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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 61: Xu Yi is back

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Book 8: Chapter 61: Xu Yi is back

There was no answer for Akalis question.

Xu Yi naturally wasnt from the Abyss Demon Race and this was his first time here.

As for why the door opened for him, even Xu Yi himself didnt know, so how could he answer this question.

After Akali asked a few more questions and confirmed that Xu Yi didnt know anything, she could only give up.

But the core of the array that they had found with great difficulty, naturally Akali wouldnt give up on that so easily.

After going back and forth several times, they realized that only Xu Yi could open it. Once he left, it would close automatically. Naturally Akali wanted Xu Yi to stay to help with the study.

But Xu Yi decisively denied this request.

He didnt have time to stay here to do these studies. Whether it was the Sines Continent or the Magic Cloud Continent, there were a bunch of things for him to take care of.

So the final decision was that Akali would lead a small team to work with elder Undine to study the outside ruins. Xu Yi would come over when necessary and help them open the door to this core.

According to Xu Yis plan, with the normal speed of research, Akali and elder Undine wouldnt make any progress without several years of work.

To truly solve the secret hidden in the ruins left by the Abyss Demon Race, it might not even be accomplished during his lifetime.

He naturally wanted to imitate the Abyss Demon Race and use this powerful technology to cross into another world, but there was no need to aim that high.

It would be good if they could find something, but there was no loss to him if they couldnt.

Compared to this, the real problems in front of him were the most important.

After being kept here by Akali to help with her research for half a month, Xu Yi finally left and returned to the Sines Continent that he had left for a year.


With a soft breeze, there was a heat that filled the air. This signifie that it was already late spring and they were heading towards summer.

Yerogan looked like he had already entered summer. He was covered in sweat and even if he wiped it with a towel, he would be covered in sweat again not long after.


There was a flame that shot into the sky that almost covered Yerogan.

It was a good thing that Yerogan had done this raising the temperature of the flames experiment over two hundred times. He was already experienced with this, so after sensing the magic fluctuations from the Magic Array, he moved aside and dodged this explosion of flames without any harm.

But even so, a few strands of hair on his forehead were singed.

If it wasnt for soaking it in water beforehand, his hair might have been burnt by the flames.

“Damn!” Seeing that his experiment failed again, Yerogan couldnt help cursing. Then he wiped his sweat off again before chugging down the large cup of salt water with a bit of sugar in it that had been prepared ahead of time on the side.

He kept filling up on water like this. If he didnt fill up on salt and sugar like this, he would have already fainted from dehydration. How could he have had the energy to continue this experiment

Looking at the high power Magic Air Conditioner that he had bought last month on the wall, Yerogan hesitated a bit before giving a sigh. He took the remote control and turned on the Magic Air Conditioner.

After a while, there was a cool breeze that came from it that made Yerogan much more comfortable.


With the cold hitting him, he gave a strong sneeze.

Yerogan knew that the best thing to do now was to take a warm bath so that he didnt catch a cold.

But he still needed to do his experiment. Even if he took a bath, he would be covered in sweat again and it would all be a waste.

It was a good thing that he chose to exercise. His body was stronger than a normal magicians, so he didnt need to worry about these small problems.

Using a towel to carefully wipe off the sweat from his body, he wrapped a towel around himself and picked up the Magic Communicator he had thrown on the side before dialing a number.

“Hey, Yerogan, if youre calling me now, does that mean that the experiment was a success” There was an excited voice that came from the Magic Communicator.

“Success your butt!” Yerogan cursed at him, “Damn it Dior, your theory was wrong! I did the experiment over two hundred times and I didnt succeed once!”

“Impossible!” The voice in the Magic Communicator became much louder, “My theory was carefully calculated! It has been checked countless times, how could it be wrong! There must be something wrong with your experiments!”

“Youre saying that my skills are bad Then you can go find someone else!” Yerogan said with a cold snort.

Dior on the other side immediately turned soft as he said with a chuckle, “No, no, no, I was just joking. You are the empires leading expert in the Magic Heating Array, how could you make a mistake Un……I feel that……there definitely might be some small mistakes. Actually, you were very close to succeeding with the experiment, right”

Yerogan gave another snort.

Although he had failed again and again, the effects were getting better and better each time.

Moreover, after two hundred experiments, he could confirm that this heat inducing theory that Dior had wasnt normal. He could easily increase the temperature of strong Flame Magic Arrays by over 10%.

If it was the past magic system, that would be increasing the might of a Fireball Spell by 10% or even more, which was naturally not normal.

Hearing that Yerogan didnt refute him, Dior became excited again as he asked, “Hey, Yerogan, how long……do you think itll take before it succeeds”

“What You cant wait” Yerogan asked in a cold voice.

“It isnt that I cant, but the army……Ke, the employer side cant wait. If we cant give them results by the end of the month, the money that theyll give us will decrease by a third.”

Yerogan slightly knitted his brows.

Although Dior had only said half of it, he could guess that the employer should be the army headquarters.

But why would the army headquarters care about this high temperature array

Although it was said that the army headquarters had been secretly developing military magic machines over the years, how was what he was researching related to the military magic machines

“Even if they stopped funding everything, I cant do what I cant do.” Yeroygan replied, “Tell the other side that if they want the results, they have to be patient. How could it be easy with just me alone, Im not the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Dior was silent for a bit before suddenly lowering his voice to ask, “That…..Yerogan, are you interested……”

“Not interested!” Yerogan cut Dior off without the slightest bit of courtesy.

He had already heard that the army headquarters was recruiting magicians to study military magic machines. Now that Dior was being this mysterious, it was most likely related to what he said before.

Yerogan wasnt interested in working for the army headquarters.

First, not to mention the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Magicians Guild, and the Magicians Survival Job Security Union closely monitoring the army headquarters of each country, if he did something wrong and were banned by the two associations, he would be in great danger. Even if there wasnt any danger, Yerogan wasnt interested in working for the army headquarters.

Compared to being limited after entering the army headquarters, it was much more comfortable being able to choose what he researched.

Not to mention that once he entered the army headquarters, he would definitely be conducting research related to the military magic machines. He wouldnt be allowed to do any easy and fun research that was related to the magic machines that other companies wanted to develop, which also paid quite well.

No matter how he looked at it, it was much better than joining the army headquarters.

Hearing the strong tone that Yerogan had, Dior tactfully no longer mentioned this and changed the topic.

“Right, Yerogan, about the matter of investing in the Tinifex Mine before, there might be a few problems……”

Yerogan knitted his brows, “What problems”

The Tinifex Mines werent in the Candra Empires territory, but rather in the Mana Magic Kingdoms territory.

As for investing in the Tinifex Mines that Dior mentioned, after the Candra Empire seized the lands around the mine, they actually auctioned off the mine which attracted quite a bit of attention.

Dior had mentioned to Yerogan that he knew an outsider that could get some shares of the mine for them, so he invited Yerogan to invest with him,

But the situation hadnt stabilized at that time, so they hadnt settled this matter previously.

He never thought that in less than a month, there would be a problem.

“Ive received the news that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman is coming back.”

Yerogan was stunned, “How is it related to the mine that were investing in”

“You dont understand” Dior gave a bitter laugh, “Why would the empire dare to start a war with the Mana Magic Kingdom Isnt it because Xu Yi left the Sines Continent so that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt do anything Now that hes back, the empire will have scruples about continuing the war with the Mana Magic Kingdom. If Xu Yi comes back and decides to get involved, they might not even be able to keep fighting. Based on what that fellow Xu Yi has always done, the empire might have to give back the lands they seized to the Mana Magic Kingdom. As for the Tinifex Mines……”

Yerogan finally understood.

If the Candra Empire received pressure from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and returned their seized land, the Tinifex Mines would naturally also be returned.

Then his and Diors investments would naturally be for nothing.

“This damn Xu Yi, why did he have to come back now If he came back a bit later, the empire and the Mana Magic Kingdom might have already signed the peace treaty. Even if he wanted to interfere, the empire could just ignore him.”

“That isnt certain. If he forced the empire to return the land, what do you think the empire would do”

Yerogan fell silent.

Based on the examples over the years, if Xu Yi really pressured the Candra Empire using the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Candra Empire might have to agree in the end.

After thinking for a bit, Yerogans expression became a bit strange.

“Hey, Dior, do you think……the important people of the empire can really keep enduring this”-

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