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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 33: Main topic

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Book 8: Chapter 33: Main topic

That afternoon, Xu Yis Magic Airship landed at a certain manor outside of Sorcery City.

When Xu Yi came out, there were over several dozen magicians in robes of different colours who all looked to be at least forty years old that came forward to welcome him.

The one in front of was the Mana Magic Kingdoms Magicians Guild branch president, who was also the chief of the Mana Magic Kingdoms scientific magic research facility, Great Magician Forex.

The ones following behind him were also researchers from the Mana Magic Kingdoms scientific magic research facility.

“Chairman Xu, for you to personally come to our magic research conference this time, it really is an honour for me. Welcome, welcome!” Great Magician Forex was very passionate as he greeted Xu Yi, even leading the other magicians to give Xu Yi a bow.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. His eyes swept over Great Magician Forex and the other magicians behind him. He thought that these people were respectful on the surface, but it was hard to say what they were actually thinking.

“President Forex is too polite. Actually, Arch Magus Camilla wanted to attend this conference as well, but he hasnt been well recently and its not convenient for him to travel far, so I came on his behalf.”

“Not well” Great Magician Forex was a bit surprised, “Then is Arch Magus Camilla……”

Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “Its nothing big, its just that he has a bit of a cold since its getting colder.”

“Its like this, thats good, thats good……” Great Magician Forex let out a sigh of relief before revealing a smile and leading Xu Yi into the manor.

Xu Yi walked along as he casually asked, “Right, president Forex, although I accepted your invitation to come to this conference, I forgot to ask since I was busy. What is the main topic of this conference”

Great Magician Forex looked at Xu Yi with a deep look and replied, “The main topic was decided yesterday, its to discuss resuming the magician grade evaluation.”

Xu Yis eyes twitched, but he didnt reveal a surprised look. His voice just turned a bit cold as he continued to ask, “Oh Who decided this topic”

Great Magician Forex gave a cough, “This was proposed by Arch Magus Gascione.”

Xu Yi gave an oh sound before nodding and not saying anything else.

The Arch Magus Gascione that Great Magician Forex mentioned was the former president of the Magicians Guild, Arch Magus Rodderick Gascione.

Ten years ago, after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce defeated the two empires with the Rudson Kingdom, the Magicians Guild was forced into choosing to work with the Magicians Survival Job Security Union, governing the magicians of the continent together.

Then two years later, the former Magicians Guild chairman Great Magician Rodderick Gascione had made a breakthrough and became an Arch Magus.

According to the regulations of the Magicians Guild, Arch Magi magicians couldnt have any actual posts in the Magicians Guild, so he had withdrawn from his position as the chairman.

But even if he withdrew from his position, that didnt mean that he didnt care at all.

Before becoming an Arch Magus, Rodderick Gascione had been the Magicians Guilds chairman for three terms, for a total of fifteen years. He had accumulated quite a solid foundation and plenty of connections.

So even if he withdrew from the position, he still had a firm grasp of the Magicians Guild from behind the scenes.

Even if the Magicians Guild didnt have the same influence over the continents magicians like before because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Magicians Guild had thousands of years of history, so they still had quite the influence on the continents magicians.

In the first few years, Arch Magus Gascione didnt make any special moves. It was as if he had truly retired and was peacefully doing his own thing as an Arch Magus.

But in the past three years, he gradually began making more moves.

The moves that he made were mainly related to increasing the influence the Magicians Guild had on magicians, trying to strengthen the Magicians Guild.

There was nothing wrong with this.

As long as he didnt ruin Xu Yis plan, Xu Yi was too lazy to care about his actions.

But based on his current moves, he clearly had a plan and this was not something that Xu Yi could tolerate.

Xu Yi continued heading into the manor and had no intentions on answering Great Magician Forexs words. Great Magician Forex wasnt able to to take it and after a pause, he asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, what do you think about this topic”

Ah, he was trying to find some information.

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “I dont have any opinions. As long as most of the magicians of the continent agree to this, I wont object.”

Great Magician Forexs expression stiffened. He thought that Xu Yi would directly oppose this matter or even angrily accuse Arch Magus Gascione, but Xu Yi was very calm right now like he didnt care about this topic at all. This was just too unnatural for him.

The magicians following behind the two of them heard this and they revealed different degrees of shock on their faces.

It was clear what Arch Magus Gascione was trying to achieve by proposing this.

The magician grading system was something that the Magicians Guild had used for several thousand years. It was also their weapon for controlling the magicians of the continent.

But with the rise of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Xu Yis achievements, the magicians of the continent no longer valued the grading system and paid more attention to their magic machine industry related skill evaluations instead.

This was not something that Magicians Guild controlled, it was mainly something that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Magicians Survival Job Security Union controlled together.

Therefore, losing the influence of the magician grading system, the Magicians Guilds influence on the magicians of the continent had been getting weaker and weaker. Many magicians didnt even care about the Magicians Guild, treating it as if it didnt exist.

Arch Magus Gascione was naturally unwilling to see this, so he had proposed resuming the magicians grading system at this conference. It was clear that he wanted the approval of the magicians present and take back control over the continents magicians.

But Xu Yi had been promoting the reform of the view of magic and had changed the thoughts of all the continents magicians. As a leader of the magic machine industry, he would definitely oppose this topic if he joined the conference.

Even if Xu Yi didnt show opposition on the surface, no one believed that he would turn a blind eye to this.

This group quickly entered the giant manor that had been prepared for this conference. After heading over the large lawn, they met another group of magicians in their magician robes.

The one leading them was Arch Magus Gascione that Xu Yi and the Great Magician Forex had just been talking about.

Seeing Xu Yi in the distance, Arch Magus Gascione quickly came over with a wide smile and shook Xu Yis hand before saying in a friendly voice, “Chairman Xu is able to find some free time to attend this conference, this really is rare.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and pulled back his hand.

“Your excellency Gascione says it like this, but I am one of the Arch Magi of the continent and a magician, so its natural that I would come to attend this important magic research conference. Then again, our Frestech Chamber of Commerces policy has always been to support magic research, so how could I not find some time to take this opportunity to share research results with everyone”

Arch Magus Gascione broke out in laughter again, “Thats right, thats right, chairman Xu has always been so passionate about magic research, otherwise you wouldnt have been able to become a powerful Arch Magus at the age of forty.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “No, the magic research Im talking about isnt researching on how to become an Arch Magus, but rather the scientific study of magic.”

Arch Magus Gasciones expression changed. After a pause, he said with a serious look, “Chairman Xu, do you think that there is a conflict between becoming an Arch Magus and the scientific study of magic”

“Of course not.” Xu Yi shook his head, “The so-called scientific study of magic includes all magic study. Naturally that includes the research that is needed to become an Arch Magus. Only…..in my opinion, there isnt much significance to magic research needed to become an Arch Magus. Becoming an Arch Magus is just getting an empty title, theres no need to place any importance to it.”

When this was said, not only Arch Magus Gascione, the expression of everyone around them changed.

The people gathered here, other than Xu Yi and Gascione who were Arch Magi, the weakest among them were powerful Great Magicians. Becoming an Arch Magus could be considered their dream.

However, Xu Yi said that the research needed to become an Arch Magus wasnt significant. This was like saying that everything they had done in the past few decades was meaningless.

If it was anyone else, they would have definitely refuted it or even cursed them.

But when it as Xu Yi who said this, they could only remain silent.

Because Xu Yi was an Arch Magus himself and most people even believed that he was the continents strongest Arch Magus. He had been promoting the scientific study of magic and had built a whole new system of magic over the past few years, so he was the most qualified person to say this.

Arch Magus Gascione narrowed his eyes. After a while, he said in a deep voice, “This means that chairman Xu thinks that the magician grading system is meaningless as well”

Xu Yi revealed a smile when he saw everyone looking at him, but he shook his head in the end.

“No, I feel that it is very meaningful.”-

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