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Book 8: Chapter 70: Different responses

“Sir chairman, the results are out. There are traces of a Magic Array outside of Zidanru Town, but the traces are very faint. There are over two hundred kinds of Magic Arrays that can be inferred from this, so we cant determine what kind of Magic Array it is.”

“Theres no need to know what kind of Magic Array it is, its fine as long as you can find the traces.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Youve done very well, but stop the investigation here. Theres no need to continue.”

The black clothed person who was bowing in front of Xu Yi raised his head in surprise, “No need to continue investigating Sir chairman, this is clearly a plot targeting our company and it might be a plot targeting the foundation, so are you planning on letting those people go”

“I never said that I would let them off.” Xu Yi shook his head, “But I just need to confirm that these are the actions of certain people when it comes to this matter. As for how to handle this matter, that is for Freya to decide and is unrelated to me. After all, Im no longer the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, right”

“Sir chairman, this isnt……”

Xu Yi raised his hand to cut him off.

“Rock, Im reminding you one more time, Im no longer the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman. Dont keep addressing me like this, its easy to cause misunderstandings.”

The person called Rock curled his lips. He agreed verbally, but he clearly thought differently.

Even if chairman Freya was sir chairmans daughter, in his eyes, it was impossible for her to compare to sir chairman.

“Then, chair……Xu……” Rock opened his mouth and suddenly found that if he didnt address Xu Yi with the familiar “sir chairman”, he didnt know how to address him.

“You can also call me Lord Count. After all, Im still a count that is recognized by the Stantine Duchy, right” Xu Yi could see his problem and solved it for him with a smile.

Rock knitted his brows as his expression became a bit awkward.

“Alright. Chair……Lord Count, since this matter is clearly a plot of the Candra Empire, are you really assured in letting young miss Freya deal with it alone”

“Why not” Xu Yi spread his hands, “This is something that she has to experience and she will have to deal with many similar things in the future. Its good if she can get used to it early. Then again, is there something wrong with how shes handling it now”

Rock revealed a faint smile. Thinking of how the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been moving recently, he felt that young miss Freya really did well this time.

Being able to go against all of it when people were doubtful about the long distance magic supplying technology and magic machine in general to promote it in the Stantine Duchy, causing everyone to focus on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and then dispelling all their doubts with facts. This was without a doubt a very direct and effective method.

The only problem was that it was likely that people with ulterior motives might seize this opportunity to make a move.

If there were any problems with the large scale promotion, then the fame of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and even the magic machines might leave a large doubt in the minds of people.

How could Xu Yi not understand this So he had already made his preparations.

“Rock, have you arranged everything on your side”

“I ask chair……the Lord Count to be assured. Everything has been prepared and there wont be a problem.”

“Good. Then speaking of this……I should expect that some people will come and find us on their own”

Rock gave a laugh, “Im also expecting this.”

After giving Rock some instructions on how to deal with the Stantine Duchy, Xu Yi waved his hand to have Rock retreat.

Seeing Rock head out the door, Xu Yi let out a sigh.

Rock was the one of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards, but he actually led a special army under Xu Yi.

Their duty was to help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce investigate matters. They could take care of discreet matters and also take some stealth actions.

In the matter of the Candra Empire, with them refusing to let the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to investigate and hindering them from finding the truth, Xu Yi hadnt hesitated to send Rock.

As a skilled elven warrior proficient in stealth techniques, Rock was also someone who had a deep understanding of magic.

Sending him to investigate Zidanru Towns fainting incident was considered easy for him.

But the truth that he found was something that Xu Yi didnt really care about.

Magic machines having an effect on magic space and affecting the space around it was a known fact.

But the influence seemed very small and couldnt hurt human bodies at all.

It was like the dangerous forms of radiation that people on earth talked about. Other than the real intense nuclear radiation, normal forms of radiation were everywhere and wouldnt cause any harm to human bodies.

Even the people of earth who lived in a modern society for so long would make this kind of common mistake, so there was no need to mention the people of the Sines Continent.

It had to be known that since the founding of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Sines Continents magic machine industry had only developed for thirty years. It had only been mass promoted in the last ten years.

Before this, the Sines Continent was in a very backwards half slave and half feudal stage, so the level of technology was very low.

So in the process of high speed societal change, this kind of fear and fallacy was something that Xu Yi had expected.

Xu Yi approved of Freyas method this time very much.

Since the common people were worried because of this long distance magic supplying technology and even the entire magic machine industry, then they should use facts to show them that their worries were baseless.

Since the magic machine industry had developed, it was impossible to go backwards.

People had already enjoyed the benefits to their lives that the magic machines brought, so how could they give it up

As long as Freya used facts to tell everyone that the matter of Zidanru Town was false, the doubts in peoples hearts would also vanish.

Xu Yi didnt care about the influence of this matter and how Freya and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce she led would take care of this matter. What he really cared about was the intentions of certain people in this matter.

Since Rock had found traces of Magic Arrays in Zidanru Town, the fact of this matter was that there was someone manipulating this matter behind the scene, making it blow up. They used the Rita Chamber of Commerce to throw dirty water on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and even Xu Yi.

Xu Yi didnt care about this dirty water, what he cared about was that they were trying to cause doubt towards magic machines in the common people through this matter.

Xu Yis ideal was to spread the magic machine industry in the world, increasing the level of technology in this world.

But now that these fellows were targeting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Xu Yi with these despicable methods, seriously impacting Xu Yis plan, he couldnt accept it.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi gave a cold snort and left the room.


The weather in May could be considered one of the most comfortable periods during the year.

After the winter passed, the heat of summer was still far away. Although there was a bit of warmth in the air, it was a warmth that felt comforting and not burning hot.

This period was when people had the most strength and could easily do things.

When May came, a series of matters on the Sines Continent proved this.

On May 1st, the Stantine Duchy assembly approved a “new energy plan”.

This new energy plan was actually proposed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They would be spreading the new energy supplying technology throughout the Stantine Duchy, covering the entire Stantine Duchy with a network that would allow any magic machine find a port at will, allowing them to work even without the hindrance of not having Magic Crystals.

This plan was called the new energy plan and not the long distance magic supplying network plan because the core of this plan was to raise the effective rate of Magic Crystals through this network. Through this increased efficiency, it would become a way of saving on magic power.

Quite a few people had doubts about this.

It was fine to use Magic Crystals more effectively, but saving on magic power

Magic Crystals were all around and they couldnt use them all, so why did they need to save it

On May 3rd, the Candra Empire parliament made their final report on the Zidanru Town fainting event and confirmed the results of the investigations.

It concluded that there was a hidden danger in the Magic Air Compressors of the Magic Air Conditioners, so the Candra Empire had already ordered the Magic Air Conditioner companies to change this part so that there wouldnt be the same problem again.

On May 4th, the Rita Chamber of Commerce was the first to respond to the Candra Empires parliament.

The Rita Chamber of Commerce stated that they would temporarily suspend sales of the Magic Air Conditioners made with Magic Air Compressors from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, they declared that they already had a breakthrough in the Magic Air Compressors that they had developed themselves. It was expected that by the end of the year, they would be able to make Magic Air Conditioners with brand new Magic Air Compressor units.

On May 6th, the Candra Empires magic machine industry department announced that all magic machines in the Candra Empire would be investigated to avoid having the same hidden dangers like these Magic Air Compressors.

In the following days, the household magic machine companies of the Candra Empire indicated that they would coordinate with the investigations of the Candra Empires magic machine industry department.

On May 10th, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave the first response to the various statements from the Candra Empire.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces official channel stated that through exhaustive internal testing, they had proved that there wasnt the hidden danger of causing people to faint with the Magic Air Compressors. The accusations of the Candra Empire were all lies.

In this statement, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave many precise data sets, as well as experimental results that showed that in experiments conducted in the same environment as Zidanru Town, there wasnt a single similar situation that occurred.

At the same time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave some investigation data on the Zidanru Town fainting event.

The data showed that in the few days after the Zidanru Town fainting event, the magic space around Zidanru Town was in an abnormal condition.

However, this abnormal condition wasnt related to the Magic Air Conditioners or the magic power supply network at all.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt give a concrete answer with these findings, but everyone knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was stating that there was a plot behind this Zidanru Town event……-

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