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Book 8: Chapter 102: How about going to Alice again

In the endless darkness, there were tiny spots of light that appeared.

On the left side, there was a giant fireball that was releasing a dazzling glow.

And in front, there was a giant sphere that was covered in layers of white in many different places.

Over half this sphere was covered in blue with a small part of it being covered in yellow, green, red, and other colours.

If someone on earth saw this, the first thing they would say was that this was earth.

But if they looked closely, they would find that this planet covered mainly in blue was completely different from earth.

Earth had three large continents, which were Asian, American, and African continents, with the Oceania and north and south poles being smaller.

But this planet only had two long continents that were very big, creating a long strip on the left and right side of the planet.

In the middle were smaller pieces of land scattered throughout the blue. Other than these two continents, there were only small pieces of land that were scattered around.

This scene in Xu Yis eyes made him remember an online game that he had played when he was in university.

The continents of this planet simply reminded him of the planet from that game.

“It cant be that Ive crossed into Azeroth, right” Xu Yi muttered in his heart. He turned to look at Cassandra who was floating in outer space with him not far away and said, “We can see the dark side of the planet, which shows that the Sines Continents west coast, the Magic Cloud Continents east coast, and the Levin Continent are now in night time. But this is my first time here and I cant see everything. You normally come here, so is there anything that I need to pay attention to”

“Theres nothing special, or I would have told you already.” Cassandras voice came from the magic fluctuations in the magic space of outer space.

This was something that Xu Yi and Cassandra could do because their magic power was strong. Otherwise if a normal person came to other space, it would be almost impossible for them to survive, let alone look at the planet while chatting.

It was “almost impossible” and not “completely impossible”……

Xu Yi turned to look at the large metallic object that wasnt smaller than Cassandra in her dragon form to the right.

This thing was the space shuttle that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had successfully launched last month.

After the success of the launch, the first batch of astronauts had all safely returned. This capsule part had remained in orbit, orbiting around the planet like a satellite.

Based on Xu Yis plan, after a few more launches, he would be able to build a space station in the sky.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi looked at Cassandra with a somewhat strange look.

When space technology was being developed on earth, if they wanted to do anything in space, it would be very difficult. They would have to invest a large amount and would have to carefully do things or they would risk a large disaster.

In this world, because of the bug known as the dragons, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces space program had been very smooth and its progress far surpassed what Xu Yi had expected.

Not mentioning anything else, just taking this space station plan.

When the most powerful countries on earth came together, they spent a large amount of money, manpower, and time to finally build an international space station that wasnt that big.

Then each year after that, they had to invest a large amount of manpower and resources to maintain the international space station.

But here, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had only spent two years making a plan and in just a year, the plan had reached stage one.

Next it would take them only half a year to create an operational space station.

The reason for this exaggerated difference was the existence of the dragon Cassandra.

The powerful bodies of the dragons and their powerful magic allowed them to freely fly in outer space.

So the problems that the scientists faced on earth were a piece of cake for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

With the help of the dragon Cassandra, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was able to easily obtain data from outer space. They could even test the values in outer space without sending up a rocket, just by sending a dragon up with testing equipment, which saved them quite a bit of time and money.

Moreover, when satellites failed, it would be very hard for the countries on earth to fix them. However, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could just have the dragons fly into outer space to fix them directly, which created a difference in terms of difficulty of repair and price.

When the space station was built, the routine maintenance could also be given to the dragons which would make it faster, easier, and much quicker.

This advantage was something that the experts on earth never would have thought of.

“Hey, Xu Yi, what are you looking at me for” Seeing Xu Yis strange gaze cast in her direction, Cassandra asked this.

“Nothing, I was just thinking, are you interested in creating a base in outer space Itll be easier for you to play in outer space in the future.”

“A base in outer space” Cassandra was surprised before an excited look appeared in those large dragon eyes, “Alright, alright! Every time I fly up here, I still have to fly back, so its so annoying! When we did an outer space flying contest last time, my clansmen said that it was too much trouble flying back and forth, so they arent willing to come again. If there is an outer space base for us to stop at, then I think that they will be willing to come.”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes.

The dragon race had this heaven defying powerful body and magic, but they werent using it properly. This was simply a big waste.

“Then……Cassandra, have you ever thought of building a base on the moon”

“Moon Youre talking about Alice” Even after a while, Cassandras voice was still a bit strange when she mentioned Alice, “Building a base there is more troublesome than building a base in outer space, right Your company doesnt have the ability to go to the moon right now, so if our clansmen bring all that stuff there……well die of exhaustion.”

“Of course we wont make you bring stuff over. Even if you were willing, do you know how to build the base after you arrive” Xu Yi asked.

Cassandra was speechless.

The dragons had strong bodies and magic, but there was nothing else worth mentioning about them.

To make them go all the way there to build a base was just to torture them.

“My plan is still mainly based on the transmission array on Alice……”

Hearing Xu Yis words, Cassandra unconsciously took a step back.

Without knowing why, she felt that Xu Yis following words werent good.

“But our company cant fly to Alice and only you have gone out of the dragon race, so only you have experience. So……Cassandra, are you interested in flying there again and performing a few tests on the Magic Array”

Xu Yis tone was very enticing, but Cassandra flew far away when she heard this.

Are you joking!

When she was sent back from Alice last time, that was the biggest shock in her dragon life!

If she was to go experience that again, she wasnt willing.

However, no matter how far she flew, Xu Yis voice was still sent to her ears through the magic fluctuations. They reached her hearts and she could hear him clearly.

“If youre willing to go, I might have the ability to let you place a supporting role in the third season of «Dragon Legends».”

Cassandra trembled and she stopped flying backwards. She looked at Xu Yi in the distance who had already become much smaller.

After a while, she gritted her large dragon teeth and asked, “Chairman Xu, do you always keep your word”

Xu Yis smile became very pure.

“Of course.”


Great Magician Leman had already been working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for half a month.

Over this half a month, he had been busy all day, but he didnt feel exhausted like he had on the Sines Continent. Instead, he felt that he was fulfilled by his work.

Different from the Sines Continent, after he arrived here and joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerces aviation research facility, his work had been related to the magic space in outer space. He always researched the topic that he was the most interested in.

There werent any outsiders interfering in his work and there werent any other people taunting him with their results. In this research facility, from the top researcher Arch Magus Sarandal Clay to the normal first grade researchers, everyone focused on their own research and wouldnt participate in boring things.

This was the ideal working condition for Great Magician Leman and now he had obtained it at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Other than work, Great Magician Leman was also satisfied with living here.

After he officially joined, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce provided him with many benefits which allowed his wife and children to live much more comfortable lives.

Moreover, his son and daughter had been arranged to study at the kindergarten and elementary school the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had set up, giving them a basic education, so he wouldnt need to worry about them.

As for his wife, she quickly adapted to life here after a few days. Whenever she saw Great Magician Leman over the past few days, she would always be filled with praise for life here.

Compared to when they were in the Gino Kingdom, life here was very peaceful. There wasnt any conflict between humans and even the other races were friendly. Adding the fact that living conditions here were good and it was easy to buy goods, as well as the many services that Great Magician Leman never even thought of, his wife quickly threw behind the Sines Continent and never mentioned returning there again.-

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