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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 90: Crying dragon

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Book 8: Chapter 90: Crying dragon

Akali and Xu Yi were both shocked. The two looked at each other with eyes wide with concern.

“Sir chairman, Cassandra……is she in some kind of danger……”

Xu Yi was silent.

There was no way to investigate the Abyss Demon Race ruins any deeper, so even he found it hard to give an explanation.

Not to mention that Cassandra was on a moon that was over three hundred kilometers away. Even if something happened, he couldnt do anything.

“Be assured, Cassandra is a dragon and has a very strong body that can even fly in outer space. There shouldnt be a problem.” Xu Yi could only comfort Akali like this.

Akali wasnt some young girl and naturally wouldnt believe Xu Yi that easily, but she couldnt do anything about this, so she could only force herself to accept Xu Yis words.

“I hope that Cassandra isnt……”

As soon as she spoke, Akalis expression suddenly changed and she looked up.

“Sir chairman……”

Xu Yi had already looked to the northwest with a shocked look. After he heard Akali cry out, he knew that she was the same as him, feeling the powerful magic fluctuations that came from that direction.

Moreover, he and Akali were both very familiar with these magic fluctuations. It was the same as the faint magic fluctuations that came from the stone pillars.

“Could it be……”

The two looked at each other before giving nods. Their figure disappeared and soon they were in the northwestern sky of Sky Island.

“Sir chairman, over there!” Akali pointed to the northwest at a spot on the sea that was several dozen kilometers away and called out in shock.

The part of the sea that Akali was pointing at had a beam of light blue light that rose from the sea, hitting the clouds.

Looking up with the beam of light, they would find that this beam of light didnt scatter. Even when it reached the air, it didnt turn lighter.

“Chairman Xu, what is going on”

The void beside them fluctuated and elder Undine appeared beside Xu Yi and Akali.

She saw the distant pale blue pillar of light and asked Xu Yi this in a surprised voice.

“I still dont know, but I think……We should be one step closer to understanding the secrets of the Abyss Demon Race.” Xu Yi shook his head as he said this.

Akali didnt care that much. After looking at the pillar of light for a bit, she suddenly asked in a nervous voice, “Sir chairman, do you think……this is related to Cassandra”

“Im not certain, but lets go and take a look. There should be something happening over there.” Xu Yi pointed to the northwest and had Akali and elder Undine follow him.

Akali and elder Undine nodded in agreement. When the three of them were about to use Spatial Magic, they found that the magic space around them was a bit strange. With their current strong abilities, they found it hard to control the elemental magic energy and use Spatial Magic.

Xu Yi tried several times before knitting his brows.

“Theres no need to try anymore. It seems like the magic space has been locked into a special state and only if we have power that surpasses this locking power can we use Spatial Magic.”

“Why is it like this” Elder Undine asked in a surprised voice.

“If my guess isnt wrong, it should be related to the Abyss Demon Race ruins.” Xu Yi turned to Akali, “It might really be related to Cassandra. I hope that after ten thousand years, the long distance transfer array that the Abyss Demon Race left behind can still operate normally.”

After saying these words that confused Akali and elder Undine, Xu Yi tried using Spatial Magic. Although he couldnt use it, he found that he could still use flight magic normally. He used all his magic power and flew towards where the Abyss Demon Race ruins were at full speed.

Akali and elder Undine followed behind him.

The three of them flew for a bit and found that there were several other blue lights that appeared. There was clearly something off, it wasnt just the one spot like before.

But when the three of them blew to the closest blue light, the blue lights on the sea suddenly disappeared at the same time.

The three were all stunned as they stopped.

“Sir chairman, this……”

Xu Yi knitted his brows to think before saying to Akali, “Call Cassandra.”

“Will it connect” Akali immediately replied, but she still took out the Magic Communicator and called Cassandras number.

The call immediately connected, but the voice from the other side didnt come for a long time.

When Akalis disappointed eyes gradually turned to despair, there was a sound that came from the Magic Communicator.

Akali immediately became spirited and loudly shouted into the Magic Communicator.

“Hey Cassandra Hey Can you hear me Cassandra Can you hear me Quickly respond if you can!”

After a while, Cassandras voice finally came from the Magic Communicator.

“Hey, is this……is this Akali”

Even if they were separated by the call, Xu Yi could easily hear the doubt and confusion in Cassandras voice.

It seemed like that this brave dragon girl had finally been scared by this incident.

After confirming that it was Cassandras voice, Akali was filled with happiness.

“Its me! Cassandra, where are you now Did something happen What happened just now Right, right now…..are you on the moon or are you……”

Elder Undine on the side revealed a strange expression.

Cassandra was on the moon What was going on”

“I…..I seemed to…..be back” Cassandra said in a very uncertain voice, “Wait, I can see the stone pillars of the ruins! I……really seem to be back!”

Akali looked at Xu Yi with a stunned look.

Xu Yi had already guessed this possibility. Although he was also shocked, he calmly looked at Akali and said, “Have her send a signal and dont move, well go and find her.”

Akali passed on Xu Yis instructions and Cassandra agreed.

After a while, Xu Yi turned to look further northwest and Akali looked in the same direction.

Elder Undine also felt the special magic fluctuations coming from there, but she wasnt as sensitive to the special magic fluctuations that Cassandra sent out like Xu Yi and Akali, so she reacted slower.

“Lets go take a look.” Xu Yi waved his hand before focusing his mind. After confirming that the magic space around them had returned to normal, he instantly went over with Spatial Magic.

A few minutes later, Xu Yi appeared in the sky about fifty kilometers away from his original position.

Looking down, he saw Cassandra looking up with her giant dragon head.

When she saw Xu Yi, Cassandra immediately flew over and turned into a human in the air, throwing herself at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi had planned on dodging, but seeing that there were a few tears on Cassandras human face, he couldnt help being surprised. He couldnt dodge in time and was tightly held by Cassandra.

“Chairman Xu! Wu, wu……”

After calling out, Cassandra actually hugged Xu Yi and cried like that.

Hearing Cassandra crying like a little human girl, Xu Yis expression became strange.

This was a dragon! The strongest of all the races that could even fly into outer space, that could even fly to the moon!

Now she was actually crying in his arms!

After thinking about it, Xu Yi gave a sigh. He raised his arm and gently held Cassandra, patting her on the back to calm her down.

After a while, Akali and elder Undine appeared. When they saw this situation, their eyes immediately popped out.

“This……Sir chairman, you……” Akali pointed at Xu Yi and Cassandra in a daze, not knowing how to react to this.

When Cassandra heard Akalis voice, she raised her head from Xu Yis embrace. Seeing Akali, she came out of Xu Yis embrace and flew out at Akali.

After crying in Akalis embrace for a bit, Cassandra gradually calmed down and stopped crying.

“Ke……Cassandra, are you alright” Xu Yi asked with a cough.

Cassandra looked at Xu Yi and then looked at Akali before turning to elder Undine on the side. Then there was a blush that appeared on her face.

Her emotions had been too much that she didnt care about anything. When she saw familiar people, she didnt even think about it as she jumped into their embrace to cry.

Thinking about it now, a noble dragon like her had actually revealed such a fragile appearance in front of two humans and an elf. This was simply embarrassing!

Xu Yi and Akali looked at each other and there were smiles in each others eyes.

Actually, Xu Yi could understand Cassandras strange reaction just now.

Although Cassandra in terms of years was even older than elder Undine, the dragons had very long lifespans, so their mental growth was slow.

The dragons need to be at least a thousand years old to be considered an adult.

So Cassandras current age if it was converted into human years was equal to a fifteen or sixteen year old girl.

Moreover, lived most of her life on the red dragons island and had little contact with the outside world, so her thoughts were pure. Her mental age might even be lower than this.

Now that she had experienced this kind of giant event, it was normal that she felt emotional.

In order to not make it awkward for Cassandra, Xu Yi gave a cough and asked, “Cassandra, werent you on the moon just now Do you know how you suddenly came back here”

Cassandra looked up again and after thinking for a bit, she revealed a confused look.

“I also dont know what happened. I had just found those stone pillars on the moon that are similar to the ones here and then after trying to inject some magic, they released a blue light at the same time. Then……Then I felt a strong change in the magic space around me and then everything turned dark. When I came back to my senses, I found that I was already here.”

“Blue light” Xu Yi and Akali looked down at the same time as they thought of something.

It seemed like what Cassandra had discovered on the moon really was related to the Abyss Demon Race ruins.-

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