us other races to steal back the continent.”

Xu Yi revealed an awkward smile as he thought that elder Illusia wasnt wrong at all.

Killing each other is a trait of humans, there was no way of changing it.

The humans on the Sines Continent were still fine, but the humans on earth had created a weapon of mass destruction that could destroy the earth. If there was ever a nuclear war, humanity might really destroy itself.

“Lets not discuss such a heavy topic.” Xu Yi said with a forced smile, “Lets discuss the problem your tribe has encountered. Elder Illusia, the problem of the underground water has been solved and it can temporarily solve the problem of your tribe. But looking at it from a long term view, if the river situation hasn't changed, the underground water might dry up eventually. So in the end, we still need to solve the problem of changing the river.”

“Of course I understand this point.” Elder Illusia revealed a bitter smile, “But with the ability of our tribe, we couldnt even solve the problem of using the underground water, so how can we solve the problem of the river Chairman Xu, I honestly think that even with the ability of you humans, it is not possible to solve this problem.”

“If it really isnt possible, I wouldnt have come.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Elder Illusia, you also said it just now, we humans are the most creative race. Perhaps we didnt have a way to solve this problem before, but right now I have the confidence to solve it.”

“Youre certain” Elder Illusia honestly asked.

“Im certain.” Xu Yi confidently replied.

Elder Illusia fell silent and she looked at the hole for a while. When she wanted to speak, she felt a shudder and a large sound came from the hole.


A giant water spout came out of the hole, reaching a high ten meters. It created large rainfall all around the hole and everyone near the hole had their clothes become wet.

The elves were all stunned as they looked at the water spout shooting into the sky. After a while, there was a cheer that exploded as they joyfully danced around this water spout.

Even the every calm elder Illusia who had been standing there allowed the water to fall onto her, as she couldnt hold back the excited look on her face.

Only Xu Yi saw that when the water spouted out, there was also the two male elves who had been sent into the hole to control the small Magic Drill and the small Magic Drill that were sent flying.

But these two elves were very agile, so after being shot out, they twisted in the air and dexterously fell down, without a single injury.

Xu Yi relaxed at this. He quickly moved to Vivian and Stills side who were stunned and quickly pulled the two aside.

The elves had strong physiques, so naturally they werent afraid of being soaked in cold water in winter, but they couldnt handle it.

The elves wildly celebrated for two more hours before stopped. At this time, Xu Yiys group of three had been led by elder Illusia to a large log cabin to rest.

“Chairman Xu, we sincerely thank you for solving our tribes urgent problem.” Elder Illusia had a look of sincere gratitude as she thanked Xu Yi, “Of course, only thanking you has no meaning, so now please give us your request.”

Xu Yi knit his brows to think before shaking his head and saying, “Elder Illusia, actually this problem wasnt considered too troublesome and I didnt contribute that much, so Im not qualified to ask for much. To be honest, before I even have an understanding of your tribe, I dont even know what would be an appropriate request. Currently speaking, I hope that you will allow Agnes to work at my company designing products. She has enough value that it is worth me helping you this time.”

“Although I believe that chairman Xu will be kind to Agnes, Im very sorry since I cannot believe that other humans will have the same kind intentions towards Agnes. If Agnes goes to work at your company, it is inevitable that she will enter human society. Can you promise that she will not be harmed by other humans” Elder Illusia asked.

Xu Yi thought about it before saying, “That means that as long as I can guarantee Agnes safety, you will allow Agnes to work for our company”

“There is another condition, which is that Agnes herself is willing.” Elder Illusia added.

“I think Agnes wouldnt disagree with this.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “As for how to protect Agnes, I have a proposition. That is to make Agnes my slave.”

Elder Illusia tightly knit her brows. Anger flashed in her eyes and her tone instantly turned ice cold.

“Chairman Xu, these are your true thoughts”

Xu Yi looked at elder Illusia and waved his hand with a smile, “Elder Illusia, youre mistaken. The slave Im talking about is just a slave in name, it doesnt mean I want Agnes to really become my slave.”

“Is there a difference” Elder Illusia asked with a cold snort.

“Of course. If Agnes becomes my slave in name, then that means she is my property by the kingdoms laws, so that means no one is allowed to harm her without my permission. Like this, at least on the surface, other humans wont harm her in any way. Otherwise they will be punished according to the kingdoms laws.”

“Then how can you ensure that no one will take advantage of her in secret” Elder Illusia asked without any politeness.

“To be a bit arrogant, as the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I can be considered to have some position in the human world. If normal humans want to do anything to my slaves, it would be hard to ignore me. Then again, Agnes strength is very outstanding and she has the powerful Shadow Stealth Spell. If anyone wants to take advantage of her, even if she cant beat them, couldnt she at least run away” Xu Yi said.

“Then after she becomes your slave, you wont try to limit her” Elder Illusia asked again.

“Of course not. Ive already said this, its only in name. Actually Agnes will be an official member of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and I will only give her corresponding work, but I wont limit her at all. Unless it is necessary, I wont tell others that she is my slave.”

Elder Illusia considered this before giving a slight nod, “Although this method is good, let me consider it for a bit. Other than this, I still need to ask Agnes for her opinion, so I cant respond right now.”

“That is how it should be.”

After ending this short conversation, elder Illusia had the elves under her take Xu Yi to another room to rest.

Xu Yis room was right beside Vivian and Stills room. When he came in, Still and Vivian followed him inside.

“Xu Yi, did those elves make it hard on you” Still looked over Xu Yi with a worried face, as if she was afraid that elder Illusia had taken advantage of Xu Yi.

Xu Yi couldnt help laughing, “I say, Still, we came to help them this time, so even if they dont thank us, would they do anything to us”

“But Ive heard that the elves have always hated humans, so what if they suddenly go crazy……” Stills heart still wasnt settled.

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes, “Youve known Agnes all this time, have you seen her gone crazy” After saying this, he turned to ask Vivian, “Vivian, how are you feeling Are you tired”

Vivian shook her head with a smile, “Im not, this place is quite fun. Look, there was an elf who even gave me a present.”

Seeing Vivian take out a gift, Xu Yis eyes lit up. After carefully looking over it for a while and touching it a few times, he couldnt help becoming excited.

This light green crystal toy that had the shape of a tiger, it had a smooth surface. It wouldnt deform no matter how hard he pressed on it. No matter how he looked at it, this should be made of resin.

To make it easier to understand, this thing was actually a plastic product!-

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