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Book 8: Chapter 57: Call spanning over ten thousand kilometers

Xu Yis methods were not that unusual.

He used two different methods at the same time. The first was to use the local tribes that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce recruited to contact the other tribes that they had relations with.

Although the degree of civilization was low with the destruction of the goblins, so each tribe had a small range that they could build relations in, they were linked to each other like a spider web, so they could contact more and more tribes this way.

As for whether they were willing to come after contacting these tribes

Xu Yi wasnt worried about this problem at all.

The local tribes of the Magic Cloud Continent suffered from the problems of the goblins and adding in the fact that they had low production force, even finding it hard to secure basic food and shelter, how could they be willing to give up a good chance to obtain safety, food, and shelter

Even if there were some doubts, with these opportunities in front of them, they would send people to investigate first.

Once they verified it, it was impossible that they wouldnt come.

The first method was a bit passive, but the second method was more active.

Xu Yi sent out almost all of the Magic Airships, letting them investigate the outside world from above.

Once they found traces of intelligent local tribes and verified these traces, after the report came back, Xu Yi sent out a group of Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards to wipe out the threats along the way before contacting them.

Whether it was using benefits to tempt them or to threaten them, they would find a way for the tribe to move.

In just the past three months, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards had gone out twenty times. The furthest one was going to a palace that was seven hundred kilometers away from the base to bring back a human tribe.

With these two methods going at the same time, in the past three months, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already brought in twenty thousand local workers.

But the more people they brought in, they faced a large issue.

Of the various intelligent life on the Magic Cloud Continent, whether they were humans, elves, or dwarves, they showed signs of civilization and used their own languages. It wasnt that much better than the level of the Sines Continent from before and was far lacking compared to the current level of the Sines Continent.

Every time a new local tribe arrived at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce base, they were shocked by the various scenes that appeared.

Even the most simple Magic Fan would make them call out in shock.

With this large difference in culture, even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce obtained manpower, it was hard for them to use them.

Just solving the communication issue caused by differing languages required a lot of time.

So while he was recruiting more manpower, Xu Yi made the Sines Continents common tongue the common language of the base, forcing these locals to learn it.

According to Xu Yis plan, after he solved the most basic issue of communication, he planned on having these locals learn magic machine related skills.

That way, they would be able to play a better role.

Otherwise if they only wanted some simple labourers, it was much easier to learn from the Amrit Chamber of Commerce and capture goblins to force them to work.

Different from the goblins, these local other races could be considered truly intelligent races. Even if their culture wasnt as developed, that was only because they couldnt develop it since they had been suppressed by the goblins.

For example, there was a local elf tribe that could even use crude magic.

If it wasnt for the fact that the elves population was too low, Xu Yi believed that they could have driven off the goblins and controlled this continent. There wouldnt have been a place for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to come in and manage everything.

Of course, this crude magic wasnt even worth mentioning in the face of the powerful magic the Frestech Chamber of Commerce brought. This elf tribe that had hopes of becoming the ruler of the Magic Cloud Continent had become staff members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As time passed, the development of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Cloud Continent base also progressed each day with the help of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

Factories were quickly being built one by one before entering production.

Xu Yi had arrived on the Magic Cloud Continent for close to a year and the base had completely transformed from how it looked when Xu Yi had just arrived.

The current base had factories for every industry built.

Although the scale wasnt large, with this complete industry, there was no need for supplies from the Sines Continent and they could be self sufficient.

Of course, Xu Yis final goal was to expand these industries across the entire Magic Cloud Continent.

But that took a lot of time, so it wasnt good to be impatient.

Xu Yi had already been on the Magic Cloud Continent for close to a year, so naturally he couldnt stay here any longer.

On a normal day, an accidental call made Xu Yi realize that it was time for him to leave the Magic Cloud Continent and return to the Sines Continent.

“Hey, sir chairman, can you guess who I am”

Hearing the energetic voice that came from the Magic Communicator that was also a bit naughty, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile before being surprised.

“Akali Youve already finished the signal relay station”

Akali was naturally still on Sky Island and Sky Island was over four thousand kilometers away, but Akali was able to contact him. The only possibility of this was that the outer space magic signal relay that she had focused on developing had finally been complete!

“Ha, ha……” There was a proud laugh that came from the Magic Communicator, “Its already done! How about it Sir chairman, isnt this very quick”

“Thats right, its very quick.” Xu Yi nodded, “I thought that it would have been impossible without several more years. I never thought that it would only take you…..eh……a total of less than two years to actually complete it! This really is a pleasant surprise! Akali, when we get back, I have to give you a generous reward!”

“Che, I dont care about any generous rewards, I just need sir chairman to fulfill your promise to me.”

“Promise What promise” Xu Yi was surprised.

“You really forgot.” Akali gave a snort, “You said before that as long as I complete this task, you would choose an island to give me as a vacation spot. What Are you going against your promise now”

Xu Yis mind turned and he remembered that he had promised Akali this back then.

Akali and Evita liked being guests in Xu Yis house back then and when they were talking about vacations with Still, Xu Yi had said that the scenery on the endless seas were good and the air was clear. It was better than any vacation spots.

Xu Yi didnt remember what they talked about afterwards, but Akali mentioning it now meant that she must have used her words to trap him back then.

Of course, this was only a small matter. With the current finances of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it wasnt that hard to develop a small island for Akali.

“No, who dares go back on their promise. Alright, you can randomly pick out a small island on the endless seas and I will give it to you!” Xu Yi waved his hand, sounding very domineering when he replied.

The islands on the endless seas werent all owned like the islands on earth.

If Akali liked one, Xu Yi could just take it without any problems.

“Then thats decided. Un……Sir chairman, since you are so decisive, I wont keep bothering you. You must be looking forward to talking to Still very much, right”

Xu Yi laughed.

Since coming to the Magic Cloud Continent, since it wasnt convenient to communicate because it was over ten thousand kilometers away, he could only send letters by ship to Still. He wasnt able to call her at any time like on the Sines Continent, so naturally he missed Still and his family.

When he received Akalis call, he unconsciously realized that since Akali was able to contact him from Sky Island four thousand kilometers away, she would also be able to contact the Sines Continent that was six thousand kilometer away from Sky Island.

The magic signal relay that she researched had the ability to transfer magic signals, so there was clearly no problem connecting Xu Yi to the Sines Continent.

Allowing for communication between the two continents was the original goal of the outer space signal relay that Akali was researching.

“Can it connect” Xu Yi asked.

“Of course it can, just wait a bit.” Akali replied before static came through the Magic Communicator. It was clear that Akali was changing the signal.

After a while, there was more static that came from the Magic Communicator before a voice asking a question rang out.

“Hey Is this Xu Yi”

Although this voice wasnt clear, Xu Yi recognized it right away and his heart filled with joy.

“Hey, Still, its me!” Xu Yi wasnt able to suppress the excitement in his heart and his voice even trembled a bit.

“It really is you!” Stills voice couldnt hold back her excitement either, “This is great! Xu Yi, I can finally hear your voice! You…..are you alright over there”

Xu Yi took a deep breath before saying while laughing, “Im very good, theres no need to worry. What about you What about the family How is it going over there”

As soon as Xu Yis voice fell, there was a very energetic and clear voice that came from the Magic Communicator.

“Dad! Its really great that I can hear your voice again! Ive missed you to death! When are you coming back Im about to turn twenty five, you have to come back before then!”

“Freya” Hearing this voice, Xu Yis smile became even brighter, “Relax, I will definitely be back before your birthday. But……have you already thought about your reply for me on that day”-

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