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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 48: Ruins

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Book 8: Chapter 48: Ruins

Six days later, Xu Yi appeared at a normal looking island that was two hundred kilometers northwest of the foreign base.

“Where are the ruins” When the Magic Airship stopped, Xu Yi asked Santander, who was in charge of this Magic Airship squad, this question.

This island was that big and one couldnt see anything special about it when one looked down from above.

“Sir chairman, look over there……” Santander pointed at a spot on the island through the window of the Magic Airship, “Do you see that There are some very big trees over there and thats where we discovered the ruins. Its just under those trees.”

“Un, then prepare to move.” Xu Yi nodded. He turned to look around himself, seeing the excited looking Akali and elder Undine who had a more serious expression than usual, “Elder Undine, you are more familiar with these ruins, is there anything you need to say”

Xu Yi had led the Frestech Chamber of Commerce team out of the main base with the expressed goal of leading the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development on the Magic Cloud Continent.

But the secret goal was one to come to the base that Akali was at to ask about their research progress, while two, it was to explore the Abyss Demon Race ruins that were in this area.

The Abyss Demon Race, Xu Yis first time hearing it was from Arch Magus Camilla, but he learned more about them from Cassandra.

But his true first understanding of them came from elder Undine.

The Azshara Tribe inherited the most complete inheritance out of all the elf tribes of the Sines Continent and had inheritances from the elven royal court. Naturally they knew more about the history of the continent compared to others.

When Xu Yi asked elder Undine about the Abyss Demon Race, the information he received far surpassed his expectations.

According to the information elder Undine provided, the Abyss Demon Race was a powerful race that ruled the continent before the elves.

Because of internal problems, the Abyss Demon Race was seriously injured and their population drastically decreased, even coming close to going extinct.

It was said that for the survival of the Abyss Demon Race, they arrived in the endless seas with their powerful abilities and opened a passage to another world. They left this world and since then, not a single trace of them had been found.

As for the possibility of the Abyss Demon Race returning to this world that Arch Magus Camilla mentioned, elder Undine said that the possibility was very low.

Because the Abyss Demon Race had already left this world for ten thousand years and if they had the ability or were willing to come back, then they would have come back already.

Since there hasnt been any news of the Abyss Demon Race appearing in this world after all this time, it could be said that they had completely vanished.

Xu Yi was very disappointed with this answer.

Through the rumours he heard about the Abyss Demon Race and the records of the Abyss Demon Race the elves had, Xu Yi was certain that the Abyss Demon Race was a very developed race that had powerful technology.

Just the Abyss Demon Races “Apocalypse War” recorded in elven legend was enough to prove this.

In the descriptions of this “Apocalypse War”, quite a few text stated that the Abyss Demon Race used their most powerful weapons on themselves in their civil war, which caused most of the Abyss Demon Race to be destroyed, greatly decreasing their population.

It was for this reason that the Abyss Demon Race went to another world through the passage.

In the few records and legends, it all stated that the Abyss Demon Race felt that this world wasnt suited for their survival, so they left.

The so-called “Apocalypse War” made Xu Yi think of the end of the world scenarios described in the novels of earth.

The legendary “most powerful weapon”, it wouldnt be the same as the nukes from earth, right

The novels and movies of earth always described a nuclear war starting on earth before the world ended. Humans lost all their space to live in and could only do their best to survive.

Were the records of the Abyss Demon Race like this

So Xu Yi became even more interested in the Abyss Demon Race.

It was a good thing that elder Undine provided Xu Yi with a pleasant surprise. The elves actually knew about ruins that the Abyss Demon Race had left!

According to elder Undines explanations, the elves appeared over ten thousand years ago on the continent, but after they appeared, they were enslaved by the Abyss Demon Race. They were used as the lowest form of labour to survive.

After the Apocalypse War, when the Abyss Demon Race felt that it wasnt suitable for them to continue living on the continent, it was the elves that helped them build the passage. So the ancestors of the elves had left a record of this.

But these records had been passed down verbally and werent accurate.

But some could be confirmed since the descriptions in the legends were similar.

Most of them were about the Abyss Demon Race leaving this world.

In these records, the most important ones were the records from the elven ancestors on where the location of the transmission passage was.

After elder Undine spent a long time studying this, Xu Yi confirmed that the location of the transmission gate that the Abyss Demon Race left by was near Sky Island.

Akali chose Sky Island as a research base, other than it being a suitable place to do high altitude tests, was mainly because of Xu YIs personal request.

Xu Yi hadnt explained to Akali why he chose to do this, but after Xu Yi told Akali about the “Abyss Demon Race” six days ago, he had told her everything else.

Akali was a person that liked to search for novel things and after learning about this matter, naturally she wouldnt let go even if she was beaten to death.

“Theres not much to say.” Elder Undine shook her head, “The Abyss Demon Race has already left this world for ten thousand years. Even if there is such a thing, it would have lost its effects by now. Of course, it isnt wrong for everyone to be a bit more careful.”

“Un, thats right.” Xu Yi thought about it and found that there wasnt anything else good to add, so he just waved his hand, “Lets set out. But remember my orders, act carefully.”

The group all agreed to this before carefully leaving the Magic Airship as a small squad.

There were two elven warriors and two Frestech Chamber of Commerce magicians in the front. With the strong senses of the elves and the human magicians, if anything happened, they would be able to react immediately and they would be able to find if anything unnatural was in front of them.

Xu Yi and elder Undine, who were the strongest in this team, focused their minds and controlled the magic space around them. Once anything happened, they would be able to react immediately.

However, facts proved that they had been a bit too careful.

Coming from the beach where the Magic Airships were to the trees at the center of the island, other than meeting some small beasts, they didnt see anything else, let alone any danger.

Of course, if there really was any danger, it would have been impossible for the team that sent before to find the ruins so easily.

After a while, the team safely arrived under the thick trees.

Xu Yi looked over and found that there was a special open space under the trees that was different from the surrounding areas.

The open space was in a square shape and was built from special stone plates, completely cutting off the grass on the side, which looked very jarring when one looked at it.

In this stone area that was around the size of a basketball field was a thick pillar.

This pillar was even thicker than the trees that were as thick as two people. It seemed like it was made of stone, but it also seemed like it was made of metal. One couldnt tell what it was made of with just a single look.

The pillar was very smooth and didnt have a single seam, which immediately indicated that it was manmade.

This pillar was around ten meters tall and had a sphere in a perfect shape on top that was made of a different material from the pillar. It looked like it was more metallic compared to the pillar.

Other than this, there wasnt anything special about this sphere.

“Elder Undine, do you know what this is” Xu Yi asked.

Elder Undine shook her head, “I dont know. In the records passed down, it only said that there were ruins here and it didnt say anything else. Im guessing that……the elven ancestors werent clear on what this thing was or the principles behind it.”

Xu Yi nodded to show his agreement.

The elven ancestors from ten thousand years ago had just appeared on the continent and had been used as labour by the Abyss Demon Race, naturally they didnt have the same knowledge as the Abyss Demon Race. It was natural that they didnt know what this was for.

“There isnt even a single trace of magic on it, just what is it for” Akali patted the pillar, but the pillar didnt move at all.

“What the Abyss Demon Race used might not be magic.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile. Then he had a thought and came up to the pillar, suddenly slapping it.

Akali rolled her eyes at him, “Youre saying that the Abyss Demon Race didnt use magic, but youre also checking with magic at the same time. Dont you feel that youre lying to yourself and everyone else”

Xu Yi revealed a smile, “That might not be true.”

As he used his magic power, he started gathering the elemental magic energy around him.

Although the Abyss Demon Races technology might not be related to magic, no matter what, they still utilized energy.

Magic was just a special energy application method, with the biggest advantage of being flexible.

Of course Xu Yi didnt know what this pillar was used for, but he had a bit of hope when he used magic to investigate it.-

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