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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 92: Street racing

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Book 8: Chapter 92: Street racing

The night was dark.

There were bright lights lit up all over Banta Citys new district and he could hear the sounds of laughter coming from the streets in the distance. It fully demonstrated why this city was called the pearl and the entertainment capital of the southwest corner of the continent.

Xu Yi looked at the bright lights in the distance and hearing the familiar noises in the air, he even felt like he was back in a city on earth.

Banta City was where the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been born and after many years of development, it had become a city that could match the Lampuri Kingdoms capital Anvilmar City, even surpassing all major cities. It was a very important place in the southwest corner of the continent and even the entire Sines Continent, being called the capital of the magic machine industry, so there was no doubt that it would be lively.

But as Xu Yi walked through the streets of Banta City, there was a bit of sadness and loneliness in his heart. There was even…..a bit of emptiness.

Yes, the sadness and loneliness in Xu Yis heart wasnt strong.

Heinz was already close to ninety years old and passing away now, was already considered quite good for a normal human that wasnt a magician like him. It far surpassed the life expectancy on the Sines Continent and it could be said that he had lived long enough.

Since he stepped down as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces vice chairman, he had been enjoying the retired life for over twenty years. With the large income that came from his Frestech Chamber of Commerce stocks, not only was he and Ria able to live a luxurious life, he was even able to let his friends and relatives live the same luxurious life.

So when Xu Yi left, Heinz patted Xu Yis shoulder with a satisfied look. He said that it was worth it even if he died, but his only regret was that he wasnt able to see Xu Yis dream for himself.

Xu Yi didnt say anything and just bid farewell to Heinz before leaving Heinzs manor.

He knew that Heinz wouldnt see the sun tomorrow.

Although Heinz looked healthy and drank wine in large mouthfuls, not looking like a ninety year old man at all, Xu Yi knew that Heinz was only like this because of the elves special Gift of Life magic. It allowed him to use all his stored vitality and look this healthy in such a short period of time.

After he exhausted all that vitality, Heinz only had the choice to die.

He didnt have much vitality left to begin with and after using the Gift of Life, it was impossible for him to make it past tonight.

However, even so, Xu Yi had refused Alexs invitation to stay in the manor and chose to silently leave.

Heinz already knew that he was dead, so he must have plenty of things to say to his friends and family. There was no reason for him to stay and he would just be disturbing them.

Let alone that he wasnt willing to stay there and wait for the news of Heinzs death.

But that didnt mean that Xu Yi was indifferent about Heinzs death. Rather, seeing Heinz reach the end of his life had made Xu Yi very emotional.

He had already transmigrated to this world for thirty years and had deeply taken root here. He had a deep influence on this world and had already integrated himself into this world.

But Heinz was the first person that he was close to that was dying in the thirty years since he came to this world.

Xu Yi was only twenty seven when he transmigrated over. All his relatives had been in good health and his schoolmates were all living well. There had never been an accident, so this was the first time that this was happening.

He had always thought that he was strong enough and would be indifferent about this matter, but he still felt empty when he was met with the first death of a friend.

So after leaving Heinzs manor, he decided to go to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces branch in Banta City to find a place to rest. But he found that his thoughts were a bit messy while walking along and he chose to get out of the car to walk by himself.

He needed to be alone to sort out his thoughts.

After taking two steps, Xu Yi looked at the night sky above him. He found that this was a rare night where the two moons of the Sines Continent were present.

Alice and Tildis were in the upper left and lower right of the night sky respectively. They enhanced each others beauty and complimented the night sky perfectly.

Xu Yis eyes fell onto Alice and he remembered the Abyss Demon Race ruins that Cassandra had discovered on it. He thought of the ability of the ruins to send Cassandra hundreds of thousands of kilometers back to the planet under them and he revealed a bitter smile.

The reason why he wanted to go to outer space was because he wanted to return to earth.

In the first few years he came to this world, his mind had been filled with thoughts of returning to earth.

But in the beginning, he couldnt do that.

Now he was able to see a ray of hope from the ruins left by the Abyss Demon Race.

The Abyss Demon Race could send things hundreds of thousands of kilometers with these teleportation Magic Arrays, so it could be seen that they had the ability to travel the stars.

If he could grasp this same technology, wouldnt he be able to travel the endless stars and return to earth

Even if there would be countless hardships, for example, not knowing where earth was in this boundless universe, not knowing what kind of danger was hidden in these stars, or……

But since there was a chance of going back, Xu Yi didnt want to give up hope.

However, when he saw Heinz today, he had to think of a thought that he had forgotten for a long time.

He had already been in this world for thirty years and even if he returned to earth, there was no need to mention his grandparents, even his parents might have already passed.

As for his classmates, after disappearing for so long, he would have already been listed as a missing person or as dead, so they would have long forgotten about him.

In this situation, was there a meaning in returning to earth

Xu Yi looked at Alice for a long time as countless thoughts filled his mind before turning into a sigh.

No matter what, he had already lived in this world long enough, already building a family and even having children. There was no meaning in thinking about these foregone things anymore.

After thinking this through, Xu Yi took a deep breath. He suppressed all the random thoughts that came up because of Heinz and his expression became calm again.

When he looked down, he saw a young man and woman walking opposite to him. With how close they were, they should be a couple.

The girl pointed at Xu Yi and said a few things in a low voice. When she saw Xu Yi suddenly look down, she quickly pulled her hand back.

Xu Yi revealed a smile. He knew that he had forgotten to use the Illusion Magic to hide his face and it was likely the girl had recognized him, but because the street lamps here werent bright, he wasnt certain.

With a thought, Xu Yis face changed a bit. He had an appearance similar to his original appearance, but no one would recognize him if they took a serious look at him.

After doing this, Xu Yi walked towards the young couple with a smile on his face.

As expected, when he appeared under the street lamp and the light illuminated his face, the girl revealed a disappointed look. She shook her head and quickly pulled the boy past Xu Yi.

This small interlude didnt affect Xu Yi. He figured out where he was and started slowly walking towards where he would be staying tonight.

After being busy for so many years, it was rare for him to be able to walk alone at night, so he might as well have a nice walk.

But after taking a few steps, he suddenly heard a roaring sound.

Xu Yi knitted his brows as he turned around. He saw several dazzling rays of light coming from behind him and then there were the louder sounds of engines roaring.

Although Magic Cars had different principles from the gas powered cars on earth, since it was based on theories that Xu Yi brought out, the mechanisms werent that different.

The Magic Car engine would still let out sounds and Xu Yi even kept a few of the sounds when developing the Magic Sedan. He wanted to preserve the automobile culture from earth.

Facts proved that the sounds were very appealing. Many people who bought Magic Sedans loved the roaring sounds, so the high end Magic Sedans sold by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were as popular as sports cars on earth.

Just like on earth, there were young people that liked making their engines even louder, turning normal Magic Sedans into race cars.

But when Xu Yi heard this sound, he was certain that this wasnt the Frestech Chamber of Commerce Super Magic Race Car, but rather a counterfeit model.

On this dark night and hearing this familiar sound on the street, the first thing that Xu Yi thought of was street racing……

Xu Yi didnt have any good impressions of street racers and hated people who raced in the streets of the city like this.

Seeing the quickly approaching lights, Xu Yi made an estimate that these Magic Sedans were racing at least a hundred kilometers an hour and he couldnt help giving a cold snort.

Although this street wasnt a busy one in Banta City, there would be people that would come here from time to time. Moreover, this was only a two lane street, so it could be considered quite narrow.

These fellows actually dared to drive at such high speeds, they simply had no fear.

In an instant, the lights approached.

The couple that passed by Xu Yi hid at the sides of the street after hearing this sound, but when the first Magic Sedan came close, there was suddenly a screeching sound that was heard from its tires. The first Magic Sedans lights suddenly swerved and it started charging at the young couple on the street.-

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