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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 103: Worker riots

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Book 8: Chapter 103: Worker riots

Whether it was his work or his life, Great Magician Leman was very satisfied, so naturally he was very spirited.

When he was on a walk, he no longer looked as sorry as he did when he first arrived.

No matter who he met, he would give a nod with a faint smile to the other side and he would obtain a friendly smile in response.

Today was his day off. It had been a long time since he had been alone with his wife and since he didnt have to work overtime, he went to the dock with his wife for a walk.

“Do you think……I should open a flower shop” Great Magician Lemans wife beside him suddenly said this, “Ive been looking around lately and there arent many flower shops around here. If I pick a good place, the business should be quite good.”

“You can decided for yourself, I dont have any objections.” Great Magician Leman waved his hand, saying in a generous tone.

He was earning a fixed salary of eighty gold coins a month at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and adding in his bonuses, he was earning over a hundred gold coins a month. It wasnt much for him to support his wifes flower shop.

But after his wife seriously thought about it for a bit, she shook her head.

“Forget it. Weve just arrived and if we open a store right away, itll be bad if others find out. Then again, Henry and Helena need someone to take care of them, so its better if I stay home.”

Great Magician Leman revealed a smile as he gave a nod in approval of his wifes thoughts.

Actually, he wanted his wife to stay at home to take care of the housework, but his wife had chosen to go into exile with him and had lived that life for half a year with him, which made him feel guilty. So it wasnt easy for him to go against her decision.

But now that his wife had thought it through, it saved him the trouble.

When he was about to talk to his wife about their children, he suddenly saw a large transport Magic Ship coming from the distance.

“Ai, its another group of refugees.” Great Magician Leman said with a sigh.

His wife looked in the direction he was looking at before saying with a faint smile, “Actually, they cant be considered refugees after coming here. Its easy to find work here and the benefits are good. The environment is also better. Its much better than the chaotic Sines Continent.”

“Un, but leaving your home to come to another continent over ten thousand kilometers away will make people feel uncomfortable.”

“They will get used to it after a while, theres nothing uncomfortable about it.”

Great Magician Leman found it a bit funny as he looked at his wife.

Before coming to the Magic Cloud Continent, the one who was most worried was her. But now the tone that she had was like that of a veteran.

Looking back at the dock, he found that the large transport Magic Ship had docked and there was a group of passengers coming off.

Seeing that crowd, Great Magician Leman couldnt help thinking of when he first came here and he gave a secret sigh.

But suddenly his eyes focused as they fell onto someone that came off the boat and then his expression changed slightly.

“What is it” His wife noticed the change with him.

“I seemed to have……” Great Magician Lemans expression was a bit unstable, “Found an acquaintance”

“Acquaintance” His wife was a bit surprised.

The time after they left their home, left the Sines Continent to come to the Magic Cloud Continent, only half a month had passed. How could they have an acquaintance here

Great Magician Leman knitted his brows to think for a bit before waving his hand.

“Im going to take a look.”

Seeing Great Magician Leman walking towards the dock, his wife quickly followed him.

The two came to the wharf that the large transport Magic Ship had just docked at and they were met with the wave of refugees that came off the ship. They were almost pushed off balance by the flow of people.

Great Magician Leman saw that his wife was about to be pushed over, so he had no choice but to use his magic and fly up with his wife.

Looking around, he didnt see that familiar figure.

After hesitating a bit, Great Magician Leman used magic to enhance his voice as he shouted, “Zebert! Zebert! Im Leman, answer me if you can hear me!”

“Zebert” His wife beside him was surprised, “Did you see him”

“Un, I saw someone that looked very similar.” Great Magician Leman looked around before calling out again.

As soon as his voice fell, there was someone that suddenly flew up to the left and quickly came in front of Great Magician Leman.

“You…..You are Leman”

Seeing this fellow who had a messy robe and hair from several days of not cleaning himself who looked no different from the other refugees, Great Magician Leman and his wife looked at each other for a bit before finally recognizing him.

“Zebert, it really is you!”

Half an hour later, Great Magician Leman, his wife, and Zeberts group of six came to a cafe near the dock.

“Zebert, why……did you decide to come here Also you brought them……” Great Magician Leman looked at Zebert who looked even more ragged than him when he arrived and Zeberts family members and felt a bit confused.

When he was young, he studied at the magic academy in the Candra Empire. Zebert was his classmate for four years and the two of them had been very close, becoming very good friends.

Even when he returned to the Gino Kingdom later and Zebert stayed in his hometown in the Candra Empires southern province, being separated by thousands of kilometers, the two had still remained in contact with the convenient transportation and communication brought by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They would meet at least once or several times each year.

Because of the demise of the Gino Kingdom, he had to escape to the Magic Cloud Continent. This was something that Zebert knew very clearly.

Zebert had invited Great Magician Leman to the Candra Empire at that time and said that he could help him settle down, but Great Magician Leman had refused this offer.

Zebert had told Great Magician Leman at that time that although the Candra Empire was at war with the Marlow Empire, its internal situation was very stable. The southern province was far from the battlefield, so it wasnt affected at all, so life there was still quite good.

In just a single month, why did Zebert run to the Magic Cloud Continent with his family

“Ai…….its a long story.” Zebert gave a deep sigh as his eyes filled with exhaustion, “I thought that even if the empire fought a long war with the Marlow Empire, it wouldnt affect the stability of the empire. I thought that it would last forever, but I never thought……”

“What Did your Candra Empire lose” Great Magician Leman was surprised.

“It isnt that, the war with the Marlow Empire is still considered stable. This time, it was an internal incident.”

“That cant be” Great Magician Leman was even more doubtful, “Even if disaster happened in the empire, would it be enough for a Great Magician like you to escape to the Magic Cloud Continent with his family”

“The problem is that it wasnt a small disaster……”

It turned out that there was a riot that suddenly happened in the Candra Empires southern province.

This riot was different from any other riot in the history of the Candra Empire.

The riots in history were all caused by nobles or branch members of the royal family.

But this time, it was caused by the civilians!

Or accurately speaking, the workers!

In the beginning, it was just the workers at a textile factory that were dissatisfied about their cut benefits and long overtime, so they decided to go on strike.

Then the workers and the management clashed and the guards of the factory killed two workers, provoking a worker riot.

This riot quickly spread and in less than a week, it had spread across the entire southern province.

The Candra Empires two military magic machine factories in the southern province had also gotten caught up in this riot. The angry workers killed the management and nobles in charge of the factory, taking the weapons for themselves and then distributing them to other workers participating in the riots.

So the workers with these weapons became much more powerful. It didnt take them long before they occupied the southern provinces capital and even attacked the army stationed in the southern capital.

In just a single month, the southern province had fallen into chaos.

Zebert as a Great Magician received news faster than normal people. So as soon as this happened, when the rioting workers were about to invade the city that he was in, he quickly escaped.

He had planned to do the same as Great Magician Leman, finding a place to hide to observe the situation before making a decision.

After all, the Candra Empire had many riots in their long history and not a single one had shaken the foundation of the empire.

However, the situation completely surprised Zebert this time.

Although the Candra Empire government quickly reacted, sending out an army to placate the riots.

The riots had spread all over the entire southern province and the army sent had quickly fallen.

“Speaking of this……there was no movement from the Governor Manor after this riot and even the army didnt move. I dont know if it was intentional or not.”

After saying this, Zeberts face had a bit of hesitation and anger.

If the southern provinces Governor Manor had reacted quickly in the beginning of this riot, placating this matter, it wouldnt have evolved this far.

However, the southern provinces Governor Manor acted like they werent involved in this matter from the beginning, not making a single move and allowing the situation to deteriorate.

“Zebert, did you forget” The Windsor Family rebelled just a few years ago.” Great Magician Leman reminded him.

“You mean…….”

“Actually, it isnt important.” Great Magician Leman shook his head, “Now that youve chosen to bring your entire family to the Magic Cloud Continent, you shouldnt think about the Sines Continent.”

After saying this, Great Magician Leman reached his hand out to Great Magician Zebert with a smile on his face.

“Welcome to the Magic Cloud Continent Zebert. How about you work at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with me I guarantee that you wont regret it.”

Zebert gave a bitter laugh, “At this point, do I have any other choices”-

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