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Book 8: Chapter 81: Making ones stance clear

“Your majesty, when was the last time we met like this” Xu Yi sat there with a smile looking at Emperor Candra in front of him. Their eyes met and they both had calm expressions.

“Its been a long time since I met chairman Xu. If Im not mistaken, the last time should be when we signed the «Continent Peace Convention» twelve years ago.”

Emperor Candra also had a faint smile on his face, like he was talking to Xu Yi like an old friend that he hadnt met in a long time.

If possible, how he wished he could just kill this despicable fellow in front of him.

However, that was an impossible dream.

If he were to kill Xu Yi here, the chaos that would follow was something that even he as the emperor of the Candra Empire couldnt take. It was even likely that the entire Candra Empire would fall into a desperate situation.

Let alone the fact that even after putting aside his scruples, it was almost impossible to kill Xu Yi.

Xu Yi was already known as the most powerful Arch Magus ten years ago and after ten more years of cultivating, with his shocking talent, his strength should have already surpassed all other Arch Magi.

With such incredible power, it was almost impossible to assassinate him. It wasnt even possible to encircle and kill him.

The Candra Empire had tried this more than ten years ago and had paid a deep price because of this. Now that more than ten years had passed, the Candra Empire didnt dare test Xu Yis increased power.

“The «Continent Peace Convention»…….” Xu Yi revealed a meaningful smile, “Speaking of this, your majesty, you were the first to propose the «Limited Spreading of Military Magic Machine Treaty», right”

Emperor Candras expression became a bit awkward.

The «Limited Spreading of Military Magic Machine Treaty». If it was said in unkind words, this was simply a slap to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces face.

Now that Xu Yi was mentioning it, even if Emperor Candra had a deep mentality, it was hard to have a thick enough face to openly talk about this.

“This……When the «Continent Peace Convention» expired, our Candra Empire, as well as the Marlow Empire and the other countries were waiting for chairman Xu to take the lead to renew the treaty. We never thought that chairman Xu would never mention this matter and thought that you had forgotten or didnt care about this matter. But it is like chairman Xu said more than ten years ago, the Sines Continent needs stability and peace, an environment that can promote the development of the magic machine industry. As one of the two empires on the continent, our Candra Empire naturally needs to take responsibility. So I proposed this new treaty which was the «Limited Spreading of Military Magic Machine Treaty».”

Hearing Emperor Candras explanation, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a smile.

Actually, with Emperor Candras noble status, there was no need for him to give such a detailed explanation.

It was only in front of Xu Yi that he would make this explanation that was a clear concession.

The reason was very simple, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was too big of a threat towards the Candra Empire. Even the emperor of the Candra Empire couldnt help but have scruples.

Of course, the more important reason was because of Xu Yi.

If it was Freya who was the current Frestech Chamber of Commerce chairman here, Emperor Candra would have a much stronger stance than he had now.

“Your majesty, when it comes to the «Limited Spreading of Military Magic Machine Treaty», I dont have any opinions. After all, the «Continent Peace Convention» proposed before was to let the countries of the Sines Continent have a peaceful environment to develop their magic machine industries. Now that has been achieved, after more than ten years of development, most countries should have developed their magic machine industries to a certain extent, so there isnt really a meaning in having another treaty like this. Moreover, a similar treaty should be decided by the countries of the Sines Continent. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is after all only a company and shouldnt have the right to be involved in this.”

Hearing Xu Yis words, Emperor Candra suddenly realized something.

“Chairman Xu, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce really isnt planning on interfering with this treaty”

“Of course not.” Xu Yi directly looked into Emperor Candras eyes and said in a sincere tone, “We are only a company and arent qualified, nor are we interested in interfering in this matter.”

“Really” Emperor Candra slightly knitted his brows, “Then how do you explain your company interfering in the conflict between our Candra Empire and the Mana Magic Kingdom”

The interfering that Emperor Candra spoke of was referring to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces organization that they made with other companies and citizens groups. When the Candra Empire and Mana Magic Kingdom were fighting, they took in the refugees from the Mana Magic Kingdom.

The Candra Empire had protested to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce many times, so Xu Yi was clear on this matter.

“Your majesty, our company is just reducing civilian casualties, this doesnt count as meddling, right If we really wanted to meddle, what do you think it would look like”

Emperor Candras expression turned stiff and he couldnt refute this.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really meddled in the war between the two countries, whether the Frestech Chamber of Commerce supported the Candra Empire or the Mana Magic Kingdom, the Candra Empire wouldnt have been able to receive as many benefits as they did now.

So Xu Yi was right.

But Emperor Candra couldnt believe Xu Yi that easily.

This fellow had never shown a strong desire for power over the past few years, but as the emperor of the giant Candra Empire and one of the most powerful people on the continent, this Emperor Candra knew just how enticing power was.

Xu Yi never demonstrated it before and still didnt demonstrate it now, but that didnt mean that it wouldnt happen in the future.

“Your majesty, I came to see you today was to openly tell you something.” Xu Yi suddenly said, “The matter of Zidanru Town and the matter of the Baimon Mines, we all know what is happening. As well as the role that your Candra Empire has played in those events……”

Emperor Candras expression sank, “Chairman Xu, you cant speak randomly. Although those two matters happened in the empire, the empire has shown its deep regret. What is the meaning of mentioning it now”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and waved his hand, “Dont be nervous. Your majesty, this is your Candra Empires royal palace, I cant have put some kind of listening device here, right I just came this time to tell you something clearly. I know that you, or perhaps your Candra Empire has scruples towards our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but Im telling you clearly now that Im not interested in competing for control over the Sines Continent with your Candra Empire. What Im interested in will forever be developing the magic machine industry. So you and your Candra Empire dont need to be on guard against me and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Emperor Candra looked at Xu Yi with deep eyes for a long time before slowly shaking his head. He said with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, perhaps I can believe you, but how will you let me believe in your Frestech Chamber of Commerce Even you cant possibly represent the intention of the entire Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before giving a sigh and a nod.

“Yes, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has developed this much and even if Im the founder, I cant represent the will of over two hundred thousand people in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone.”

“So what meaning is there in telling me this” Emperor Candra looked at Xu Yi with a taunting look, “Were not children, so theres no need to waste these words, right I thought that you wanted to meet in secret to discuss a project that couldnt be revealed to the public, but now it seems like that isnt the case.”

After saying this, Emperor Candra acted like he was sending a guest off.

“Your majesty, I didnt plan on changing your attitude with this private meeting. This time, I just wanted to show you my stance and some of my thoughts. As for whether you believe them or not, that isnt for me to consider.”

Emperor Candras eyes had a flash of anger in them.

“Since my views arent for your consideration, what did you come here for”

“I just wanted to remind you that your Candra Empires enemy has never been the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I think that you can understand what this means, so I still have to remind you of something else. Emperor Klein has expressed his willingness to believe me words and hopes to maintain a good cooperation relationship with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. As for the Lampuri Kingdom, I dont think I need to say anything else, right”

After saying this, Xu Yi stood up and gave a nod to Emperor Candra before turning to leave.

Emperor Candra watched Xu Yi leave and didnt call out to stop him.

When Xu Yi disappeared from his vision, Emperor Candra let out a sigh as his expression relaxed.

Looking in the direction that Xu Yi left in, Emperor Candra rubbed his forehead as he felt the headache coming on.

Based on his intuition, he felt that Xu Yis intentions today were sincere and his words should have been sincere as well.

But from an objective angle, he didnt dare believe what Xu Yi said.

Although he had to admit that Xu Yi was right, the Candra Empires true enemy was never the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but rather it should be the Marlow Empire who was at the same level.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces influence on the Sines Continent was huge and the Candra Empire couldnt ignore them.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was more biased towards the Marlow Empire and the Lampuri Kingdom, the Candra Empire would have already stopped existing.

It was because of this that the Candra Empire had been desperately developing their magic machine industry, spending even more effort into increasing the level of their military magic machines technology. They hoped that they would be able to restrain the Frestech Chamber of Commerce a bit more.

But he was clear that while the Candra Empire made great progress, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt stop progressing.

The gap between the two sides was definitely smaller, but it wasnt so small that the Candra Empire didnt need to worry about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This was what puzzled Emperor Candra.

He was very willing to believe Xu Yis words, but reality forced him to doubt it from every angle.

He was the Candra Empires noble emperor, he couldnt make a single mistake, so he could only have doubts.

But……Xu Yi had said that the fellow from the Marlow Empire believed him, what was that for

Was it just to threaten him

Emperor Candra felt that after close to forty years on his throne, he had never met a decision as hard as the one he was currently facing.

He fell into a period of deep thought.-

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