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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 91: Gift of Life

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Book 8: Chapter 91: Gift of Life

They didnt get that much information from questioning Cassandra.

It was just like Cassandra said, she had seen the Magic Array with the similar pillar design on the surface of the moon and wanted to inject some elemental magic energy in. Then the pillars released this strange blue glow that had mysteriously sent her back.

But when she followed Xu Yi and Akalis suggestion, doing the same thing with the stone pillars on the sea, there wasnt any reaction at all.

Xu Yi and Akali were both very dissatisfied with this result.

They had studied the stone pillars of the Abyss Demon Race ruins on the seas for very long, but they never made any progress. Now that they had finally found a new development, they hadnt found any new uses which really wasnt a good thing.

Xu Yi wanted to have Cassandra fly to the moon and restart the pillars on the moon to gather some more concrete details.

But thinking of how Cassandra had just been crying in his embrace, he wasnt cruel enough to say it.

But Cassandras trip to the moon had brought some useful information.

For example, on Alice, not only were there ruins left by the Abyss Demon Race, there was also air.

Xu Yi guessed that this was one of the stellar bases that the Abyss Demon Race had left behind.

Moreover, Cassandra had directly been sent back from the moon, which meant that the Abyss Demon Race had mastered teleportation to a shocking degree. They could even send things hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

In the legends about the Abyss Demon Race, it all said that they went to another world.

But Xu Yi was certain that the Abyss Demon Race didnt go to “another world”, but rather through teleportation technology, their scale shifted to a much further place.

But it was unknown what level their teleportation technology had reached. If they really could use hyperspace teleportation that spanned over light years, the Abyss Demon Race might have immigrated to another planet ten thousand years ago.

Of course, there was also the possibility that they were all dead from this journey into space.

But that wasnt important. Based on the current situation, the legend that the Abyss Demon Race would return after a thousand years was just nonsense.

The Abyss Demon Race had left with their entire race, so there was no chance that they would return.

The legend passed down by the elves was most likely a misunderstanding by their ancestors.

It was impossible that the Abyss Demon Race didnt know that ten thousand years could greatly change a planet. So they wouldnt leave such a large Magic Array on the endless seas that would be used for teleportation without thinking about how to make sure that this Magic Array wasnt made unusable by the natural changes in geography.

Cassandra being able to activate the Magic Array on the moon and get sent back here was already a big surprise.

So for the current Xu Yi, there was no doubt that it was necessary to study these ruins, but he also couldnt do anything right now.

He had wanted to stay on Sky Island and work with Akali to research this after Cassandra calmed down, but there was an unexpected piece of news that had interrupted his plans at this moment.

Heinz was in critical condition.


A Magic Airship landed in a secluded valley outside of the suburbs of Banta City.

When the door opened, Xu Yi came out and gave a nod to Alex who was waiting on the side. Without a word, he walked into the manor that was in this valley.

When the manor door opened, there were several people who were already waiting inside. Seeing Xu Yi come in, they all came forward.

“Chairman Xu……”

“Chairman Xu……”

Xu Yi impatiently waved his hand.

“Dont talk first, let me see Heinz.”

Everyone knew that he was in a bad mood and quickly shut their mouth. They let Alex lead him into the manor.

After passing a garden that wasnt small and after two corridors, Xu Yi finally arrived at Heinzs room in the manor.

When he came in, the people who were gathered in the room all turned over.

Xu Yi raised his hands to cut them off and walked to the side of the bed. He looked down at Heinz who clearly looked weak lying there in the bed.

Looking at Heinz who had a yellow face and not a trace of blood, Xu Yi gave a sigh before calling out.

“Heinz, Im here.”

Heinzs closed eyes slowly opened. After he looked at Xu Yi for a few seconds, he revealed a very forced smile.

“Xu Yi, you……youre here……”

While saying this, he lifted his right hand with difficulty.

Xu Yi quickly reached out to take his hand. He opened his mouth, but he didnt know what to say.

Seeing the expression on Xu Yis face, Heinz made an effort to smile before slowly saying, “Theres……theres no need for this. I…..Ive lived…..a long time already, its about time……”

Xu Yi agreed before turning to look at the doctor on the side.

The doctor could understand what Xu Yi meant and shook his head with a serious look.

Xu Yis face sank. He turned to the crowd before his eyes fell onto an elven girl who was in the uniform of a care worker and he waved his hand at her.

The crowd were surprised by Xu Yis action, not understanding what he was doing.

The elven girl also walked over with a confused look.

“Chairman Xu, what orders do you have”

“Wait a bit.” Xu Yi said before turning back to Heinz. He went beside his ear and said in a low voice, “Old companion, if you can live well for a little bit longer, would you be willing”

Only Ria who was right by the bed heard what Xu Yi said and looked at him with shock.

Heinz revealed a smile again before he said in a low voice, “I……I know that after…..this period, I will…..I will die, right”

Xu Yi gave a nod.

“Good……I……I still have many things to……say. I cant…..say it like this.”

Seeing that Heinz agreed, Xu Yi turned to look at Ria.

Ria of course understood what he meant and after looking at Heinz, she gave a sigh and nodded.

Xu Yi stood up again and said to the elven care worker, “You should know the Gift of Life, right”

“Un……” The elven care worker nodded before revealing a surprised look, “Chairman Xu, could it be that you want me to use the Gift of Life on him His life force is very weak right now and once the Gift of Life is used, he might not live……live past……”

She looked at Heinzs friends and family and didnt dare keep speaking.

Xu Yi helped her finish.

“I know, if you use the Gift of Life, I think that Heinz wont make it past tonight.”

Hearing this, there was an uproar that filled the room.

Although Heinz seemed weak right now, the care he received was very good. It wouldnt be a problem for him to last another ten days or half a month like this.

But now Xu Yi wanted to use this Gift of Life on him and make it so he cant even live past tonight. Naturally Heinzs relatives were unhappy about this.

Although these people recognized Xu Yi, they didnt have any scruples at this time. This group started to reprimand Xu Yi and there were even people who cursed him.

“Everyone shut up!” Alex suddenly roared out and suppressed all the sounds around him, “What are you doing Showing this kind of disrespect to chairman Xu, do you want to die”

Although Alex was only Heinzs nephew, he had been introduced to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce by Heinz and can even be considered a senior in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so he had a high position.

Later when he left the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to open his own magic machine company, he was able to drum up some business with the help of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce. Right now they were top ranked in the Lampuri Kingdom, so his position in the family was much higher than these relatives and friends that only came to get benefits when Heinz was dying.

Now that he had lashed out in anger, the others had been shocked.

Alex angrily looked at the surrounding friends and family, but he was very worried.

He of course knew why these people were angry at Xu Yis arrangements. It was because these fellows all depended on Heinz, it was even said that these people could enjoy good lives because of him.

If Heinz died, their livelihoods would certainly be greatly affected and they wouldnt enjoy the benefits that Heinz gave them. They wanted Heinz to live even a single day longer so they could make more arrangements.

These idiots never thought that even Heinz depended on the chairman Xu in front of them to get to the position that he was currently in.

If they offended chairman Xu, it would all be over!

Xu Yi looked at Alex and revealed a smile without saying anything.

Ria stood up and looked around before saying with a sigh, “Well follow chairman Xus arrangements.”

Since Ria had spoken, Heinzs friends and family naturally didnt dare say anything else.

The elven care worker confirmed this with Ria and Heinz again before gritting her teeth and reaching her hand out to Heinzs chest.

There was a faint green glow that came from her hand that slowly entered Heinzs chest.

Heinz was already withered and weak, but as the green light entered him, his pale skin suddenly became red again and the wrinkles on his face became less prominent.

After a while, Heinz suddenly opened his eyes and sat up in bed. His face was glowing with health and his eyes were refreshed, looking like he was full of life.

The elven care taker took her hand back and Heinz gave a laugh. He pulled back the blankets and jumped out of bed in front of everyones eyes before grabbing Xu Yi.

“Ha, ha, old companion, lets have a good drink tonight!”-

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