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Book 8: Chapter 39: Be a bit more selfish

Freya thought about it for a bit before giving a sigh and shaking her head.

“That is impossible. Not to mention that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is only a company. Even if father was willing to rule over an empire, it is impossible to make everyone listen to you and not dare have any other thoughts.”

“So theres no need to insist on things that dont matter. Ive already forcefully maintained the peace on the continent for ten years and through these ten years, Ive achieved my basic goals. Ive already greatly improved the lives of everyone on the continent.”

Freya gave a slow nod as she looked at Xu Yi with eyes filled with admiration.

If one had to talk about the person that the commoners of the continent should thank, it wasnt any of the leaders in their countries, but rather Xu Yi.

Because of the new farming pattern from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it greatly increased the grain yield all over the Sines Continent. Now most countries werent bothered by matters like famine like they were before.

In just ten years, the population on the Sines Continent had doubled and then doubled again. The reason for this was all simply because there was enough food for everyone.

At the same time, because of the magic machine industry created by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, countless people had found suitable jobs. They earned quite a good wage and had improved their lifestyle with this wage.

Also because of the various household magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed, the monotonous lives of people became much more colourful compared to before.

People no longer had to struggle for survival each day and no longer had to work all day in the fields. They no longer had to put their nose to the grindstone, but rather could enjoy the various entertainment programs at their leisure.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce also gave them roads and Magic Cars, greatly changing transportation on the continent. People were able to travel hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, so they no longer had to stay in their village their entire lives like before.

Also there was the magic communication network which allowed people to instantly contact people far away.

There was also the Magic Airship which realized the normal persons dream of flying into the sky.



In short, compared to twenty or thirty years ago, the Sines Continent had completely changed.

The people of the Sines Continent had only used more than ten years to enjoy a life that they never imagined before.

The one that created all these changes was Xu Yi who was standing in front of Freya.

Every time she thought of this, Freyas heart would fill with pride.

She always firmly believed that her father was the greatest person in the world.

As for the “emperors honoured by ten thousand people” of the two empires, they werent even worthy of holding Xu Yis shoes in Freyas mind.

“Father, are you planning on resting” Freya thought about it before asking this.

“No, I cant rest, Im still young.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “I just……feel that Ive already done enough for the people of the continent, so I plan on being a bit more selfish. I want to put a bit more effort into the dream that Ive always had.”

“Your dream” Freya thought about it before pointing at the sky with an excited look, “Is it the flying into the universe that youve always talked about”

“Yes. What, Freya, are you also interested”

“Of course!” Freya nodded without any hesitation, “Youve always told me since I was young that outside of the sky, there was a universe that was countless times wider than this world. Your dream is to explore this universe and my dream is to explore it with you!”

“You…..Its best if youre not too rushed.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Youre still young and this world is already enough for you to explore for a long time.”

“Humph, you really want me to stay here and take over the company.” Freya gave an unhappy snort.

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “I never said that, this is what you wanted. I just want to tell you that until now, you havent even explored this world enough, so theres no rush to explore the universe. For example……have you gone to the Magic Cloud Continent”

“Its you who never let me go, alright!” Freya rolled her eyes at Xu Yi before opening her eyes wide with excitement, “Could it be that…..youre allowing me to go to the Magic Cloud Continent”

“There isnt this plan for now.” Xu Yi shook his head and then seeing Freyas disappointed look, he added, “But before you turn twenty five, I will find some time to bring you to the Magic Cloud Continent for some experience. Ill also take you to the other continents to explore as well. I might even……bring you to the extreme north and south poles of this world to let you experience the glaciers, let you understand the coldest climates. How about it Are you afraid”

Freya gave a laugh, “Afraid of what!”

After chatting with Xu Yi for a bit, Freya didnt forget her initial question and asked, “Father, you still havent explained it. Its not a problem if you want to work towards your dream, but this doesnt seem related to your ideas during this time, right”

“I just said it, I dont want to continue with meaningless things. Ive already built a foundation for the people of the continent and now its their choice. I wont forcefully interfere anymore.”

“This means that you are not going to do anything What about the company” Freya asked.

“I never said that I wouldnt care about the company. Relax, with our Frestech Chamber of Commerces current position on the continent, unless we make the absolute worst decisions again and again, our company will always be the top company on the continent.”

Freya looked at Xu Yi with a doubtful gaze. She thought that wasnt choosing to withdraw from the Mana Magic Kingdom this time one of those worst choices

“Actually, this is also to show the people of the continent how important the magic machine industry is.” Xu Yi had a dangerous smile that flashed on his face, “Those that want to stubbornly resist, those fellows that want to go against the ages, they will suffer serious consequences.”


Just based on the surface, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce withdrawing wouldnt influence the Mana Magic Kingdom that much. Other than hurting their image, it wasnt really that serious.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce left, they had left the Mana Magic Kingdom an almost perfect magic machine industry, so they could be self sufficient in most industries.

Even in the places where they couldnt leave the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, once the Frestech Chamber of Commerce left, there were companies from other countries that came in to take over the market.

Because of this intense struggle, the Mana Magic Kingdom had earned quite a few benefits.

This phenomenon was deliberately promoted by some people with intentions inside and outside of the Mana Magic Kingdom, making it seem like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce withdrawing had no significance.

The Mana Magic Kingdom even internally had a wave of successful resistance, stating that it was the right choice to resist the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They allowed the Mana Magic Kingdom to have the most important thing, autonomy over their resources and avoided it from falling into the grasp of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This theory seemed reasonable at first and received the support of many people.

However, not long after, the Mana Magic Kingdom received a blow to the head.

In early February of year 3815, the Mana Magic Kingdom and the neighbouring Ensfarlan Kingdom competed over a Magic Crystal mine at the border and there was a clash between the two sides.

It was only a small border conflict at first and there were only a few casualties.

But because the conflict kept growing due to various reasons, it evolved into a direct conflict between the border armies of both countries.

The fight caused some damages, but they werent serious.

Because when this normally happened, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would give a warning and hope that both sides would start negotiating.

But this time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt say a word like this matter hadnt happened at all.

People were shocked, but then they realized something. When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced that they were withdrawing from the Mana Magic Kingdom, they stated that they wouldnt care about anything that happened in the Mana Magic Kingdom anymore.

So the Frestech Chamber of Commerce naturally wouldnt care about the Mana Magic Kingdoms border conflicts.

After fighting for half a month, the Ensfarlan Kingdoms border army suddenly made a move and attacked the Mana Magic Kingdoms border.

Although the Mana Magic Kingdom responded quickly and organized a counterattack, after fighting for three months at the border, the Mana Magic Kingdom showed signs of being pushed back.

This result had surprised many people.

Because normally people would think that the Mana Magic Kingdom was clearly much stronger than the Ensfarlan Kingdom.

The Ensfarlan Kingdom might earn a few benefits, but if the war dragged on, it was clear that they couldnt beat the Mana Magic Kingdom.

But it was the Mana Magic Kingdom that couldnt hold on. Finally, after the two sides fought for four months, they were the first to retreat and they gave the Ensfarlan Kingdom the Magic Crystal mine that they were fighting over.

The Ensfarlan Kingdom didnt choose to push any further and chose to engage in peace talks with the Mana Magic Kingdom. Finally, the Mana Magic Kingdom agreed to pay the Ensfarlan Kingdom some compensation and they announced a truce.

This short war had caused quite a large discussion on the continent.

People were very surprised, why was the Mana Magic Kingdom unable to defeat the Ensfarlan Kingdom.

After all, other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, most countries had the same level of military magic machines, so the battle power of their armies were around the same.

After carefully analyzing it, everyone gradually came to the same conclusion.-

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