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Book 8: Chapter 47: Illusion Films about dragons

Cassandra gave a shrug, “Of course, Ive always been with humans during these years, so it would be strange if I wasnt.” After saying this, she turned to Akali, “Dont you think so”

Akali gave a laugh, “Yes. Cassandra is with me all day long, so Ive taught her some of the necessary formalities between humans.”

Xu Yi looked at Cassandra. He thought that after Akali arrived on the Magic Cloud Continent, it really was a surprise that she was able to become good friends with this red dragon Cassandra.

Looking at the two of them, their relationship was even better than some human best friends.

Moreover, because of Akalis relationship with Cassandra, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was able to slowly build a cooperation with the red dragon tribe Cassandra was from and the black dragon tribe the black dragon Leon was from.

“Miss Cassandra, this place is several thousand kilometers away from where you live. You and your clansmen are here to help Akali, dont you find it……troublesome” Xu Yi asked.

“What is troublesome about it” Cassandra revealed a confused look, “Theres good food here, good things to play with, and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is paying us. Even if we want to go back, its just flying for a few days, so why would it be troublesome”

Xu Yi looked at the other dragons and found that it was impossible to see any emotions for their dragon faces. He gave a cough before turning to Akali, “How are you paying these dragon friends”

Akali gave a laugh, “Its very simple, I just make sure that they have Illusion Films to watch.”

Xu Yi was speechless.

This was considered paying them

However, Cassandra kept nodding with glowing eyes.

“Un, its enough as long as there are good films to watch! Moreover, because this place is closer to the Sines Continent, we can see the new films earlier than those fellows back at home. Every time we go back, they are filled with envy. Ha, ha……”

Seeing Cassandra who was laughing and the dragons who seemed like they were laughing even though it seemed like roaring, Xu Yi suddenly understood what they meant. This caused his world view to collapse……

“Miss Cassandra, I came with good news this time that Im sure that you will like.”


“Ke……Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is planning on increasing our investment in the Magic Cloud Continent and are preparing to build a Magic Illusion Projector factory on the Magic Cloud Continent.”

Cassandra gave a blink, but she didnt seem that happy.

“Our clansmen already have your Magic Illusion Projectors, so how is your factory related to us”

“Of course its related.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “The Magic Illusion equipment isnt just the Magic Illusion Projector, but also the large Magic Illusion Projector, the real time projection equipment, and many other Magic Illusion functions. With these things, if your clansmen want, you could even film your own Magic Illusion Film.”

Cassandras eyes popped out, clearly showing how excited she was.

“Really We can also make Illusion Films”

“Why not” Xu Yi spread his hands with a smile, “My wife…..Oh, shes the New Moon Chamber of Commerces chairman. I think that theres no need for me to introduce the New Moon Chamber of Commerce.”

Seeing Cassandra give a nod, Xu Yi continued, “She always wanted to promote the Magic Illusion Films on the Magic Cloud Continent and even came for an inspection before. Only last time she thought that the Magic Cloud Continents conditions werent good enough yet, so there wasnt much she could do. But this time, she thinks that the time is right. She is planning on promoting the Magic Illusion Film on the Magic Cloud Continent now. If your dragon race is interested, you can participate in this plan and learn how to produce Illusion Films.”

“Shes willing to teach us” Cassandra doubtfully asked, “Dont you humans like to hide your good things and not share it with others”

Xu Yi looked at her and thought that dragons cared more about collecting treasures than humans.

“If its beneficial to everyone, we humans are naturally willing to share. How about it Cassandra, are you interested”

Cassandra thought about it before giving a strong nod.

“Of course. Although the New Moon Chamber of Commerces Illusion Films are good to watch, most of them are stories between humans and the other races rarely appear, but weve never seen us dragons before. If we also know how to make Illusion Films, I would definitely make an Illusion Film about a story about us dragons!”

“If there was such an Illusion Film, I think that it would definitely be very popular in our human world.” Xu Yi said while laughing.

By discussing Illusion Films, Xu Yi quickly became closer with the dragons.

Moreover, Cassandra was a dragon without any plots. With Akali as an intermediary, Xu Yi quickly became closer to her.

When he and Akali returned to the island with the dragons, they were happily talking to each other.

“Chairman Xu, after the New Moon Chamber of Commerce arrives on the Magic Cloud Continent, you have to contact me immediately.”

Before leaving, Cassandra gave a special reminder to Xu Yi.

“Alright, no problem.” Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile. After watching Cassandra and the other red dragons who had turned into human forms return to their residences on the island, he looked at the vast sky before asking Akali, “Ill be here for around a month, can you take care of it by then”

Akali gave a hand gesture to assure him.

“A month is more than enough time. Actually, Ive already prepared everything, I was just waiting for the aerostat. I just need to get some data and then I can definitely get it done.”

“Is that so Then thats good.”

Actually, Xu Yi didnt think that a single month was enough to take care of this work that seemed simple but was actually very complicated. Still, since Akali was confident, he wouldnt pour a bucket of cold water on her.

“Actually……if it wasnt for the energy department not making much progress, we wouldnt need to use this method of using high altitude magic signals.”

Akali gave a helpless sigh, “Theres no other way. Its like sir chairman normally says, the magic machine industry is a complete system. It relies on one part clicking into another part. Look, if we can achieve outer space magic signal transfer, wouldnt we be able to watch the Magic Illusion programs from the Sines Continent at any time”

After saying this, Akali had a thought and looked up at the sky.

“Speaking of this……sir chairman, was what you said before true As long as we reach a certain speed, we could leave the planet under us and fly off into the universe”

“Of course. As long as your speed meets or passes the first escape velocity, you can leave the planet under us. But this still requires us to study the planet under us to get the data about this planet to accurately calculate that value. This is a very complex project, so even if the energy department made a breakthrough, it isnt something that can be done in a short period of time.”

“As long as I think of your description of looking at this planet from outer space, I feel excited.” Akali had a charmed look, “That experience must be very mysterious! I must personally experience it in this lifetime!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Youve been in the sky these past few days, you should have already seen half the planet, right”

“Its far from enough.” Akali pursed her lips, “Sir chairman told us before that theres a giant sphere under our feet, but I still dont believe it. Although the fleet that sailed around the world proved this, without personally seeing it, it really is a concept that is hard to understand. But Ive been working at that high altitude these past few days with the dragon friends and looking around, I saw that the land under us really was round, which really was strange.”

After saying this, Akali had a look of doubt appear on her face.

“You said that…..there should have been many magicians that flew into the air before and clearly saw what I saw, so why didnt any of them discover that there was a sphere under our feet and not a flat piece of land”

“Its very simple, its because they never thought of this before. Moreover, why would a magician fly that high for no reason”

“Un……That is right, only sir chairman who has nothing better to do would consider this question.”

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry as he shook his head, “Alright, we can consider the matter of flying into the sky later. My staying here for a month isnt just to help you build this signal relay, but also for other important things, so I cant always stay on this island. But since Im here, you can raise any questions or issues that you have, I will do my best to answer them.”

Akali gave a nod and didnt really care about Xu Yis promise.

Anyway, even if Xu Yi didnt come, the research team that she led had always been treated well by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But she did care about the “other important matters” that Xu Yi mentioned.

“Is it related to the elves that came this time”

“Pretty much.” Xu Yi gave a sigh, “The matter this time isnt just related to just our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. It might be related to all humans and all other races.”

“Its that important” Akalis eyes opened wide in shock, “Just what is it”

Xu Yi looked at Akali and after thinking of how she was always with Cassandra, he felt that he didnt need to hide this matter from her.

“Akali, have you ever heard Cassandra mention the Abyss Demon Race before”-

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