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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 89: On the moon

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Book 8: Chapter 89: On the moon

Different from the earth, the Sines Continent had two objects above it, so there would often be two different moons in the night sky.

But what surprised Xu Yi and Akali wasnt this, but rather that Cassandra had been on the moon!

“God……Its a good thing that there are no gods in the sky. Cassadnra, youre saying that youre on the moon Do you mean the moon Akali asked in an amazed voice.

Seeing Akalis reaction, Xu Yi was certain that this was Cassandras first time doing this.

But compared to Akali, the shock in his heart was greater.

He still didnt know how far the two orbiting objects were, but the moon on earth was over three hundred thousand kilometers away, so these two orbiting objects should be closer. However, they should still be at least a hundred thousand kilometers away.

Even if Cassandra could freely fly in outer space, why would she go all the way to the moon

“Un, its the moon!” Cassandras voice quickly sounded out again and it was very clear, as if she wasnt affected by the distance at all.

Xu Yi felt a bit doubtful about this.

The endless transmission of magic signals was something that Akali had already developed with the new magic signal transfer method years ago. She had already completed practical tests in outer space with Cassandra.

But Cassandra was at a super far off place that was at least a hundred thousand kilometers away, but the two sides were able to communicate without any delay.

Just what……was the upper limit of the magic signal transmission speed What was it compared to the speed of light

“How did you go all the way to the moon” Akali asked in a loud voice, “Dont tell me that you flew all the way.”

“Hei, hei, I did fly all the way.” Cassandras voice clearly had a bit of pride in it, “Did you forget I told you two months ago, Im going to a far away place and wont be back for some time”

Xu Yi looked at Akali who nodded in return.

“This did happen, but Cassandra……I never would have thought that you would go all the way to the moon! Right, is the moon a sphere just like the planet”

“Of course. Didnt chairman Xu say that all the stars that we see in the sky, including the moon, are all spheres”

Xu Yi on the side gave a cough, “Its not that all celestial objects are spherical. For example, comets normally have a long strip.”

Cassandra on the other side clearly didnt expect Xu Yi to be there, so after a bit of silence, she continued, “Chairman Xu, youre also there.”

“Un, I came to discuss something with Akali. Cassandra, lets get back to it. First, how did you fly to the moon How long did it take”

“I just flew in the direction of the moon.” Cassandras answer made Xu Yi very speechless, “If it wasnt for my being too tired and falling asleep which caused me to go in the wrong direction, I would have arrived in a month.”

“You only slept in the middle and didnt rest any other times” Xu Yi asked.

“Un, our dragon race have strong bodies, so its fine if we dont rest. I only slept to restore my magic power since I can only depend on magic power to fly in outer space.”

“How long did you sleep”

“I dont know because theres no concept of night and day in outer space. But based on the magic power that I recovered, it should be around three days.”

Xu Yi calculated this in his heart.

Cassandra had said that flying in outer space was faster than flying in the air. If she goes at full speed, she can fly faster than the current fastest Magic Airship, which is around three hundred kilometers an hour.

If she kept flying at full speed, then she would travel around seven thousand kilometers a day. In two months, it would be around four hundred thousand kilometers.

Putting aside the winding path that Cassandra took, the distance from this orbiting object to the ground should be around the same as the moon on earth.

“Right, Cassandra, which moon are you currently on Alice or Tildis”

The names Alice and Tildis were the names of the Sines Continents people for the moons in the sky.

The larger one that normally appeared was called Tildis and the smaller one was called Alice.

In the legends of the Sines Continent, Tildis and Alice were even called sister goddesses.

“Im on Alice.” Cassandra replied, “Although Im not certain, Tildis should be much further away than this. Ill investigate when I have some free time.”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes.

Even in the high tech society on earth, it was incredibly hard to land on the moon. There were only a few moon landings that had been done and it was something that many people doubted.

But in this place, Cassandra could not only break through the atmosphere with her body, she could even fly to the moon which really was unbelievable.

“Alright, the second question. You just said that you found things related to the Abyss Demon Race ruins on the moon, what is that about” Xu Yi asked.

Hearing this, Akali also focused.

She had spent quite a bit of effort researching the Abyss Demon Race ruins over the past few years, so she was very sensitive about this matter.

“Im not clear. Akali, do you have a Magic Illusion Projector over there”

“Un” Akali was surprised before asking in a shocked voice, “You brought a Magic Illusion Camera with you”

“Hei, hei, what do you think If I didnt bring this Magic Illusion Camera, how can I prove that I was on the moon”

Akali and Xu Yi could only be speechless.

“Then you mean that youll send some videos for us to see”

“Thats right.”

“Alright, wait a bit. Sir chairman, lets go to my lab, theres a high definition Magic Illusion Projector there.”


Xu Yi nodded before the two disappeared on the spot. They didnt slowly walk over, but directly went over with Spatial Magic.

A few minutes later, Xu Yi and Akali looked at the Magic Illusion in front of them and both nodded.

“They definitely are the same thing.”

In the images that Cassandra sent back, there was a stone pillar that was inserted into the empty ground.

Although it was hundreds of thousands of kilometers away and they could only see it through the Magic Illusion, Xu Yi and Akali could tell that this thing was the same as the stone pillars on the endless seas.

“Cassandra, can you look around the area There shouldnt be just a single pillar.” Xu Yi said into the Magic Communicator.

“Alright, Ill try looking.”

“Wait!” Xu Yi suddenly called out.

“What is it Do you need me to do something”

Xu Yi looked at the Magic Illusion for a bit before his eyes suddenly opened wide and he asked, “Cassandra, when youre flying in outer space, how do you solve the breathing issue”

“Breathing” Cassandra was a bit surprised that Xu Yi would suddenly ask this, “We dragons normally do need to breathe, thats right, but when we cant breathe, we can use the energy stored in our body along with magic power to solve this issue. Why are you asking this”

“Then try taking a breath.”

“Breath” Cassandra was clearly a bit confused, “Theres no air here, why are you letting me……Yi Yi Theres actually breathable air here! How is this possible!”

Akali had been listening to Xu Yi ask this question with a strange look, but seeing Cassandras reaction, she was even more confused.

“Hey, sir chairman, is it very strange that there is air on the moon Also, Cassandra, why are you also surprised”

Xu Yi looked at her and knew that it was very hard to explain how difficult it was to land on the moon because of the low amount of air in the moons atmosphere, so he waved his hand to show that he wouldnt say anything else.

“I clearly didnt feel myself entering the atmosphere, so why would there be air here Really strange, I can actually breathe freely.” Cassandras voice sounded again, “Chairman Xu, how do you know about this”

“Its very simple, in the images that youve recorded, I can see the dust flying around which shows that there is an air current. This also means that theres air there.” Xu Yi said.

“Is that so” Akali looked at the Magic illusion with doubt and after carefully looking for a bit, she found that there really were dust particles flying around.

“Oh, chairman Xu, you really are sharp. Alright, Ill go take a look, perhaps I can find something similar nearby.”

Cassandra threw out these words before hanging up.

Xu Yi and Akali looked at each other before Akali said, “Could this mean……that after the Abyss Demon Race left this place, they went to the moon first”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “We dont know for now, well talk after Cassandra has finished investigating.”


The two looked over the Magic Illusions again. When they were planning on leaving, there was a call that came from Akalis Magic Communicator.

“Cassandra” Akali picked up in a doubtful manner before Cassandras excited voice came out.

“Hey, Akali, chairman Xu, Ive made a new discovery! This place doesnt have just a single pillar, there are still many other pillars! Wait, the way that the pillars are arranged is like the design of the pillars on the sea. Let me take a look……Ah!”

Cassandra suddenly let out an alarmed call that scared Xu Yi and Akali.

“Cassandra, what happened” Akali quickly asked in a concerned voice.

“I……I dont know what happened. I just moved a bit and those pillars are now glowing! No! I can feel the surrounding magic space starting to change. This……This is…….”

Cassandras voice suddenly stopped.-

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