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Entering the pit

The male elf who detained Xu Yi earlier pointed his bow at Xu Yi again and roared in a cold voice, “Human, apologize for your disrespect now or dont blame me for being impolite!”

The surrounding elves all had uneasy looks as they coldly stared at Xu Yi.

Agnes was surprised. She quickly came to Xu Yis side and said in a low voice, “Chairman Xu, you…..Why did you say this kind of thing to the elder”

Xu Yi smiled at her, “Relax, the elder isnt angry because I spoke the truth.”

Everyone turned to look at elder Illusia and they didnt see a displeased look on her face. Rather she seemed to be quite happy with Xu Yis words as she said with a faint smile, “Human, I said just now, there is no point in meaningless compliments. Although I dont seem that much bigger than you, Im already over three hundred years old. Im old enough to be your ancestor, you think there is any meaning in praising me”

Xu Yi shook his head, “No, I think the elder has misunderstood. Although your beauty and aura has moved my heart, but the thing I value the most is your intelligence and knowledge. If I can learn some things from you, this trip would be worth it for me. Not to mention that the elves have value that you havent noticed yet, for example, her……” Xu Yi pointed at Agnes.

The elves looked at Agnes who was pointing at herself in a daze with a confused look on her face.

“Based on what Agnes said before, you wanted to request her as your reward for helping our tribe” Elder Illusia said this and the temperature around Xu Yi, Still, and Vivian dropped. The surrounding elves were all releasing waves of killing intent, “Human, I want to seriously warn you about something. You humans have caught many elves as slaves before, we elves abhor this matter. If you want to raise this kind of request, I urge you to leave immediately. Even if our tribe disappears from this world from this trouble, I definitely wont agree to your request.”

Seeing the hostile eyes of the elves around him, Xu Yi wanted to speak after revealing a bitter smile, but Agnes said while waving her hands first, “Elder, youre mistaken. Chairman Xu does not want me to be his slave, he just…...He just wants me to work for him.”

“Work” Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “What kind of work can Agnes do for you She is still just a child.”

Xu Yi said with a smile, “Honourable elder Illusia, like I said just now, Agnes has value that you havent discovered yet. Ill give you an example, like during the half a month that Agnes was following me, she helped us design a new product for our company. This new product has sold for half a month now, but it has earned over a hundred thousand gold coins for our company.”

“A hundred thousand gold coins” Not just the surrounding eleves, even elder Illusias eyes couldnt help popping out as she asked in shock, “Youre saying that Agnes has helped your company earn over a hundred thousand gold coins”

“Thats not exactly right.” Xu Yi shook his head, “The new product is the culmination of many peoples work, it isnt just Agnes alone. But based on my personal opinion, Agnes has played the largest part. If we were to divide this with the hundred thousand gold coins, Agnes value is at least twenty thousand gold coins.”

Hearing that Xu Yi had such a high appraisal of her, Agnes couldnt help reveal a look of joy. She smiled as she looked at Xu Yi.

“Twenty thousand gold coins……” Elder Illusia gave a slight nod, “Human, although I dont like you using gold coins to measure value, I admit that this model is very easy to understand. But even if Agnes is hiding this immense value in her, I dont agree to hand her to you. You humans have been very unkind to us elves, I do not think that Agnes will be able to safely live in your human world.”

Seeing the serious look on elder Illusias face, Xu Yi could only cry out bitterly in his heart.

The gap between human and elves were too deep, so their prejudice against humans were too strong. If he wanted to change the impressions of these stubborn elves on humans in a short period of time, it was basically impossible.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi gave up on this topic and revealed a smile again. He pointed at the box another male elf was carrying and said, “Alright, elder Illusia, before we finish our work, its meaningless to talk about rewards. Lets see how we should help your first.”

Elder Illusia nodded with a faint smile, “It seems like youre a human who doesnt like idle talks, I like this very much. Come with me.”

Elder Illusia led the way and their group entered a gap between two large trees. After taking several steps, they came to a large hole in the small open space in front of them.

“We tried to use underground water, but after we dug ten meters deep, we met this very thick rock layer. The rock is too firm and even I couldnt dig through it, so we could only give up in the end.” Elder Illusia pointed at the large hole as she said this.

Xu Yi came close to the hole and looked down. He found that even with the bright light above him, he couldnt see what this pit was like at all.

“Elder Illusia, do you have a long enough rope I want to go down to take a look.” Xu Yi said.

Still on the side pulled Xu Yis sleeve and shook her head at him.

Seeing her worried appearance, Xu Yi said with a smile, “Relax, there are many noble elves here, nothing will happen to me.”

Elder Illusia revealed a faint smile, “Human, you dont need to use words to force us, we elves have our own principle.” After talking to a male elf, he quickly left and came back with a long rattan rope not long after.

Xu Yi took the rope and pulled hard on it, finding that the rattan rope was incomparably strong. It was probably stronger than nylon rope of the same thickness.

Tying the rope around his waist, Xu Yi prepared to enter the hole to take a look.

Seeing that Xu Yi wanted to climb down, Agnes suddenly came out.

“Elder, how about I go down with him If something happens, I can save him.”

Elder Illusia looked at Agnes with a surprised look. After thinking about it, she said with a nod, “Alright, we cant just let a human guest risk himself.”

Still looked at Xu Yi and Agnes being bound together with a strange look. She opened her mouth, but she couldnt say anything in the end.

Vivian on the side said in an annoyed voice, “Its good if I had the same skills as big sister Agnes.”

Still looked at her and thought the same, but other than their natural talent, the elves had lived in the forest since they were young and trained bit by bit, so their skills were not something that humans could match.

The two could only helplessly watch as Xu Yi and Agnes went into the hole with their faces basically touching each other.

Hearing that Agnes wanted to go down with him, Xu Yi didnt have any special thoughts to begin with. But as they went deeper and deeper and it became darker and darker, he could feel various things changing around him.

He felt that his body was being pressed tighter against Agnes and could even feel her breath falling onto his face. Even if Xu Yi was a block head, he couldnt stop his heart from beating faster.

In this dark environment, even ones heartbeat could be heard clearly.

“Chairman Xu, are you scared” Agnes suddenly asked.

It was fine if she didnt speak, but once she did, more of her breath came out.

Of course it wasnt bad breath. Rather there was a delicate plant fragrance in her breath and made Xu Yis mind tremble after he smelled it.

This made Xu Yi feel even more awkward. Not only did his heart beat faster, even a certain part couldnt help reacting.

It was a good thing this hold was only ten meters deep. When Xu Yi felt his foot touching ground, his heart calmed down.

Agnes stretched out a finger and a green light appeared on her finger, lighting up the depths of this hole.

The pit the elves dug was quite spacious. The bottom was around ten square meters, allowing the two of them enough space to move around.

With the light in Agnes hand, Xu Yi carefully looked around them. Then he bent down and used his hand to touch the dirt on the ground, revealing the hidden rock layer.

Xu Yi first touched it with his hand and based on the feeling, the rock layer shouldnt be too dense and was rather loose, so he couldnt help nodding in satisfaction.

This kind of rock layer, it didnt matter how deep it was, the tool he brought could drill through it.

Actually in a normal situation, in a forest like the Falling Rain Forest, there shouldnt be this kind of rock layer ten meters under the ground. Not to mention that there were giant trees on the surface, which had roots that should have stopped this rock layer from forming. So this situation was completely different from Xu Yis common knowledge.

But thinking that this place wasnt earth and that he couldnt apply common sense from earth here, Xu Yi relaxed and didnt think of this problem.

After he finished investigating, Xu Yi pulled on the rattan rope on him to tell the elves above to pull him and Agnes up again.

When he met the hopeful looks of the elves and elder Illusia, Xu Yi nodded, “There shouldnt be a problem.”

The elves let out a sigh of relief and even elder Illusia revealed a trace of joy on her face.

Xu Yi didnt care that much and opened the box he brought, revealing machine with a drill that was as thick as his arm.

Xu Yi lifted this machine with effort and said to elder Illusia with a smile, “Honoured elder, Im honoured to introduce this to you. This is our Frestech Chamber of Commerces newly developed magic machine for solving the problem of your tribe, called the small Magic Drill.”-

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