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Book 8: Chapter 73: This is definitely a rebellion!

“Who can tell me……what is happening”

Emperor Candra had a very calm expression and tone, looking no different from his normal appearance.

However, this calm tone made the entire hall fall into a deathly silence.

These loyal ministers met with the emperor frequently, so they naturally knew that although the emperor had a calm look, his heart was already filled with extreme anger.

The ministers all lowered their heads and didnt dare move, they didnt even dare breathe too loudly out of fear of attracting the emperors attention.

However, even if they didnt speak, that didnt mean that they could avoid it.

Emperor Candras eyes swept over the ministers and then he gave a cold snort. He looked at the current Candra Empire prime minister, Duke Rostov.

“Rostov, tell me, why did those b*stards in the northeast province have the courage to open fire on a mine in the empires borders Do they want to revolt”

Duke Rostovs eyes had a strange look.

The main thing about this incident was that the mine that was attacked wasnt a normal mine, but a mine under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Now that the emperor had ignored this and even accused the northeast garrison of treason, it was clear that the emperor had the same scruples in his heart.

Of course, the emperor would never admit it and he, as the prime minister, couldnt reveal his thoughts in front of everyone.

After thinking about it, Duke Rostov replied, “Your majesty, I dont think that Duke Tim has that courage. This should be the decision made by the subordinates in the northeast provinces garrison.”

“Decision made by them” Emperor Candra suddenly raised his voice, “Who gave that right This is clearly a revolt!”

Since the emperor had emphasized twice that the attack on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Crystal mine was a plan for revolt by the northeast garrison, how could the loyal ministers not understand what he was implying They quickly responded to this.

“Thats right! Your majesty, these soldiers actually dared to attack a mine in the empires borders without orders, they were clearly conspiring something. Its a good thing that……they were all killed in the crossfire, saving the empire the effort of eliminating them.”

Duke Rostov looked over at the parliaments speaker Duke Infinard and gave a cold laugh in his heart.

Duke Infinard was very close to the northeast provinces Governor Duke Tim, so naturally he would help Duke Tim separate himself from this matter as much as possible.

But the emperor didnt care about this. Duke Rostov also knew that it was best if they reduced this problem as much as they could and make peace with the parties involved as soon as possible.

Although the empire had been in contact with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce during this time, the emperor had expressed his impatience with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce many times, it was still far from the empire completely breaking off from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If their relationship was seriously damaged by this matter or even broke, it would be impossible for the empire to bear the losses.

The emperor was clear on this point, so he stated that the soldiers that attacked the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Crystal mine were traitors.

“Ke, speaker Infinard is correct. As soldiers of the empire, they actually dare to initiate an attack without any orders. Regardless of their cause, this is equal to revolting. I hope that your majesty will quickly give an order to thoroughly investigate the northeast province and give the citizens an explanation.”

Emperor Candra looked at Duke Rostov with a hint of praise in his eyes.

Duke Giarbot had recommended Duke Rostov take over his prime minister position before leaving. He had been very keen on his own intentions and other than being a bit lacking, he was a prime minister that made one feel quite relieved.

Since the emperor, the prime minister, and the speaker had all agreed, as well as no one else disagreeing with this, this matter was considered settled. Even if others had other ideas, they could only suppress them in their hearts.

While everyone was deciding how to quickly settle this matter, a messenger quickly came in.

“Your majesty, weve already contacted Duke Tim.”

Emperor Candra exchanged looks with Duke Tim before giving a nod to that messenger.

“Connect it here.”

The messenger quickly withdrew.

Not long after, on the desk in front of the emperor, the red light indicating a connected call lit up.

Emperor Candra pressed the connect button and a screen appeared to the right of the hall as Duke Tims Magic Illusion appeared on the screen.

“Your majesty.” Duke Tim clearly understood the situation and first gave Emperor Candra a bow before nodding at the other ministers.

Seeing the lifelike image of Duke Tim and what seemed to be a mine in the distance behind him, Emperor Candra gave a sigh in his heart.

Being able to directly talk to Duke Tim that was over two thousand kilometers away and being able to see Duke Tim, this was the convenience brought by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If it was before, he could only wait for a report from Duke Tim and the fastest it could get here was a week.

Since he had enjoyed the convenience brought by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces technology, Emperor Candra wasnt willing to return to the previous backwards life, let alone the citizens of the empire.

Thinking of how the newspapers had actually called for chasing out the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Emperor Candra couldnt help giving a secret bitter laugh.

It would be good if it was that simple.

Chasing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce out of the Candra Empire sounded simple, but to actually do it was impossible.

The various industries of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had deeply infiltrated the lives of the people of the empire. From the various trades of the empire to the daily lives of the citizens, they were all related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to varying degrees.

Even he as the emperor was annoyed that he had to account for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce when he did anything. If he wanted to target the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he had to be careful and discreet, so how could he talk about chasing out the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

Thinking of this, Emperor Candras eyes looking at Duke Tim became more helpless and only showed a bit of anger.

“Tim, what are the results”

As soon as the matter happened in the northeast province, it had been immediately reported upwards and had reached the empires leaders in just two days.

On the day of the incident, Duke Tim as the governor of the northeast province had rushed to the Baimon Mine.

It was the second day after the incident and the mine behind Duke Tim should clearly be the Baimon Mine.

“Your majesty, based on my initial understanding, the matter should be because of the Fres……”

“Duke Tim, is it not a rebellion by the soldiers and an evil attack on the Baimon Mines” Duke Infinard quickly cut Duke Tim off.

Duke Tim was surprised, but he immediately reacted and after silently thinking for a bit, he gave a nod.

“It is as sir speaker says. According to the situation in the reports, it was a bunch of soldiers that were dissatisfied with the treatment in the army and chose to gather to cause trouble. They heard that the Baimon Mine was owned by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so they thought that there would be quite a bit of money gathered here and came up with the plan to rob it. As for their intentions of rebelling……I dont dare confirm this.”

The emperor and the ministers could designate the soldiers as rebels at will, but as the northeast provinces governor, if the soldiers really did have intentions of rebelling, he wouldnt be able to escape responsibility. So Duke Tim had decided that he would separate himself from this matter first.

Emperor Candra knitted his brows as he looked at Duke Infinard. He was a bit dissatisfied with the close relationship between this parliament speaker and the provinces governor.

But he didnt have time to haggle over this. After thinking about it, he asked Duke Tim, “What are the losses of the Baimon Mines What is their reaction towards this matter”

“The losses of the mines……Currently there are sixteen dead workers, thirty seven heavily wounded workers, and over a hundred workers with minor injuries. As for the losses in products……”

“What about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards losses” Emperor Candra cut off Duke Tims words.

Hearing this question, the other ministers in the hall all focused their minds and gathered their eyes on Duke Tim in the Magic Illusion.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards……” Duke Tim paused before revealing a strange and bitter look, “There were only two guards lightly injured and there were no other losses.”


Hearing this response, the people in the hall all let out a sigh of relief as their expressions became more relaxed.

No matter how many workers died in the mine, it wasnt a problem for these important people because they were normal citizens and they didnt matter.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards stationed at the mine were a completely different matter.

First, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards were staff of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They were different from the other workers that worked at the mine since they werent direct subordinates of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So no matter how many workers died, it wasnt related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards suffered heavy losses or even had deaths, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt let it go.

Second, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards represented the armed forces of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards, so they were different from normal staff of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Exchanging fire with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and even killing them, that would be equal to declaring war on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce which had a completely different meaning.

It had to be known that the ones that had fought the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had all paid heavy prices.

The most injured was the Candra Empire from twelve years ago.

However, after relaxing, Emperor Candra and the other ministers all felt a sense of shame in their hearts.

When did the great Candra Empire have to care about the losses of a single company-

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