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Variable Speed Magic Fan

The little slave was covered in bruises and lacerations. Although his wounds looked very terrifying, they were actually only skin wounds and didnt hurt his physique at all.

Xu Yi delivered him to Banta Citys best hospital. After confirming that there was no life threatening danger, he left him with the doctor and let the doctor watch over him as he returned to the Camilla Magic Tower.

Returning to the lab, his coworkers were a bit surprised to see him suddenly come in.

“Hey, Xu Yi, didnt you take the day off Why are you back” Rem loudly asked.

“I finished my matters and had nothing else to do, so I came back to see if there was any work here.” Xu Yi replied with a smile.

“Oh I thought that you wouldnt be planning to come back this time.”

“Rem, dont you understand With how well the Magic Fans are selling right now, Xu Yi would be fine even if he didnt come back. He can become rich just by selling the Magic Fans, how would he need to come back to this shabby tower to do the dirty work in the future”

Hearing this dark voice, Xu Yi slightly knit his brows. He then shook his head with a smile and ignored it.

Because he needed to organize the factory and do many other things, he had to take several days off.

Great Magician Camilla said nothing about this, but his coworkers in the lab had some veiled criticisms. There were even some that had a bit of anger in their voices when they were talking.

Xu Yi was too lazy to care about why they cared about him so much, it didnt affect him that much anyway.

“Wella, how is the research for the Magic Array going” Xu Yi came directly to Wellas desk and asked in a low voice.

“Its pretty much done.” Wella took out a Magic Array blueprint and spread it on the table, “Look at this, I agree with your thought that using the Lidiel Node would conflict with the Magic Array. Ive done many experiments over the past few days and have already found the most suitable model. Do you think its alright”

“Since you say its the most suitable, then there definitely isnt a problem.”

Though he said this, Xu Yi still carefully looked over the Magic Array blueprint. Finally he confirmed that Wellas solution was indeed very suitable.

“Great! Wella, thanks for your help.” After saying this, Xu Yi gave a soft cough, “Of course, help on one side and reward on the other. Another ten gold coins, what do you think”

Wellas face had a slight blush and she awkwardly said, “Isnt that too much I only spent a single night on it.”

“He, he, its because you are a genius. Knowledge is priceless, I even feel ten gold coins isnt enough.” Xu Yi said.

Wella thought about it and was no longer polite, as she nodded in agreement.

When Xu Yi walked away from Wella, Rem came over with a frown.

“Wella, what were you talking about with Xu Yi Acting all sneaky.”

Wella glared at him, “Who are you calling sneaky How was it sneaky”

Rem was surprised and his voice became apologetic, “No, no, no, Im just saying…..Mysterious, thats right, mysterious. What were you talking about”

“Nothing, Xu Yi just wanted my help in studying a Magic Array and then he gave me ten gold coins as remunerations.” Wella didnt think there was anything that needed hiding, so she openly said it.

“Ten gold coins” Rem shouted out in surprise, attracting the attention of everyone in the lab. He was surprised before saying in a low voice, “Hes giving you ten gold coins just to study one Magic Array Is he cheating you”

“What reason would he have to cheat me” Wella rolled her eyes at Rem, “This is not the first, he paid me quite openly the past few times. What reason do I have to not trust him”

“Not the first time” Rem was even more shocked, “Wella, you actually…...actually hid from me that you and Xu Yi……”

Wella instantly flew into a rage, “What are you saying What hiding from you Who are you to me Do I have to report to you if I want to do something”

Wellas voice became even louder and fell onto the ears of everyone in the lab. Everyone looked over at Wella and Rem, treating it as a lovers quarrel.

And then everyone looked over at Xu Yi. They couldnt understand, why did Xu Yi talking to Wella for a bit cause her and Rem to argue That kid Rem, he normally wasnt someone who was jealous…...

Xu Yi didnt have time to pay attention to Wella and Rem. After he received the Magic Array blueprint from Wella, he went back to his table to continue working.

This Magic Array was an improved Revolving Wind Array for the Magic Fan.

Because the first design for the Magic Fan was rushed, there were many parts that werent perfect. Now that Xu Yi was prepared to expand Magic Fan production lines, naturally he was prepared to make a new Magic Fan.

For example, if he finished researching this Magic Array in his hand, he could let the Magic Fan change speeds. It wouldnt keep rotating at the same speed like the first generation Magic Fan.

But while this modification sounded simple, it actually had a high requirement of the Magic Array. Xu Yi could no doubt study this himself, but it would waste quite a bit of time for this, so he simply asked for Wellas help. He hoped that she could change the design of the Magic Array based on his requirements.

Wella was already interested in Xu Yis first generation Magic Fan and hearing that Xu Yi wanted her help in changing the Magic Array, she immediately agreed.

As a magician whose magic power ranked in the top ranks of the lab, Wellas researching ability towards Magic Arrays was much stronger than Xu Yis. It didnt take her long to make the changes to the Magic Array according to Xu Yis requirements.

Xu Yi was very happy with this result. He recognized that a single persons power was limited and each profession had specialization, so in terms of magic level, Wella was much stronger than him. So giving this kind of magic question to a specialist like Wella was not wrong.

Wella helped him solve every problem, so naturally had to pay ten gold coins as remunerations.

Wella always said it was too much, but Xu Yi didnt think so.

It had to be known that if one looked for a specialist to solve a problem on earth, if they didnt give a high price, the specialist would ignore them.

The more important thing was that this could save Xu Yi quite a bit of time, letting him combine magic and design together.

To suit this altered Magic Array, the Magic Fans structure inevitably needed to be changed a bit. The only person on the Sines Continent that understood this was Xu Yi, no one could help him.

It was now late July and the hot weather wouldnt last more than two months. If he wanted to let the second wave of Magic Fans come out during the summer, Xu Yi needed to make the best use of his time.

Time passed quickly when he focused completely on researching. When Xu Yin finally determined the first steps in the Variable Speed Magic Fan design, he looked up to find that the lab was already silent. His coworkers had already finished work and left.

Xu Yi stretched himself out. When he was prepared to put away his things and leave, the doors of the lab suddenly opened and Stills head poked in.

“Hey, Xu Yi, you really havent left yet.” Still waved her hand and Xu Yi and revealed a bright smile.

“What is it Do you need me for something Is Great Magician Camilla summoning me again” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Although he didnt meet Still that much, because she had helped him get his job in the Magic Tower, he had always felt grateful towards her. He was much more friendly with her compared to his coworkers.

Still rolled her eyes and gave a soft snort, “What I can only look for you if I need something”

Xu Yi had a lost smile as he shook his head. He didnt believe that still would look for him without any reason, but he wasnt dumb enough to reveal this lie in front of this nineteen year old young miss.

“Looking for me without a reason It cant be because Im too handsome and youve fallen in love with me, right” Xu Yi couldnt help teasing her.

Stills face turned red and she glared at him. She angrily said, “Why are all you men so full of it Alright, stop wasting time, come with me. Were going out to eat, itll be my treat.”

“Treating me to a meal” Xu Yi was stunned, as he thought, it really would be strange if you looked for me without a reason, alright

“What You dont believe me” Still glared at him. She came over to hook Xu Yis arm and pulled him outside.

“Hey, hey, hey, this will make people misunderstand. Ill walk with you, alright…..”

Still treated Xu Yi to a meal in a restaurant not far away from the Magic Tower.

This restaurant didnt look very expensive, but it had a quiet atmosphere. This place wasnt too crowded and the dishes were a bit special, tasting quite good. It could be seen that Still had put some thought into treating him.

While they were eating, Still hesitating a few times, but she never said anything. Xu Yi felt this was funny and said nothing, just lowering his head to eat.

Seeing that they were about to finish the meal, Still couldnt take it anymore and said to Xu Yi in a small voice, “That…..Xu Yi, can I ask you something”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, as he thought that Still was quite patient. He asked back, “What is it Tell me about it. Based on this meal, Ill help if I can.”

Stills heart was filled with anger. She thought to herself that she was still a beauty, not to mention treating someone to a meal, if she found another man for help, which one wouldnt just follow her

Xu Yi actually said that he would help based on this meal, but he still sounded reluctant. He really didnt know good from bad.

But she was the one asking for something, so she let go of her attitude. She forced a smile and said, “Eh…..Its like this. Do you remember when you came for your interview at the Magic Tower on the first day and took out that model piano”

“I do, what about it”

“Do you have it on you right now”

“No. That thing is not small, why would I bring it around for no reason” Xu Yi shook his head.

“That is right.” Still thought about it before suddenly saying, “Then how about we go to your house right now”-

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