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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 130

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You really have money

The hall had been quiet since the ending had been decided, but once this voice sounded and rang through the hall, everyones eyes had been attracted.

After seeing who this voice belonged to, everyones expressions filled with shock.

It was actually Xu Yi!

It was actually the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

The shock instantly turned into deep doubt.

How much did Xu Yi call out One million and eight hundred thousand gold coins!

Based on what did he shout that sky high price Where did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce get all that money

Although Xu Yi had just taken out the five hundred thousand gold notes from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce, no one really thought the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was here to participate in the auction. They all thought that Xu Yi was just here for the fun.

No one would have thought that when the Leo Chamber of Commerce gave up, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would jump in.

Chairman Morgan looked at Xu Yi and the unsettled feeling in his heart became stronger.

According to normal analysis, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce couldnt take out that much money at all.

But after seeing Xu Yi take out the five Chimera Chamber of Commerces gold notes, chairman Morgan suddenly felt that the matter tonight would not be as easy as he expected.

As expected, the Leo Chamber of Commerce jumped out first, causing chairman Morgan to add an entire three hundred thousand gold coins to the price in his mind. Now there was another Xu Yi that jumped out.

“One million and eight hundred thousand” Chairman Morgan looked at Xu Yi and said with a smile, “Chairman Xu, it isnt that I dont believe you, but does your Frestech Chamber of Commerce really have that much money I think that five hundred thousand should have been borrowed from somewhere, right”

Xu Yi pretended to be surprised, “How does chairman Morgan know I borrowed them Right, thats right, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce cant take out that much money, so we could only borrow it. Its a good thing that someone with a good heart was willing to lend to me, otherwise I really wouldnt dare come to this auction.”

Chairman Morgan shook his head, “I can barely believe lending your Frestech Chamber of Commerce five hundred thousand gold coins, but to lend you one million and eight hundred thousand…..Not just me, if you ask many people here, would they believe it”

Although no one in the hall backed up chairman Morgan, based on the expression on their faces, it was clear they were filled with doubt.

Without waiting for Xu Yi to respond, chairman Morgan turned his head to Count Sean who was supervising the auction not far away and said with a polite bow, “Lord City Lord, I now doubt that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce cant take out that much money, so chairman Xus actions are just causing trouble. I ask you to follow the rules of the auction and throw him out.”

Hearing chairman Morgans words, the hall was filled with an uproar again.

Although most people didnt feel that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could take out a large amount like one million and eight hundred thousand, chairman Morgan right now was completely tearing off all face with Xu Yi!

After thinking about it, they felt that chairman Morgans actions were very right.

If Xu Yi was really thrown out, it wouldnt just be Xu Yi losing face, even the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would find it hard to stand firm in Banta City.

With the strength of the Falcao Chamber of Commerce, would they be worried about tearing off all face with a small Frestech Chamber of Commerce

Count Sean knit his brows and rose to look at Xu Yi before looking at chairman Morgan. He said in a deep voice, “Chairman Morgan, that is only your own suspicion. It does not constitute a reason for me to throw out chairman Xu.”

Chairman Morgan nodded before pointing at Xu Yi to say, “Then Lord City Lord, I hope that chairman Xu can prove that he has the ability to take out one million and eight hundred thousand gold coins. Otherwise, he is just disrupting the auction and I am very dissatisfied and against this.”

Xu Yi couldnt help saying, “Chairman Morgan, why dont you prove it first”

Chairman Morgan said with a cold laugh, “Does our Falcao Chamber of Commerce need to prove anything Were not a small company like you!”

Xu Yi looked at chairman Morgan and felt strange.

Although he had expected that chairman Morgan would react to his sudden bid, he never thought that his reaction would be this strong.

Could it be that chairman Morgan had secretly received some information

Thinking about it, Xu Yi had some ideas, but he still revealed a smile. He turned to Count Sean to say, “Lord City Lord, according to normal logic, I feel that chairman Morgans request and protest is all nonsense and there is no need to care. But chairman Morgans point does make a point. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is only a small company, of course we dont have the same rights Falcao Chamber of Commerce. So this time, in order not to trouble the Lord City Lord, Ive decided to take out evidence that will prove that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has the ability to pay this bid.”

Including chairman Morgan, everyone looked at Xu Yi with curious gazes.

This fellow could actually prove it How was he going to prove it

“Lord City Lord, can I bring in a companion” Xu Yi then asked Count Sean.

“That companion can prove this” Count Sean asked back.

“Yes.” Xu Yi nodded.

“Alright then.”

Count Sean called the host over and had him personally bring Xu Yi out of the hall.

When Xu Yi left, the banquet hall instantly filled with noise, as everyone began discussing this. They were curious about who Xu Yi was calling that was able to prove that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was able to pay the giant one million and eight hundred thousand bid.

“I think this fellows just looking for a way to escape, right” Chairman Morgan said with a cold snort.

The Sarank Chamber of Commerces chairman Manhattan Rank and the Armani Chamber of Commerces chairman Samuel Vincent looked at each other, both being able to see the unsettled look in each others eyes.

Manhattan Rank thought about it before saying, “Chairman Morgan, although I know that your Falcao Chamber of Commerce must obtain these two iron mines, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is still a part of our Business Union. We dont need to ruin our relationships like this, right”

“Thats right, chairman Morgan, just let Xu Yi bid and stop if you think that its too high. Anyway, we all know that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesnt have that much money. When he cant take it out, the one embarrassed is him and his Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it is unrelated to you. Then according to the rules of the auction, your Falcao Chamber of Commerce that gave the second highest bid can take the iron mine. Is there a need to cause trouble with him here” Chairman Vincent supported him, “Right now there are company representatives from other cities, if they see that our Banta Citys companies have this kind of relationship, we will be laughed at by them.”

“This fellow sought this himself, he should have just honestly kept making magic machines. He actually wants to meddle in the business of our Falcao Chamber of Commerce, this is already breaking the rules, you cant blame me.” Chairman Morgan said.

Actually he agreed with chairman Vincents words. In normal circumstances, he wasnt willing to break all face with Xu Yi.

But he felt that something was strange tonight, which made him feel very restless, causing him to request Xu Yi to provide proof like this.

As for falling out with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce over this, he and the Falcao Chamber of Commerce didnt care.

President Rank and chairman Vincent looked at each other before giving helpless bitter smiles.

This time, they really hoped that Xu Yi wouldnt come back.

But facts wasnt as they wished. Less than five minutes after Xu Yi left, he returned to the hall with the host while also bringing someone with him.

The curious gazes of the people in the hall fell onto this person and surprised gasps came from the hall.

“Its actually him!”

When chairman Morgan saw this person, his expression became very ugly.

When president Rank saw this person and after he looked at chairman Morgan, his face became very bright.

Only chairman Vincent felt a bit confused. Seeing the changes with their expressions, he took another look at that person. He found that the person who came in with Xu Yi was a well proportioned middle aged man with a very neat dress, that wasnt a single bit out of place. That person let out a serious and fine aura, just a single glance was enough to tell that he was someone with ability and status.

But based on his outer dress, this person shouldnt have made chairman Morgan and president Rank have this kind of large reaction.

“Who is this person”

President Rank looked at Xu Yi with a relaxed smile on his face and said with a bitter smile, “Youll know in a while.”

In front of everyones complicated gazes, Xu Yi and that person was led by the host to the stage.

Count Sean looked at that person before looking at Xu Yi with a smile, “Xu Yi, you really have quite some face.”

Xu Yi said with a smile, “Lord City Lords praise is too much. Can I ask him to help me answer chairman Morgans question now”

Count Sean gave a slight nod, “Of course.”

Xu Yi said a few words in a low voice to that person and that person nodded. He came to the stage and looked over everyone below before saying in a loud voice, “Everyone, first let me introduce myself. I am the Chimera Chamber of Commerces Lampuri Kingdom branchs manager, Fieri Rose.”

As soon as his voice fell, even more shocked gasps sounded from beneath the stage compared to before.

This person was actually someone from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce!

Everyone instantly understood. It was no wonder Xu Yi could take out five large gold notes from the Chimera Chamber of Commerce, he actually had some relation with the Chimera Chamber of Commerce!

Even larger doubts appeared in everyones mind.

The small Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how did they become related to the Chimera Chamber of Commerce Even sending out a manager to Banta City to help Xu Yi solve his problem

Fieri Rose ignored the doubts in everyones eyes and continued without any expression, “In response to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xus request, I have come to specially announce something to everyone. After strict verification, we have accepted the Frestech Chamber of Commerces loan application to us, at a total amount of five million gold coins.”-

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