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Book 8: Chapter 83: Breaking the atmosphere with a flesh body

Xu Yi looked up and could only see the giant shadow blocking the sky above him, even the sun was completely blocked off. He could only helplessly say, “Hey, Cassandra, can you change into human form first My head will snap off sooner or later if I have to talk to you like this.”


With a flash of light, the giant shadow instantly disappeared and a human girls figure appeared beside Xu Yi. It was Akalis good friend and the first dragon to appear on the Sines Continent, the red dragon Cassandra.

“Is outer space fun” Xu Yi looked at Cassandra with a puzzled look, “Other than stars, theres nothing else there. What is fun about that”

“You know what outer space is like” Cassandra blinked before suddenly understanding, “Oh, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has launched the satellite, so you do know what its like. But chairman Xu, outer space isnt that simple. Only when you experience flying in it will you know how interesting it is.”

“Just what is interesting about it” Xu Yi was even more confused.

Although he didnt have an opportunity to go into space on earth, based on the various scenes that he had seen on the news and in documentary films, he didnt feel like space was that meaningful.

“It lets me fly around without worrying about hitting anything, thats already fun enough!” Cassandra directly said, “Moreover, flying in outer space is more relaxing. Theres no need to worry about flapping my wings, so its much faster than being in the air and its very exciting!”

“Nonsense, theres no air in outer space, so its no use if you flap your wings.” Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “But speaking of this, even when you fly in the sky, dont you flap your wings very little I thought that your flying didnt rely on flapping your wings to begin with.”

“That is correct, but is a habit. Moreover, flapping your wings lets you feel more relaxed when flying.”

“Then why dont you flap your wings more Cant you fly even faster”

“Because its tiring.” Cassandra waved her arms and mimicked the action of flapping her wings, “Look, this wastes so much energy. How can it be as relaxed as using elemental magic energy to fly”

Xu Yi could only roll his eyes again.

The dragons really didnt conform to biological knowledge.

They clearly had wings and should be a lifeform that relied on wings to fly, but because they grasped magic during their evolution, they evolved to no longer depend on wings. There was even a red dragon like Cassandra who said that flapping her wings was a bit tiring.

It was a good thing that dragons had long lifespans and there were only over ten generations of dragons. If it went on a bit longer, they might not even have wings anymore.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi gave up this question and started asking about the issue that he cared about the most.

“Cassandra, you said that its more relaxed flying in outer space. Putting aside the issue of no air resistance, are there any other reasons Is it related to the magic space in outer space”

“Yes.” Cassandra gave a firm nod, “The magic space in outer space is more stable than below the atmosphere and on the ground. I flew around for several hours and flew over a thousand kilometers, but there werent any changes in magic space at all.”

“Un, it is indeed much more stable.”

Although magic space was a different space that was filled with elemental magic energy, it couldnt be separated from real space.

In regions with an unusual atmosphere, the magic space would be influenced to varying degrees that would create instability.

The most clear examples were near volcanoes. Because of the influence of volcanoes, the elemental magic energy in that space favoured Fire Attributed Elemental Magic Energy, which created instability.

The magicians of the Sines Continent used to say that Fire Attributed Elemental Magic Energy around volcanoes were stable, so it was very dangerous.

Although it was similar, the traditional view of magic was very lacking when it came to explaining the reasoning behind this.

Because of this, all magic space on the planet would have varying degrees of instability and would create zones like this. They were called unstable magic spaces by the magicians.

The more serious ones would be listed as forbidden areas by the Magicians Guild which they would warn magicians against approaching.

Of course, no one in this world used to think what it was like above the sky. Naturally they wouldnt think about what magic space was like in outer space.

After the Frestech Chamber of Commerce launched the satellite, because of the Magic Illusion Videos of outer space sent back by the satellite, it proved that Xu Yis theory of them standing on a planet was true. At the same time, it also proved Xu Yis outer guess that outer space was filled with elemental magic energy and had magic space. It wasnt like traditional magicians had thought that it was a forbidden area for life above the sky and a forbidden area for magic.

After learning this, the first ones to react werent the humans, but rather the dragons.

Cassandra was Akalis good friend and could be considered among the first that learned of the news about the satellite.

After learning about the satellite and the news from outer space, she immediately had the bold idea to fly into outer space!

At first whether it was Akali or Xu Yi, they both strongly opposed this crazy idea.

Because even if there were elemental magic energy in outer space that could allow the Magic Illusion Camera to send images back, without enough data supporting it, it was unknown what the magic space in outer space was like.

If the magic space in outer space was different from the magic space on the ground, it could be very dangerous. Cassandra flying into outer space was no different from seeking her own death.

Even without talking about the influence of the magic space, just flying up into outer space without anything protecting her body was looking to die.

However, Cassandra was really interested and she was very confident in her body as a dragon, so she insisted.

Xu Yi couldnt convince her, so he had no choice but to move his plans forward.

During this time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce launched two more satellites.

Compared to the first satellite, these two satellites carried much more equipment.

Not only were there three high definition Magic Illusion Cameras, there was also a custom made magic space probe that would keep sending out magic fluctuations, testing the magic space in outer space.

Other than this, there was a biological dummy made by the elves that would test the environment in space.

With these precise instruments, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce obtained much more detailed data about the various aspects of outer space.

Based on this data, they found that the magic space in outer space was much more stable and in terms of magic, it was a place more suitable for magicians than on the ground.

At the same time, outer space above this star was similar to outer space around earth. Although humans couldnt survive there without any protection, for the dragons that had bodies that were countless times stronger than humans, it wasnt as if there wasnt a chance of them being able to survive.

After obtaining this information, before Xu Yi and Akali could even react, Cassandra flew right into the sky.

At first, she couldnt directly break the atmosphere and enter outer space.

But once she grasped the right method, she easily broke through the atmosphere with her flesh body and entered outer space.

Xu Yi still remembered watching Cassandra return safely after playing around in outer space.

Although the others were also shocked like Xu Yi, they werent as shocked as him.

After all, Xu Yis understanding of outer space surpassed everyone else.

It was also because of this that he was more alert towards outer space, being extremely cautious.

The others were locals of this world and didnt have much understanding of outer space. So although they felt that Cassandra was very strong for flying into outer space, they werent that shocked.

Because for all the humans and other races, the dragons bodies were much stronger than their own and it shouldnt be a problem for them to fly into outer space.

The dragons never did this before because they were wary about the place above the sky.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had proven that there was magic space above the sky, this meant that there was a possibility for the dragons.

This fellow Cassandra who didnt fear death had broken the window and allowed the fantasy of dragons flying in outer space become a reality.

“Hei, chairman Xu, I cant wait to tell my clansmen the news.” Cassandra happily brandished her arm as she said to Xu Yi in an excited voice, “If the clansmen knows that we can fly in outer space and its more refreshing to fly there compared to in the sky, they will definitely be happy!”

Xu Yi revealed a helpless and bitter smile.

The dragons had long lifespans, so most of their lives, they would be bored.

So when they discovered the novel Magic Illusion Films that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce brought, they were infatuated with it because it gave them many new novel experiences.

Now that Cassandra had found something that was even more novel and exciting, her clansmen would definitely go crazy.

Thinking of how it might be possible seeing a bunch of dragons flying in outer space, Xu Yi felt very strange.

Thinking of this, Xu Yis expression changed and he focused on Cassandra.

“Hey, Cassandra, be honest, dont you find those satellites troublesome”-

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