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Elven tribe

Xu Yi and the other three rested in the Norma Tribe for a night before setting off to the Angola Tribe early next morning. After discussing some things with chief Monto and setting some things in terms of building the new tribe, they headed off to the Falling Rain Forest while being led by Agnes.

There was no path through the Falling Rain Forest, so the four could only abandon the horse carriage and walk through the mountain forest with Agnes on foot.

It was a good thing that the Falling Rain Forest was less than twenty kilometers away, so even the weakest Vivian could keep going.

When it was evening on the next day, the four finally came to the boundary of the Falling Rain Forest.

The sky outside the Falling Rain Forest was still lit up, but once they entered the forest, the thick foliage and branches above their heads had blocked off the light, not letting in a single ray.

But the Falling Rain Forest was not completely dark. Looking around, there were bits of green, purple, or blue light twinkling around them. It covered the forest in a strange colour and made it more mysterious.

This was a common sight for Agnes, but Xu Yi, Still, and Vivian who was here for the first time couldnt help gasping in surprise.

Especially the two girls Vivian and Still, they were filled with curiosity and excitement over the mysterious scene in front of them.

Still even grabbed Xu Yis arm and excitedly shouted, “Xu Yi, how nice would it be if we could live here every day! This place is too beautiful!”

Xu Yi expressionlessly pointed at the ground by her feet, “Look out, dont step on that snake.”

Still jumped in fear and looked down at where Xu Yi pointed, seeing a giant dark green snake slivering in front of her.

That giant snake didnt seem to fear people at all and seemed to completely ignore them. It slithered in front of the four of them before disappearing into the darkness on the side.

“That is a Green Leaf Snake, it doesnt bite people.” Agnes pointed at where the snake disappeared as she explained this. She waved her hand at the three of them, “Follow me or itll be very easy to become lost.”

The three quickly nodded and tightly followed Agnes, heading deeper into the Falling Rain Forest.

Before they entered the Falling Rain Forest, Xu Yi didnt understand why even though many people knew that the elves lived in the forest, almost no one had seen the elves before.

After entering the Falling Rain Forest, Xu Yi understood before long.

The Falling Rain Forest wasnt considered a very wide forest, but once one went in, the surroundings made it very easy for people to become lost.

Moreover, there were thick plants that grew in the forest that made it hard for people to pass.

If it wasnt for Agnes leading the way, if the three of them came in alone, they would quickly lose their way and wouldnt know where they were at all.

To want to find the elves that lived in this kind of complicated environment, it was almost impossible to do.

Not to mention that Agnes was already agile, moving very quickly. Once she entered the Falling Rain Forest, it was like her body had lost all weight and she easily jumped through the forest, like it didnt take any effort at all.

At first the three could barely keep up, but after less than an hour, Xu Yi already couldnt keep going anymore.

The reason why he was weaker than a little girl like Vivian was because there was a large wooden box on Xu Yis back. It contained important tools he needed for this trip to the elven tribe.

The box weighed several dozen pounds, so even if Xu Yi was a young man, he couldnt keep carrying it on his back for a long period of time.

Agnes saw this scene and directly took the box from Xu Yis back, easily carrying it on her back. Her other hand was supporting the panting Vivian as she continued without any effort at all.

Still looked at Xu Yi in disdain and Xu Yi gave a helpless bitter laugh. Then the two did the same thing as they both laughed while continuing forward.

They kept going like this for around two hours, resting two times in the middle. Agnes suddenly signaled for the three to stop and put down the box on her back while letting go of Vivian before saying to Xu Yi, “Wait a bit.” She jumped up after saying this and landed on a large tree. After jumping twice, she disappeared into the forest.

Still was surprised by this and couldnt help saying in a worried voice, “Xu Yi, she wouldnt be ditching us here, right”

Xu Yi fell onto his butt and patted the ground beside him, “Relax, Agnes still hopes that we can solve the problem with her tribe. Come, rest up first.”

Still looked in the direction Agnes disappeared in. She thought about it and thought that being anxious was no use, so she sat down by Xu Yi.

After the three of them rested for around ten minutes and caught their breath, there was sound from the trees above them and more than ten figures jumped down.

Xu Yi looked at them and found that the first one down was Agnes. Of the ones who jumped down with Agnes, there were men and women, all with long ears. It seemed like they were elves like Agnes.

“Agnes, your clansmen are here to pick us up” Xu Yi stood up and waved his hand to Agnes. Who would have thought that the male elf behind Agnes would suddenly take a step forward, coming in front of her. He raised his arms and the bow in his hands were pointed at Xu Yi.

“Human, put down your hand.”

Seeing the vigilant look on the male elfs face, Xu Yi said to Agnes with a frown, “What Agnes, you didnt tell them that we were coming”

“I did, but……” Agnes expression looked a bit awkward. After pausing, she said to Xu Yi with a pleading look, “Chairman Xu, please just do what they say, alright Please be assured, they will not hurt you.”

Xu Yi gave a soft snort and put down his hand.

Compared to Xu Yis treatment, the elves were better to Still and Vivian. Not only did they not point bows at them like the male elf, even the female elves near them curiously looked them over, not showing any hostility.

It seemed like not only did humans rarely see elves, even elves rarely saw humans. They were also filled with curiosity for humans.

Seeing Xu Yi put down his hand, the male elfs hostility faded, but he didnt relax his vigilance at all. He made a hand gesture to the other elves and the other elves took out a thick cloth.

“Chairman Xu, young miss Still, young miss Vivian, please cover your eyes.” Agnes awkwardly said, “This is the elders request, please understand.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and didnt say anything as he pointed at his eyes.

The cloth was thick and once it was tied, Xu Yi fell into darkness and he couldnt see anything at all.

A slender hand reached out and took Xu Yis hand at this time. Agnes voice softly rang in Xu Yis ears, “Chairman Xu, follow me.”

Xu Yi was pulled along by Agnes. After walking around in the forest without knowing anything, he felt his body brushing by many things before he felt Agnes beside him stop.

“Chairman Xu, were here.” Agnes reached out to take the cloth covering Xu Yis eyes and a warm and bright light green light entered his eyes.

Xu Yi blinked before opening his eyes, finding that his group had actually come to an empty area.

The Falling Rain Forest was covered in plants. Xu Yis group had walked for half a day without seeing an empty area, but now they had appeared in an empty area of around five hundred square meters which surprised Xu Yi.

Looking around, Xu Yi found that there were several large trees that reached twenty meters into the sky.

Looking at these giant trees, he found that there were beautiful log cabins on the thick branches of these trees.

Although these log cabins were on the branches, they werent intrusive at all and seemed to be a part of the giant tree. The design was beautiful, fully displaying the elves personality of loving beauty.

Looking up again, Xu Yi found that the leaves of the giant trees had tightly covered the sky, not revealing any gaps at all.

But there were faint green lights at the top of the trees that illuminated the entire area.

He turned around to see that Still and Vivian also had their blindfolds removed and were currently curiously looking around, which made Xu Yi calm down. When he wanted to question Agnes, there were shadows that appeared above him.

Looking up, he saw a female elf slowly falling down from the sky.

Xu Yis heart trembled.

This female elf could actually slowly fall to the ground, it meant that her attainments in Wind Magic had already reached the Great Magician level.

He never thought that in this small elf tribe, there was actually a Great Magician!

But thinking about it, it wasnt that strange.

The elemental magic humans had came from the elves in the first place. As well, compared to humans with short lives, elves had more time to learn. It could be said that all older elves were all powerful magicians.

Although this female elf didnt seem that much older than Agnes, elves didnt change much after they became adults. So as for how old she really was, Xu Yi couldnt estimate at all.

“Human, you are Xu Yi” The female elf looked over Xu Yi before asking this.

Even neglecting her beautiful and mysterious appearance, just based on this gentle voice, it made people unable to stop themselves from feeling affection for her.

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Thats right, I am Xu Yi. You should be elder Illusia that Agnes keeps mentioning, right”

The female elf looked at Agnes on the side before a faint smile appeared on her lips, “Agnes has frequently mentioned me to you”

Agnes expression became a bit awkward, but she lowered her head and didnt dare speak.

“Yes. Whenever Agnes mentions you, she would hold you in high respects. Before I came here, I was very curious about you.” Xu Yi said.

Elder Illusia revealed a faint smile, “Human, meaningless compliments have no use to me. Since I have already agreed to let Agnes bring you here, it means that I am willing to accept your help. But Im clearer than Agnes on the fact that humans wouldnt do anything without any meaning. Since youre willing to help us, it means you can benefit from us. But human, now that you have seen our place, do you think there is anything here worth you helping us”

Xu Yi said with a smile, “Of course there is. Based on what I can see, there are countless things here that can move my heart. For example, elder Illusia is one of them.”

When this was said, the expressions of the surrounding elves changed.-

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