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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 101: Exiled expert

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Book 8: Chapter 101: Exiled expert

A large transport Magic Ship slowly docked at the harbour the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had set up on the east coast of the Magic Cloud Continent.

As soon as it stopped, the gangplank came down and the large group of people on the deck impatiently came off.

This was a ten thousand ton large transport Magic Ship that came from the Torea Dominion, having sailed on the endless seas for thirteen days.

The people on the ship had spent thirteen days on the sea, never seeing a trace of land.

Now that they finally arrived at the Magic Cloud Continent, naturally they werent willing to stay on the ship for another second.

The reason why they chose to take this transport Magic Ship instead of the passenger Magic Ship was that other than there being too few passenger Magic Ships and the trip being expensive, was mainly because there were just too many of them.

Just on this transport Magic Ship were over three thousand people.

Great Magician Leman held the hand of his wife and children as they were surrounded by the waves of people. In the end, he had to use his magic power to create a small barrier around his wife and children to ensure that they werent washed away by this wave of people.

After their family finally made their way out of the wave of people, Great Magician Leman looked around with a strange look.

This was a large square outside of the harbour and in the square were large tents that were set up, with large banners above them that made them seem like stalls.

But the large banners were written with the common language of the Sines Continent. These were not stalls, but rather recruiting areas for the large companies of the Magic Cloud Continent.

Looking at them, he could see the names of various strange companies.

One thing that Great Magician Leman noticed was that in these names, there were the words “elves”, “dwarves”, “halflings”, “lizardmen”……and other races. One would be able to tell immediately which race these companies belonged to.

Of course, the human companies were the most populous.

Almost every company recruiting had a large group of people in front of them, making it seem very busy.

However, Great Magician Leman looked around for a while and didnt see the banner of the company that he cared about the most, so he couldnt help feeling a bit strange.

After thinking about it, he went to the side and asked someone who looked like they worked at the dock, “That…..Can I ask where the Frestech Chamber of Commerces recruiting area is”

The man looked at Great Magician Leman before giving a laugh, “Are you kidding Does the Frestech Chamber of Commerce need to set up a stall here If you want to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, just go to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base. Of course, that depends on whether youre qualified or not.”

After saying this, the man left.

Great Magician Leman was a bit surprised. He looked down and found that his clothes were very dirty because he hadnt been able to change them over the past few days, which made him no longer look like a Great Magician. It was no wonder that man hadnt treated him with courtesy.

It had to be known, in the Gino Kingdom, he had never received such cold treatment.

But when he thought of the Gino Kingdom, Great Magician Leman couldnt help giving a sigh.

The Gino Kingdom had already disappeared into history and could no longer be found.

Three months ago, the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom gathered their armies again and fought the alliances army gathered in the northern Gino Kingdom. The Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom won and the alliances army was sent out of the Gino Kingdom, allowing them to completely seize the Gino Kingdom.

The Gino Kingdom had officially been destroyed.

Before this decisive battle, Great Magician Leman had led his wife and children to escape their hometown and he had hidden in the western Letuvin Duchy.

He had hoped that the alliances army would defeat the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom and restore the Gino Kingdom, that way he could go home with his wife and children.

But when he heard the alliances army was defeated and the Gino Kingdom was destroyed he lost the final hope in his heart.

It was already impossible for him to return to the Gino Kingdom occupied by the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

Although he as a Great Magician was a famous magic researcher in the Gino Kingdom and as long as he was willing, he could find a stable and high paying job in the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom, because his and his wifes parents were buried in the flames of war between the Gino Kingdom and the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom, he was filled with hatred for the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom. Naturally he wasnt willing to work for the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

He also wasnt willing to go to any other countries.

When he was hesitating, he saw in the newspaper that the Magic Cloud Continent was recruiting people, so he had the idea of bringing his entire family to the Magic Cloud Continent.

Anyway, the Sines Continent was filled with the flames of war and it wasnt safe staying here, so it was better to go to the Magic Cloud Continent over ten thousand kilometers away.

He had already read about the Magic Cloud Continent in the newspapers. It said that the new continent was controlled by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so the situation was stable there.

Although that side clearly wasnt as developed as the Sines Continent, at least it would be much more peaceful there.

So Great Magician Leman secretly contacted someone from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. After confirming that he could get a good job at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce after arriving on the Magic Cloud Continent, he decided to bring his family across the seas and come to this place.

But after he came here with great difficulty, he found that because he had lost his Magic Communicator on the ship, he didnt have a way to contact the person from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and it made things a bit hard.

“It seems like I have to go to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base.” Great Magician Leman gathered his thoughts and looked up. He saw the very clear signs around him and found the way to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base.

When he was about to call his wife and children, there was a large voice that came through the square that covered all the surrounding sounds.

“Great Magician Leman, Great Magician Leman, please come to the dock passenger service center after hearing this. The staff there are currently looking for you.”

After this repeated three times, the voice disappeared. The crowd only stopped for a moment before going back to their business, as if they were already used to this.

Great Magician Lemans heart was filled with joy. This time he didnt have to ask anyone as with the clear signs, he was able to easily find his way to the dock passenger service center.

When he came in, there was a figure that came forward.

“Great Magician Leman, I finally found you! I couldnt contact you, so I was almost worried to death!” The person that came forward was the person that Great Magician Leman had contacted before, who was also the Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff responsible for picking him up after he arrived on the Magic Cloud Continent.

It was a young girl.

Great Magician Leman revealed an apologetic smile, “My Magic Communicator was accidentally lost on the ship.”

“Lost” The girl blinked, “Was it stolen by someone”

Great Magician Leman revealed an awkward look, “I dont know either. Anyway, I couldnt find it this morning.”

As a Great Magician, it would have been shameful if his Magic Communicator was stolen, so he naturally wasnt willing to admit it.

The girl thought about it before revealing a smile and not asking anything else. She turned to Great Magician Lemans wife and children beside him and she warmly greeted them. Then she led them out of the service center and brought them to a Magic Sedan that was waiting for them.

After finally contacting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff, Great Magician Leman, his wife, and their children let out a sigh of relief.

After getting in the car, they were finally in the mood to look around.

When they were still on the ship, he had found that the dock was actually bigger than the dock in the Torea Dominion.

After leaving the dock, he found that there were streets and tall buildings all over. There were cars and pedestrians all around, looking very prosperous.

Before coming to the Magic Cloud Continent, although he had a bit of information on the Magic Cloud Continent from various sources, because of the impression that he had in his heart, he had thought that the Magic Cloud Continent was a very poor place. He was already prepared to live a difficult life after coming here.

Who would have thought that after coming here, he found that before going to any other place, the dock and the surrounding region were already comparable to the Candra Empires capital Wimbledon City that he visited twice before.

From another perspective, because there were many ancient things that were kept in Wimbledon City, it gave a very old feeling. But this place was filled with new things that gave a very strong modern aura.

Although Great Magician Leman was already over forty years old, his mentality was quite young.

If he had to choose, he preferred a modern place like this.

Of course, this was related to the industry he was involved in.

The Magic Sedan kept going and the girl in charge of receiving them gave Great Magician Leman a simple introduction.

Since Great Magician Leman was strong and had professional skills, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce treated him as a special expert from the Sines Continent. Not only did they give Great Magician Leman a job, they had also arranged a place for his wife and children.

For example, the most clear example of this was that after he was hired, they immediately gave him a separated villa. This villa was fully equipped which allowed him to live well.

Great Magician Leman was already very satisfied with this.

After the girl in charge of receiving him brought him, his wife, and his children to the villa, he was even more satisfied.

The villa was very beautiful and it was placed in a pleasant area. The villa was filled with all kinds of household magic machines, as well as being completely furnished. His family could directly move in and they didnt need to prepare anything at all.

This arrangement made Great Magician Leman feel that this trip wasnt wasted and he also felt willing to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After settling his wife and children, when his wife brought his children to take a bath, he couldnt help talking to the girl who received them and told her that he wanted to get to work as soon as possible.

“Your excellency Great Magician, you just arrived today, so you should rest up first. I will come pick you up tomorrow morning and help you get settled in at your job, as well as help you start your work. What do you think”

Great Magician Leman thought about it before not insisting.

But he still had a question in his heart that he wanted answered.

“I saw a report in the Sines Continents newspaper last month that said……your Frestech Chamber of Commerce was planning some manned outer space flights. How is it going right now”

The girl revealed a faint smile, “Those are the secrets of our company, it cant be discussed casually. But I can tell you some news that isnt secret. Just yesterday, the first group of astronauts returned.”

“Safely returned All of them”


Great Magician Leman took a deep breath as he suppressed the shock in his heart.

While the countries of the Sines Continent were fighting each other, stopping their research into outer space satellites, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was already sending people into outer space.

Looking up at the sky that was gradually dimming, Great Magician Leman started to have a deep feeling that taking the risk to come to the Magic Cloud Continent was the right decision.

As long as he was here, a rare specialist in studying magic space in outer space on the Sines Continent like him would have his opportunity!-

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