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Book 8: Chapter 46: High altitude experiment

After around half an hour, there was a large piece of land that appeared on the sea under the Magic Airships.

When one came closer, they would find that it was a giant island. It was more than ten times bigger than all the smaller islands they had seen along the way.

Moreover, it was different from the scattered islands on the seas that showed no signs of being inhabited. On this giant island, one could see buildings and a small harbour by the shore, which showed that this place was ruled by someone.

In the northeast corner of the island, there was a large area that was leveled. The Magic Airship landed in this area after arriving at the island.

Xu Yi and his group came out of the Magic Airships, but he saw that it wasnt a familiar person that came to greet him.

“Wheres Akali” Xu Yi asked the overseas communication research departments vice chief Doron who came to greet him and his group.

This island was the overseas base that Akali had chosen to study outer space magic communications on.

Since coming back to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base to recruit some research assistants and bringing them here, half a year had already passed.

Because there wasnt any real outer space magic communications yet, Akali had only been able to pass information to the fleet that came once a month to bring supplies during her half a year here and hadnt left this island.

According to the information she sent, through half a year of research, she had already solved most of the difficult problems. She would soon be able to build an outer space relay station and allow real time magic communication between the Sines Continent and the Magic Cloud Continent.

Of course, before Akali brought the team here, this overseas base had already been prepared two years in advance. Otherwise, the buildings on this island couldnt have been built in just half a year.

The other research had already been completed.

Akali brought her team here just for the final experiments.

However, these final experiments took up a lot of time, effort, and money.

Just in this half a year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already invested over six million gold coins of materials on this island.

“Chief Akali and the dragon friends are at the final stage of experiments and debugging above here.” Hearing Xu Yis question, vice chief Doron carefully looked at Xu Yis expression and asked, “Do you need me to tell her that sir chairman is here”

“Above” Xu Yi looked up at the sky, but he only saw the clear sky and couldnt see a single trace of Akali.

After thinking about it, he shook his head and gave an order, “No need, I will go find her later. Take care of the guests first.”

“Guests” Doron looked behind Xu Yi with a surprised look.

There were several female elves that came out of the Magic Airships. There were also several dozen fully armed male elves who looked like guards.

It seemed like the guests Xu Yi mentioned should be them.

Doron was a bit confused.

Although the last supply fleet had told them that sir chairman would be personally coming soon, they never mentioned any elven guests.

This overseas base should be considered a secret base for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Why would sir chairman bring outsiders here

Of course, while Doron had doubts in his heart, he didnt show it on his face at all. He waved his hand and had his subordinates come to welcome them.

After some greetings, the elves went to settle down as per Dorons arrangements. Xu Yi didnt follow Dorons arrangements and after asking a few things, he used his magic to fly into the air.

With Xu Yis current strong level of magic, in an instant, he already reached a thousand meters in the air.

Looking down, the giant island had already turned into a small dot.

However, Xu Yi didnt stop as he continued flying upwards while taking out a Magic Communicator and calling Akalis personal number.

“Hey……Hey……Sir……Chairman……Are you……Are you here”

Akalis unclear voice came in a broken manner from the Magic Communicator.

Xu Yi knitted his brows, but he wasnt that surprised.

Akali had already told him that the current magic signal method had already fallen behind and would be limited.

For example, being at a high altitude. Because the density of elemental magic energy at high altitudes was different from below, it would affect the communication signal and the quality of the call would be affected.

But Xu Yi didnt rely on this to contact Akali. He sensed the magic signal waves that came from the Magic Communicator and easily located Akalis current position.

After using his magic power, Xu Yi appeared at an altitude that was even further away from the ground.

In front of Xu Yi, other than Akali who had a proud smile were several gigantic dragons.

“Hey, sir chairman, I was just planning on sending a dragon friend to pick you up.” Akali expanded the magic barrier around her to cover Xu Yi as well, so the two of them could talk without any hindrances.

“Theres no need for that.” Xu Yi shook his head and looked at the dragons that were circling around in the sky before asking, “What are they doing”

“Theyre testing the elemental magic energy fluctuations in this area and gathering data.” Akali pointed at the dragons, “Look, theres a giant black sensor on their backs. We can collect data with that.”

Xu Yi focused his eyes and saw that there really was a large metallic box on the back of each dragon. There were also an ugly looking antenna that came from it which really looked strange when combined with their giant bodies.

Seeing this scene, Xu Yis lips couldnt help twitching as he wanted to laugh.

Whether it was the fantasy novels from earth or the legends of different races on the Sines Continent, the dragons had always been described as terrifying creatures.

They were naturally powerful and had strong tempers, so they only represented destruction in the minds of other races and never left any good impressions.

However, these dragons were now carrying strange machines on their backs and flying around in the sky as per Akalis directions.

If the people of the Sines Continent knew about this, their impression of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be filled with even more fear

Seeing Xu Yi looking at the dragons with a strange look on his face, Akali misunderstood what Xu Yi was thinking and explained, “Theres no other way. If we humans go, our flight magic would be disrupted by the elemental magic fluctuations in the air and it would be hard to obtain precise data. That is why we can only let the dragons go. If they fly around with their naturally talented bodies, it isnt a problem.”

“Naturally talented bodies”

Xu Yi looked at the extremely fat bodies of the dragons and thought that these fellows didnt fit the ideal flight form that he had learned about in biology class. Moreover, they hardly flapped their wings during flight, so how could they remain flying

“Actually, theres no need for our dragon friends to work this hard. You can just use the aerostat first and then improve on the gathered data. The results would be better than what they are now.” Xu Yi said.

“If that was possible, that would be good. But the aerostat hasnt been finished yet and my research has already reached this step, so our group cant just stay here doing nothing, right” Akali had a bit of complaint in her voice.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “The aviation department is working very hard. Look, didnt I bring the aerostat for you this time”

Akalis eyes lit up, “Its done Great! Where is it I want to test it immediately! I cant wait……”

“Calm down.” Xu Yi pressed her down, “Its already been transported, so dont be in a rush to use it. First call the dragon friends back. With the aerostat, theres no need for them to work this hard.”

“Alright.” Akali replied before flying over.

Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head with a smile.

Akali was already close to fifty, but she was still like a little girl. She really wouldnt change no matter what he said.

Not long after, the dragons stopped and flew with Akali back in front of Xu Yi.

One of the dragons wasnt carrying a metal box on her back. She changed after flying in front of Xu Yi, turning into the form of a human girl. It was the first dragon that Xu Yi met.”

“Hey, miss Cassandra, hello.” Xu Yi greeted her with a smile.

Cassandra tilted her head to look at Xu Yi for a bit before asking Akali with a confused look, “Who is this”

Akali rolled her eyes, “This is our sir chairman, didnt you meet him before”

“Oh……Sorry, you humans are all the same in my eyes and I couldnt recognize you.” Cassandra replied without any hint of apology. After hesitating a bit, she reached out to Xu Yi, “Hello, chairman Xu, Im very happy to meet you again.”

Xu Yi took her hand with a bit of surprise in his eyes.

“Miss Cassandra, after not seeing each other for several years, you seem much more skilled in our human formalities compared to before.”-

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