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Book 8: Chapter 104: Dont bother me with small matters

The Candra Empires situation was much worse than Zebert had described it.

When he was still on the Sines Continent, the situation in the Candra Empires southern province had been deteriorating. The worker riot spread across the entire province and even the army sent to pacify them had been defeated.

This situation was regarded as quite serious by many people in the Candra Empire.

However, in the twenty days Zebert escaped the southern province and decided to escape from the Torea Dominion harbour to come to the Magic Cloud Continent, the situation in the Candra Empire became several times more serious.

After the worker riot in the southern province, there were similar large scale riots that appeared in several other provinces of the Candra Empire.

The most serious was in the Lamaske Province which was even worse than the southern province.

The Lamaske Provinces Governor Rockfield had actually lost his life in the riots.

After the Governor Manor lost control of the Lamaske Province, it had fallen into complete chaos.

At the same time, the Marlow Empire had received news of the internal strife of the Candra Empire, so they immediately chose to launch an all out attack.

The Candra Empire was already unstable from the internal strife and they didnt expect the Marlow Empire to strengthen their attack, so they were caught off guard as they were pushed back again and again. The two regiments in the north that had been skirmishing with the Marlow Empire army had been completely destroyed.

This disastrous defeat made the Candra Empires situation even worse.

The Candra empires southwest province Governor Manor announced that since the royal family and parliament were engaged in wanton war, making the civilians unable to live stable lives, the southwest province decided that they would no longer follow the leadership of the empire out of fear of being affected.

To put it more directly, the southwest province was declaring their independence.

Before anyone else could react, another two provinces declared their independence.

Adding in the seven provinces that were affected by the worker riots, the Candra Empire had lost control of ten of their provinces.

This made people remember twenty years ago when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce invaded the Candra Empire with the Rudson Kingdom, causing defeat again and again for the Candra Empire.

The Candra Empire had become chaotic during that time with many provinces announcing their independence.

If it wasnt for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announcing their support for the Candra Empire royal family afterwards, even if the Candra Empire had signed a peace treaty with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Candra Empire would have been split apart.

Right now, the Candra Empire fell into the same chaos as twenty years ago. Would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce show their support for the Candra Empire royal family again

“Dad Do we need to act”

Freyas voice crossed over ten thousand kilometers to reach Xu Yis ears through the Magic Communicator, showing the bit of confusing in her voice.

“Why are you asking me this” Xu Yi asked back, “You are the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, only you can make this decision.”

“Arent I hoping to get a bit of advice from the past chairman as the current chairman……”

Hearing the spoiled tone in Freyas voice, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Freya hadnt been the chairman for a short period of time and she was already an important person on the Sines Continent. If others knew about how she acted in front of him, it would be quite the shock.

“My suggestion My suggestion is to think about what you want to do first. Are there any benefits to you or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in meddling with the Candra Empires matters If there is, then go do it. If there isnt, why would you do it”

There was silence for a bit from the other side before Freya agreed in a soft voice.

“I understand, but……” Freya hesitated a bit before saying, “Dad, if the way that I handle things is different from your ideas before, would you be……angry”

“Why would I be angry” Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head, but Freya couldnt see it. He said in a very serious tone, “Ive already said it, the matters of the Sines Continent arent related to me. How the continent will turn out is already their choice. I have something else important to take care of, so dont bother me with these small matters in the future.”

Freya, who was over ten thousand kilometers away, stuck out her tongue.

This was an important matter about the life and death of the Candra Empire, but it was actually a small matter for lord father.

Could it be that the only important thing for him was now outer space research

After hanging up the call with Freya, Xu Yi received another call that was from Akali.

“Sir chairman, its prepared over here. Come over quickly.”

“Alright, Ill be there immediately.”

Half an hour later, Xu Yi appeared on a small island around thirty kilometers northwest of Sky Island.

This small island was where Cassandra had been sent to after she had activated the Abyss Demon Race ruin on Alice.

Akali, her research team, and elder Lisanya were already waiting here. Seeing Xu Yi arrive, Akali pointed at the Abyss Demon Race stone column that her researchers were surrounding.

“Sir chairman, the magic signal Cassandra is sending from Alice is already connected. Look, there is a pattern that appeared.”

Xu Yi looked at it and found that there was a weak light blue glow around this stone pillar.

If he looked carefully, he would see that this light blue glow formed a very complicated pattern.

This glow was close to the glow that was released when he injected magic power into the stone column the first time, but Xu Yi didnt know if there were any fundamental differences.

No one was injecting magic power into the stone pillar right now, but rather Cassandra on Alice that was over three hundred kilometers away was injecting magic onto the Abyss Demon Race ruins on Alice, creating a resonance effect.

They had done this experiment many times already and Cassandra had already flown to Alice over ten times.

Akali and the others had already analyzed the exact pattern, even linking it to the current transfer arrays that magicians grasped, making the judgement thatthese ruins were just a giant transfer array.

Akali had called Xu Yi here today to take it a step further, performing an even bolder experiment.

“Elder Lisanya, are you really going” Xu Yi turned to ask elder Lisanya this question.

Elder Lisanya gave a firm nod.

“Of course. Being able to know which world the Abyss Demon Race went to will be very useful for our elven study of the ancestors history.”

“That isnt the only goal……” Xu Yi looked at her, but he didnt ask anything else as he nodded at Akali to start.

Akali waved her hand and the equipment the other researchers had prepared activated.

After a while, there was a layer of light blue light that appeared around the stone pillar.

Xu Yi focused on the special magic fluctuations that came from the stone pillar, comparing it to the magic fluctuations of the spatial magic that he grasped before making slight adjustments.

“Sir chairman, its already been adjusted.” Akali suddenly said in a nervous voice.

“Alright, then Im going.” Xu Yi looked at her with a smile as he walked to the center of the stone pillar and other equipment.

“Sir chairman, youre…..youre really going” Akali suddenly asked.

Xu Yi looked at her with a surprised look, but seeing her worried expression, he said with a smile, “Relax, didnt we succeed many times with our experiment before Look, Cassandra is on Alice eating her favourite snacks while watching the new season of «Dragon Legends» that she starred in, doesnt that already prove that theres no problems with our experiment”

“But……But we only transferred non living things before and now that we are transferring living things, Im afraid……that it will be dangerous.” Akali paused before taking a step forward, “At least……it shouldnt be you taking this risk, right”

“If I dont go, will you go” Xu Yi asked back with a smile before waving his hand, “Forget it, my magic is much stronger than all of yours, so if there is danger, its clear that its best that I go. Then again, Cassandra has successfully gone back and forth several times, which means that this is at least possible.”

Seeing that Xu Yi had already made his decision, Akali knew that there was no use trying to persuade him. She gave a sigh and moved off to the side.

“Elder Lisanya, wait until I send back the news that its safe before you go there, alright”

Elder Lisanya gave a silent nod.

After he finished giving his orders, Xu Yi nodded to Akali.

Akali gritted her teeth before forcefully pressing a button on the control panel in front of her.

The stone pillar suddenly released a strong blue light that completely covered Xu Yi.

Xu Yi could feel the magic space around him quickly changing, also changing the elemental magic energy around him.

This change was very familiar to him, it was like when he used spatial magic.

But there was a slight difference that he had felt many times during the experiments over the past period.

Xu Yi carefully felt this difference while controlling his magic power, so that he wasnt affected by the changes around him.

The experiments had succeeded before because they were transferring non living things, so it wouldnt influence the magic space around it.

But now that an Arch Magus like him who could easily affect the magic space around him was going, it would be very hard for him to be transferred according to Akalis analysis.

So he had to control his magic so that he was the same as a normal person, but he must also be prepared to use his magic power to protect himself at any time.

After a while, Xu Yi had felt that the magic space around him had already changed to a certain degree.

“Its about time.”

Xu Yi silently thought before he felt the magic space around him change into a special state that he had never felt before as everything in front of him turned dark.

After less than two seconds, which felt like a very long time for Xu Yi, there was a faint glow that appeared in front of him.

Then a familiar voice rang out behind him.

“Hey, chairman Xu, welcome to Alice.”-

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