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Book 8: Chapter 85: Vigorously developing the Sines Continent

Xu Yi had already disappeared from the Sines Continent for a long time.

Other than the occasional piece of news from the Magic Cloud Continent that had some information about Xu Yi, since the Sines Continent and the Magic Cloud Continent were ten thousand kilometers apart, everyone felt that the Magic Cloud Continent was like another world.

So it didnt take long before Xu Yis image in the minds of the Sines Continent people gradually started to disappear.

Moreover, two years after Xu Yi disappeared from the Sines Continent, Xu Yis wife Still stepped down as the chairman of the New Moon Chamber of Commerce and disappeared from the public eye.

It was said that Still along with Xu Yis other wives had all moved to an island on the seas after retiring, living a life of seclusion and not caring about worldly matters.

Like this, even the image that Still had left people had started to disappear.

Of course, it was impossible for the mark that they had left on the Sines Continent to disappear.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce under Freyas leadership kept developing over the years and maintained its absolute dominating position in the magic machine industry.  They still had an incomparable influence on all the countries of the Sines Continent.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerce also developed quickly.

With the costs dropping, the price of the Magic Illusion Projectors for normal families also dropped.  Right now, even the most basic model only costed eighteen gold coins.

So in every household on the Sines Continent, it was normal for them to buy a Magic Illusion Projector.

If there was a family that didnt have one, they would be laughed at by their neighbours.  There were even some fellows that couldnt get the girls they loved because of this.

With the Magic Illusion Projector entering each household, the New Moon Chamber of Commerces Magic Illusion Network that had been promoted the entire time entered every corner of the continent.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerces Magic Illusion Film projects entered the hearts of the people with this Magic Illusion Network, attracting everyones attention.

Every day after work, people would turn on the Magic Illusion Projector to watch the Magic Illusion Film programming.  It had already become a necessary part of every household.

Moreover, just last year, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce and the Azshara Tribe released the Magic Illusion technology.  They signed cooperation agreements with one hundred and twenty three countries, starting a Magic Illusion department in each of these countries that would focus on making Magic Illusion programming unique to each of these countries.

There were only one hundred and forty six sovereign states on the Sines Continent.  The New Moon Chamber of Commerces move had allowed the Magic Illusion programming to enter almost every country on the continent at once.

It was also because each country had their own Magic Illusion department that people were no longer just watching Magic Illusion programming from the New Moon Chamber of Commerce alone, they now had even more choices.

Moreover, because smaller countries didnt have restrictions, in these small countries, just a single Magic Illusion Projector could broadcast programming from several dozen countries.

Although the quality of these programs were inferior to the New Moon Chamber of Commerces, the more choices they were given, the greater it was for the common people.

The most important was that by watching the New Moon Chamber of Commerces shows, they could understand more about the continent and about other races.

When they watched the shows of their country, they could understand a bit more about their country.

When they watched the shows of other countries, they could understand more about other countries and no longer felt that other countries were like completely different worlds.

With how developed transportation was now, it wasnt that difficult to go to another country.

So with the New Moon Chamber of Commerces programs that had the slogan “walk more and see more”, it became something that everyone on the Sines Continent agreed with.

The rich people would travel around to see the places that they had seen in the Magic Illusion programming.

The people without money also went around or rather roamed around looking for better opportunities and jobs.

The current Sines Continent wasnt like before, where each person went no further than fifty kilometers from where they had been born, never seeing the outside world.

The movement of population had never been this high on the Sines Continent before.

There were even many people that didnt feel satisfied staying on the Sines Continent, so they chose to head to other continents.

Most of them went to the Magic Cloud Continent and some went to the southern continent.

There were even a few people who went to the extreme, organizing their own fleets to head into the endless seas, to the continents that had already been found, but werent included on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces list for development.

Those self proclaimed explorers stated that they would definitely create a new world on the new continent and become the king of the new continent.

The explorers said this, but it was hard to tell what would actually happen.

But according to some newspapers, among these fleets, there were fleets that had been formed by some countries and some companies.

They wouldnt go to the Magic Cloud Continent to compete with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and they wouldnt go to the southern continent that was ruled by the Levin Dynasty, so they naturally chose to find their own continents.

Actually, the countries of the Sines Continent were clear on the great benefits of developing a new continent, but because the Sines Continent was in a crucial period, no country was willing to delay their own development by deploying the large amount of manpower and resources needed to develop the new continent.

Other than these changes, the biggest change over the past few years was in terms of population.

More than thirty years ago, before the Frestech Chamber of Commerce appeared, although the Sines Continent had vast lands and many countries, the population was only less than a hundred million.

But with the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the promotion of the agricultural magic machines and the fertilizer from the elves which greatly increased each countrys grain yield, it gave more grains which could support a greater population.

Then in the most recent twenty years where there hadnt been a major war on the Sines Continent, the Sines Continents population had swelled like a balloon.

According to the Candra Empires population census last year, just in the Candra Empire alone, there were over a hundred million people.

The Marlow Empire also did the same census and found that it was close to a hundred million people.

Adding in the population of the other countries, the Sines Continents total population was already over one billion.

This was a very shocking number.

It had to be known that in the history of the Sines Continent, no matter which race was ruling over the continent, the total population had never surpassed one hundred million.

Now that it had surpassed one billion, this was simply a miracle.

Regarding this phenomenon, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce worked with the major newspapers and the Magic Illusion department of each country to make a show named «Population Explosion» which detailed the reasons why.

After a bunch of reasons that people didnt understand, they finally came to a single conclusion.

The shocking growth in population on the Sines Continent, the most basic reason was the large increase in grain yield.

The deeper reason was the increase in production capacity.

This “production capacity” was a new term from the New Moon Chamber of Commerce.

The core of this concept was that productive capacity determined the level of society.  As technology increased productive capacity, people could have more food, more clothes, better houses, and a better life.

So to make life better, they would work hard to develop technology and increase productive capacity.

The show didnt state it, but everyone knew that this technology was the magic machine industry that had appeared on the Sines Continent.

There was no need for the New Moon Chamber of Commerce to spend all this time on a show to tell anyone this.  No matter which country or which person it was, they all had a deep understanding of this.

First, not to mention technology increasing productive capacity and making life better, if it was flipped around and they werent careful, they would fall behind everyone else.  Their families would fall behind other families and even entire countries would fall behind other countries.

This lesson wasnt just seen in a single example.

Three years ago, the Deyiz Kingdom and the Meca Kingdom had a dispute on their borders because of two mines that ended up in a war.

The Deyiz Kingdom had depended on their greater military magic machine research and large stores of military magic machines to have a greater combat power, so they were at a great advantage in the beginning stages of the war.

But because the Meca Kingdoms magic machine industry was more developed than the Deyiz Kingdoms magic machine industry, having a greater scale of production than the Deyiz Kingdom, once the war started, they erupted with a shocking strength and their supply chains were far superior to the Deyiz Kingdom.

So a year later, the Deyiz Kingdom gradually couldnt keep going anymore.

In the end, the two sides signed a peace treaty after a year and a half of war.  The Deyiz Kingdom army withdrew from the Meca Kingdom and were forced to sign a peace treaty with the Meca Kingdom.

Not only did they hand over the two mines that started the war, they were forced to give several other mines near the border to the Meca Kingdom.

At the same time, the Deyiz Kingdom was forced to open their domestic markets to the Meca Kingdom and couldnt charge extra tariffs on goods from the Meca Kingdom.

Compared to the mines, the latter condition was the fatal one.

The Deyiz Kingdom had focused on developing their military magic machines, so they had fallen behind when it came to civilian magic machines.  Now that they had opened their domestic markets to the Meca Kingdom, once the products of the Meca Kingdom flooded in, they would take over the Deyiz Kingdoms magic machine industry.

In the long term, the Deyiz Kingdom wouldnt have the ability to fight back against the Meca Kingdom.

Similar things like the war and aftermath between the Deyiz Kingdom and the Meca Kingdom had been happening all over the Sines Continent recently.

Several countries rose and several countries deteriorated and even perished.

But no matter what, the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent kept developing and never showed any signs of deteriorating.

From another perspective, in the years after Xu Yi disappeared, the Sines Continent had taken a great leap forward towards his ideals.-

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