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Book 8: Chapter 98: Like a little girl

Prince Raymond stood straight and had a perfect smile on his face as he walked into the hall filled with people.

He had a strong figure because of his constant exercise and with his magnificent formal dress, he fully demonstrated his elegant appearance. It attracted the passionate gazes of many Antila Kingdom noble girls, as if they would swallow Prince Raymond in a single bite.

This was the Antila Kingdoms royal palace and Prince Raymond acted like he was in the Lampuri Kingdoms royal palace, without any intentions of being a guest.

Because this time he had come to attend the Antila Kingdoms surrender ceremony.

As the representative from the Lampuri Kingdom, he had to show the stance of a master because this surrender ceremony represented the Antila Kingdoms complete surrender to the Lampuri Kingdom, accepting their integration into the Lampuri Kingdom.

After two years of war, the Lampuri Kingdom had completely defeated the Antila Kingdom, forcing them to surrender. For the Lampuri Kingdom, this was without a doubt a magnificent feat.

It had to be known that in the several hundred years of the Lampuri Kingdoms history, although they had a great achievement of destroying the Sack Kingdom and the Falk Kingdom, that was done with the help of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and wasnt recognized by everyone.

But this time, the Lampuri Kingdom had relied on their own power to defeat the Antila Kingdom.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been neutral during this entire war and never helped the Lampuri Kingdom.

Of course, the Antila Kingdoms people definitely didnt believe this.

Prince Raymond looked in front of him at the Antila Kingdoms king and other high level representatives waiting for him. Seeing the forced smiles on their faces and the unconvinced and fierce looks in their eyes, he couldnt help smiling.

So what if theyre unconvinced The facts were that the Antila Kingdom couldnt resist the Lampuri Kingdom and was conquered.

Even if the Antila Kingdom could resist a bit, that was just some small problems not worth mentioning and couldnt affect the general situation.

Thinking of this, Prince Raymonds smile became wider as he walked forward towards the Antila Kingdoms representatives.

But before he took a few steps, he suddenly felt a special pair of eyes staring from the crowd that made him unable to not turn his head to look.

However all he saw was a normal looking girl hiding in the crowd. Although her clothes were luxurious, she was very different from the beautiful young noble ladies of the Antila Kingdom around her.

But when this woman raised her hand to give a strange signal, Prince Raymonds eyes shrank.

Then that woman gave Prince Raymond a nod before turning to leave.

Prince Raymond stopped for a bit before he continued forward.

Not many people noticed this small interlude and the entire ceremony continued as planned.

The surrender treaty was smoothly signed.

Even if the Antila Kingdoms ministers created some barriers with their words, Prince Raymond easily solved them all.

In the end, the situation had been determined and the Antila Kingdom couldnt fight back at all.

When night came, the ceremony and banquet that had lasted several hours finally came to an end.

Prince Raymond declined everyones invitations and directly left the Antila Kingdom royal palace.

After leaving the royal palace, he took the Lampuri Kingdoms motorcade, but he didnt go to the embassy prepared by the Antila Kingdom, but rather drove out of the Antila Kingdoms capital city.

When he came to a place around three kilometers outside the capital citys gate, he finally stopped by a small river.

Prince Raymond came out and walked over to a common looking Magic Sedan by the river. He opened the passenger seat and sat down.

“Hey, Raymond, you werent taken away by any of those Antila noble girls” The person in the drivers seat turned over and asked Prince Raymond this with a bright smile.

If anyone else was here, they definitely would have been shocked.

Because this person was actually the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current chairman, Freya!

Prince Raymond gave a shrug, “Since Freya was looking for me, even if they did invite me, I could only let them down.”

In front of Freya, he didnt speak with the tone of the “gentle without any dignity” and “benevolent and fair” prince in the eyes of the Lampuri Kingdoms people, rather he spoke very casually.

Freya looked at him and shook her head, “You shouldnt say that to me. Your son is already two years old, so you shouldnt play around that much.”

Hearing Freya mention his son, Prince Raymond revealed a happy smile.

“He, he, Hasal can already run around now. I think that in a few years, I can bring him out to play.” After a pause, he revealed a bitter smile, “Speaking of playing around, Im not that interested. But lady mother wants me to find a few more and give birth to more children, so she always encourages me.”

Freya gave a soft snort, “Does aunt Seveni like having that many grandchildren”

“She is just thinking about our Lampuri Kingdoms royal family bloodline, I can understand this.” Prince Raymond explained on Sevenis behalf.

Freya looked at Prince Raymond and shook her head, “Forget it, the thoughts of your royal families arent things that normal people like us can understand, Im too lazy to care about that.”

Prince Raymond looked at Freya and thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman cant be considered a normal person.

Then he also thought of another problem.

“Freya speaking of this, when……are you planning on getting married Youre already thirty……”

“Shut up!” Freya angrily reprimanded, “Youre a prince, dont you know that discussing a womans age is rude”

Prince Raymond helplessly spread his hands, “But can you say that this isnt a problem I think that uncle Xu and aunt Still have always been worried about this, havent you thought of that”

“I say, you are an honoured prince and the future king of the Lampuri Kingdom, can you care about the important things that you should care about and not ask me these questions” Freya glared at him, “You want me to get married Alright, as long as you can find someone as outstanding as my dad or just a bit worse than him, then Ill agree. Can you find someone like that”

Prince Raymond revealed a bitter smile.

Xu Yi had already become a legend on the Sines Continent.

Whether it was as an Arch Magus or creating the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he was at the peak of this world. How could there be someone that is like him

“Alright, time is precious, lets stop rambling and get to business.” Freya cleared her throat and continued, “Raymond, is your Lampuri Kingdom still not planning on entering the outer space industry According to the news I received yesterday, the Candra Empire has launched their sixth satellite and the Marlow Empire launched their fifth last month. If you give them some more time, I think that they will be able to set up a complete monitoring system and the countries that dont have these things at that time will suffer. Especially your Lampuri Kingdom. Dont look at the fact that youve swallowed the Antila Kingdom, the gap between you and the two empires has actually increased. If you dont do something, the gap will only get bigger.”

Prince Raymond was silent for a bit before asking, “Are these your thoughts or uncle Xus”

“My thoughts. Lord father no longer asks about the matters of the Sines Continent, its not like you dont know this.”

“Un……” Prince Raymond silently thought for a bit before giving a sigh and revealing a bitter smile, “Actually, I already considered this issue and I also think that our Lampuri Kingdom should develop the outer space industry so we dont fall too far behind, but lady mother, she……”

Freya and Prince Raymond looked at each other for a bit before she suddenly thought of something. She said with a smile, “Tell me……Aunt Seveni not being willing to develop the outer space industry over the past few years, is it because shes being spiteful with my father”

Prince Raymond looked at Freya and wanted to refute this, but he couldnt when he opened his mouth.

Since Xu Yi came to the Sines Continent three years ago and spread the outer space program, there were many countries that started to develop the outer space industry. The two empires were the first to launch satellites into outer space last year.

For the Lampuri Kingdom that didnt have a worse magic machine industry than the two empires and were even better in certain aspects, they should have developed quickly in the outer space industry.

But the Lampuri Kingdom never seemed to catch on with the outer space industry. Not only did they not develop it, they even resisted it.

All of this came from Queen Sevenis strange resistance of the outer space industry.

No one knew why the wise Queen Seveni would be against the outer space industry, only Freya and Prince Raymond had some clues.

When Xu Yi came back to the Sines Continent to promote the outer space program, he went to many countries, but chose to avoid the Lampuri Kingdom.

Even in the five days he stayed in Banta City, he didnt go see Seveni.

So Freya and Prince Raymond guessed that Queen Seveni was a bit spiteful because of this and wasnt willing to develop the outer space industry.

Prince Raymond wasnt willing to acknowledge this since in his mind, his lady mother had always put her heart into the Lampuri Kingdom. She was a queen that never did anything for personal gain, so how could she decide the Lampuri Kingdoms policies in a spiteful manner like a little girl

But the current situation didnt have any other explanation……

However, what Prince Raymond was worried about was that even if his lady mother chose not to develop the outer space industry because of this reason, he didnt have a way to solve it.

He couldnt just have Xu Yi go admit his mistake in front of his mother, right

After thinking about it, he looked at Freya beside him.

Freya had taken the initiative to find him about this matter, could it be that she had a way to solve it-

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