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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 52: Local humans

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Book 8: Chapter 52: Local humans

“Sir chairman, the Fire Dragon Tribes representative is here.” With Bannett leading, three slim human men walked into the room.

Xu Yi looked at the three and gave a nod.

In the report that Bannett had sent, he knew that because of a lack of food on the Magic Cloud Continent, the local humans were rather short and thin.

These three representatives could already be considered tall among the Fire Dragon Tribe, but if they stood with Xu Yi, the top of their heads wouldnt even reach Xu Yis nose.

“Havaci.” Xu Yi greeted the three of them with a smile.

In the language of the Fire Dragon Tribe, this meant “hello”. Xu Yi had asked Bannett about the Fire Dragon Tribes language before, but it was impossible for him to learn the entire language in a short period of time, so he was only able to learn a few greetings.

But what surprised Xu Yi was that after responding with a “Havaci”, the leader of the Fire Dragon Tribe group actually spoke in fluent Sines Continent common tongue.

“Dear chairman Xu, it is an honour to meet you.” The middle aged man revealed a smile and greeted Xu Yi with the standard noble greeting of the Sines Continent.

Xu Yi looked at him with a surprised look before turning to Bannett.

Bannett revealed a smile before pointing at the middle aged man to explain, “Sir chairman, these three are the representatives that the Fire Dragon Tribe specially chose. They are all proficient in our Sines Continent common tongue, so you can talk to them freely.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi looked at the three representatives with surprised looks.

This Fire Dragon Tribe was a human tribe that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had accidentally found in their expansion last year.

Because they were all humans, after finding the Fire Dragon Tribe, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave them special care. They quickly formed a cooperation with the Fire Dragon Tribe and recruited a large number of members from the Fire Dragon Tribe to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi never thought that in less than a year, the Fire Dragon Tribe could send three representatives that were fluent in the Sines Continents common tongue. It could be seen how important the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was to them.

“Since you can use the Sines Continent common tongue, this makes it much more convenient.” Xu Yi nodded at the three with a smile, “Only, other than speaking our language, can you also read the writings of the Sines Continent”

The three revealed awkward looks and the middle aged man named Ganmo who spoke earlier shook his head.

“Our tribe doesnt have a written language, so learning writing is very hard for us. The three of us have no problem speaking, but we have problems with reading and writing.”

Seeing Xu Yi knit his brows, Ganmo immediately added, “But we are seriously learning. I can recognize around two hundred characters now and I believe that if you give me some time, I wont have a problem learning how to read and write.”

“Very good.” Xu Yi looked at Ganmo with a look of praise.

Of course he knew that it was hard for someone without any previous foundations to learn how to read and write. This Ganmo being able to learn how to speak the Sines Continent common tongue in less than a year was already good enough, not to mention that he had learned to recognize over two hundred characters. Other than his talent for learning languages being high, he must have also put in quite the effort.

“But without knowing how to read, how will you sign a contract with us” Xu Yi raised a question.

Ganmos eyes lit up as he revealed an excited look, but he shook his head to say, “Chairman Xu, as long as youre willing to help us, this written contract doesnt really matter.” After a pause, he added, “Moreover, even if you go against the contract, we cant cause any trouble for you.”

Xu Yi was stunned before revealing a smile.

“It seems like you do understand. Since you know this, then are you still willing to work with us”

“Of course!” Ganmo nodded without any hesitation, “Chairman Xu, with your power, you could force us to anything you wanted, but you are proposing to cooperate with us. I dont know what your thoughts are, but I do know that there arent any disadvantages to cooperating with you.”

“Youre that certain that there arent any disadvantages” Xu Yi found it a bit funny as he looked at him.

Ganmo calmly looked at Xu Yi, “If it wasnt for you, our Fire Dragon Tribe would have been killed by the goblins sooner or later. Do you think that we still need to worry about any disadvantages of cooperating with you”

Ganmo had a very natural look on his face when he said this and the expressions of his companions didnt change at all. It could be seen that for them, there wasnt anything surprising about this matter.

Xu Yi turned to look at Bannett.

Bannett gave a cough, “Sir chairman, when the company guards found the Fire Dragon Tribe last year, they were surrounded by over ten thousand goblins. If the guards didnt help them, the Fire Dragon Tribe would have already been exterminated.”

Xu Yi nodded as he confirmed that what Ganmo had said was true.

He looked at the three small Magic Cloud Continent local humans and couldnt help feeling a bit emotional.

They were all humans, but the Sines Continent humans had already become the masters of the Sines Continent. They had built countless countries and had built a good civilization. However, these local humans of the Magic Cloud Continent had remained at such a low level because of their weakness.

Even being surrounded by over ten thousand goblins would be enough to destroy a tribe of over two thousand humans. It could be seen how hard it was for humans to survive on the Magic Cloud Continent.

But Xu Yi was also very happy about this.

He had worried that because of how backwards the local human civilization was, their intelligence would be just as low and they would be no different from primates.

But now that he had met them, he found that just in this small Fire Dragon Tribe, there was a person with such a nimble mind like Ganmo.

If his two companions were at the same level as him, then the level of intelligence of the Fire Dragon Tribe was something that he could look forward to.

Xu Yi needed to recruit a lot of local manpower on the Magic Cloud Continent, his main objective would naturally be the local humans.

But if the level of intelligence of the local humans were low, Xu Yi wouldnt throw people that would hold back the company into the company. This wouldnt help the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development on the Magic Cloud Continent.

But what he found now made him feel more confident in the Fire Dragon Tribe and the local Magic Cloud Continent human population.

As long as these local humans had normal intelligence quotients, then after some training, they would be able to do the simple work. This would greatly help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Ganmo, do you understand what the cooperation between us and your Fire Dragon Tribe will detail”

Ganmo thought for a bit before replying, “You need people to do work for you and we need you to protect our tribe.”

“Un, its like this.” Xu Yi gave a satisfied nod, “As long as your Fire Dragon Tribe is willing to follow our arrangements, our company will protect you. Other than this, if you do well, I wouldnt mind giving your tribe some extra help.”

Ganmos eyes lit up.

He had been working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for half a year. Other than learning the language of the Sines Continent, he also had some understanding of the strange products from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

He knew that the humans that claimed to be from another continent were very strong.

This power wasnt just shown by the dozens of times they easily repelled the goblins, but also in their lifestyle.

In this half a year, he had seen countless strange products that he would never have even dreamed of. Many things that played many different functions, it could even be called a miracle!

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was willing to protect the Fire Dragon Tribe, the people of the tribe wouldnt need to be worried about the threat of the goblins. They might even get enough food to no longer fear the cold and their hunger.

Being able to get this was already a large benefit for the entire Fire Dragon Tribe.

Not to mention that this peak person that was called “sir chairman” had even said that could give them even more help.

If he could give the Fire Dragon Tribe those strange products, Ganmo felt that any price would be worth it!

Xu Yi could naturally see the expectation and desire in Ganmos eyes.

The humans of the Magic Cloud Continent were even below the elves, the dwarves, and the halflings.

Even the elves, the dwarves, and the halflings were worried about the threat of the goblins, so there was no need to mention these humans.

With the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce giving them the security and allowing them to become more powerful, it was impossible for them not to feel expectation and desire.

Of course, Xu Yi didnt plan on teaching them too much.

One, it was very hard to grasp with their level of civilization and two, Xu Yi didnt want these local humans to become too strong.

In the end, he needed manpower to help develop the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but he didnt want to cause trouble for himself.

“Right, Ganmo, you currently have a job for our company, right” Xu Yi asked.

Ganmo immediately nodded, “Yes.”

“You dont need to do that job anymore. Our company needs an intermediary with your Fire Dragon Tribe, so you can take that job. Other than that, I hope that you can be my special advisor. There are some things about the Sines Continent that I need to ask someone.”

Ganmo didnt completely understand what Xu Yi meant. For example, he didnt know what “advisor” meant.

But he knew that Xu Yi must have a favourable impression of him.

This was very good news for him, so without any hesitation, he kneeled down and bowed his head to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi wasnt used to this big gesture, but he didnt avoid it. He just knitted his brows slightly and accepted this.

If it was possible, he hoped that all the local humans of the Magic Cloud Continent could respect him like this.

Only then would the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development plan be even smoother.-

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